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RUSH: On April 2, 2018, twice-deported illegal immigrant Jose Medina-Perez was arraigned on drug charges in Newton, Massachusetts.

There was an ICE detainer on him. An ICE agent was waiting in the lobby to pick him up after court.

Medina-Perez’s lawyer told the judge that ICE was about to nab her client as he walked out of the courtroom. The judge turned off her recorder. Minutes later, Medina-Perez was hustled out a back door, and he evaded ICE.

Medina-Perez — also wanted in Pennsylvania on a fugitive warrant for drunk driving — remained on the lam for a month, until he was recaptured by ICE.

Now, fast-forward to last Thursday. Newton District Court Judge Shelly Richmond Joseph and the court officer who helped Medina-Perez avoid ICE were indicted on federal charges of obstruction of justice and three other counts.

Now, regardless of the outcome, the charges alone ought to send chills down the spines of hundreds of leftists in public office who provide sanctuary for people breaking the law. This was a judge!

Liberals have been hungry for an “obstruction” charge to stick? Well, maybe they’ll get their wish on this stupid judge.

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