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RUSH: Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well. What do you know, the Drive-By Media, the Democrat Party are starting to wake up. I don’t think they can become fully woke, but they’re starting to wake up to reality. That the Mueller report was a bomb, the Mueller report was a dud, and that they are not prepared to deal with Trump on any issue of substance. They put every weapon they have in that Mueller report, in Trump-Russia collusion, and they are slowly awakening to the fact that it has bombed out on them. You can see it in the headlines all over the place. Let me just share with you some of the headlines. You can even see it in the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday night that nobody watched because Trump wasn’t there. Trump went out to a rally in Wisconsin. Wait ’til you hear the journalist that won the award of the night, the prize winner. The Merriman Smith Memorial Award went to some guy at the Washington Post. Wait ’til you hear why and what the story was.

But some of the headlines. “The Clintons Are Nervous About 2020,” is one story. This is about their fading — you know, they’re doing this tour where they sell tickets to go out there and speak to people on stage trying to prove they can draw crowds like Trump does. The Nation magazine telling the left that it the Mueller report doesn’t just dispel the conspiracy theories that have engulfed political and media circles for two years, it puts to rest the most popular recent one, that attorney general William Barr engaged in a cover-up. Leftists everywhere are telling each other, gulp, gulp, it didn’t work. Here’s another one. This is from the Chicago Tribune. “Remember the #NeverTrump Movement? It Collapsed.” From Barron’s, sister publication of Wall Street Journal — they do a poll every now and then of big-time money managers. And their most recent poll of the big-time money managers they always survey, “Trump Will Win in 2020,” and it’s a four-page story when you print it out complete with all the data backup. These money managers believe that it will be Biden who gets the Democrat nomination.

How about Trump out there tweeting and warning Crazy Bernie: they’re out to screw you again, Bud. Are you gonna let ’em get away with it this time? “Democrats Sweat Trump’s Economy: ‘We don’t really have a robust national message right now.’” Politico: “One top Democrat fears that could be ‘a recipe for disaster in 2020.’” Dems sweat Trump economy. Quote: We don’t really have a robust — no kidding. You guys haven’t been talking about issues for the longest time since Obama, actually, because, well, they’ve got ’em, don’t misunderstand. They’ve got the issues. They’re just not eager to talk. The Young Turks are, the socialists and all, they’re promising all of that. The women in the Democrat Party, as it turns out, are livid that it looks like none of them are gonna get the Democrat Party nomination. They’re fit to be tied.

Here is a story from NBC News. “Can a woman beat Trump? Some Democrats wonder if it’s worth the risk.” Holy smokes! What a headline. Is it worth the risk to nominate a woman just to nominate a woman? This sounds like what they did with Mondull in 1984. You know, they gave Mondull the Democrat nomination against Reagan running for his second term ’cause they knew it was gonna be a slaughter. And they knew it was gonna be a disaster. And so they rewarded an old war horse, Walter F. Mondull with the distinct honor of being a Democrat presidential nominee knowing he was gonna get shellacked, but it got him out of the way, paving the way for Democrats they thought could win later on. That’s what this headline sounds like. “Can a woman beat Trump? Some Democrats wonder if it’s worth the risk.” Meaning, do we nominate a woman just to say we nominated a woman? Do we nominate a woman just to say that? What if we go down to defeat? Is it worth it? “Three influential activists have launched an organization to mobilize women in U.S. politics.” Wait a minute. Mobilize women? I thought women had been mobilized ever since the soccer mom days. I thought women determined who won elections. I thought woman determined who won the presidency. What do you mean, mobilize women? This is a story that is a tantamount admission to failure. If they haven’t motivated women by now, what the hell is gonna do it?

Next headline. This is from QZ.com. “Why do Election 2020’s male candidates get better coverage than women?” Another story indicating that the women in the Democrat Party are not happy. You know the old saying, “Happy wife, happy life.” Well, it may not be working out. And some news — it’s not news — reminders of exactly who Biden is and what he’s done policy-wise over the course of his career are starting to surface now. These are not flattering. They’re not gonna sit well with the others in the Democrat Party.

Another headline here, this from The Guardian U.K.: “Time to impeach? Headache for Democrats over how to take on Trump.” Wait a minute! See what I mean? Two years ago it was a slam dunk, Trump was gone, Mueller was gonna get the goods, Trump-Russia collusion. Even Pencil Neck, Pencil Neck went on Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday night, and Bill Maher called him a Trump stalker. (imitating Maher/Pencil Neck) “Wait a minute, pal. You got nothing.” “I do I have collusion.” “Well, where is it? Where’s the evidence? Mueller didn’t have any. There wasn’t any evidence of any collusion. Mueller didn’t have it. You put all your eggs in the Mueller basket and we got nothing.” He ended up calling him a stalker, essentially saying, “Pencil Neck, get real, babe. I mean, wake up to reality.”

Another headline, PJ Media: “Trump winning the 2020 money game for now.” The statistic here is that Trump and the RNC (Are you ready for this?) have raised 21 times the amount of money Barack Hussein O had raised at this same time in The One’s reelection cycle. Now, that’s just gonna change as the days and weeks of the future unfold. Here’s another. This is from TIMEmagazine.com: “Americans Are Some of the Most Stressed-out People in the World.” I wonder why. Could that be the Drive-By Media with all these promises? I mean, the news every day is a daily dose of poison, and the poison is pessimism. The poison is negativism. Now, those are just some of the headlines that make up one of the many themes today that the Democrats are slowly awakening to the fact that everything they counted on has blown up in their faces. There are, how many? Four women are now in the Democrat primary list, or is it…?

Let’s see. We’ve got Kamala Harris. We’ve got Kirsten Gillibrand, who someone called “the whitest woman in America.” I can’t tell her from one of the White Walkers on Game of Thrones, actually, now that I think about it.


RUSH: At any rate, back to what I was saying about Kirsten Gillibrand looking like a White Walker.  So you got her; you got Kamala Harris.  Who else? Who are the other women?  You got… Oh, yeah, Tulsi Gabbard, who wants to serve.  Amy Klobuchar.  It’s not Klobuchar.  It’s Klobuchar.  Amy Klobuchar.  Okay.  So there’s at least four, and what we’re hearing is, they’re not happy.  It looks like they think none of ’em are gonna get the nomination.  Remember, this has happened before. Patsy Schroeder, who we saw on TV on Friday, and I could not believe it.

(That’s as much as I’ll say.) Remember, she ran for president once back in the early nineties.  She was a member of Congress from Colorado and now lives somewhere here in Florida. She quit the race when she realized she couldn’t win, and she broke down in tears, and it looks like we’ve got much the same thing kind of happening here.  Now all this attention on Mayor Pete and his husband?  So it’s just… Don’t misunderstand.  I’m not saying it’s all lost for the Democrats.

(interruption) No.  I’m just saying that they are awakening to the fact that everything they bundled together, that they told themselves it meant they were gonna win in 2020 — and then never, ever lose again after that and get rid of Trump before 2020 — they can see the explosion in slo-mo.  It’s a slow-motion explosion right in front of ’em heading their way.  They can see it now.  The full force, the full effect hasn’t hit them yet.  But they know it’s coming, and we’ll have the backup for that on the program today.


RUSH: Ann Arbor, Michigan.  This is Lawrence.  It’s great to have you, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  How are you?

RUSH:  Good!

CALLER:  I just wanted to say that I’ve been listening to you since I was a baby and my ma always jokes that I should have gotten child support because you raised me more than my dad did.

RUSH: (laughing) Yes.

CALLER:  I wanted to just real quick, ask a question and get your thoughts: You know, I go to school out here.  It’s one of the most Democratic schools around, but the big argument that I have is essentially since the Democrats put all their cards into the Mueller report, what do you think is gonna happen next?  Kind of, what do you think the next attack on Trump is going to be or the Republican Party in general and how do they go and ride that wave, you know, into the future?

RUSH:  Well, it’s kind of telegraphed in these news stories. The next… They’ve seen the explosion.  They haven’t given up on this yet.  It’s that they are starting to realize it’s a total bomb, and there are various elements within the Drive-By Media telling other people on the left, “Hey, there’s nothing there, and we’ve got a lot of soul-searchin’ to do.  We had two years of falsehoods and lies and things that never came true and apparently weren’t even close to being true.  We’ve got problem.”  Others are still in a state of denial.

Now, the next thing to happen is they want to talk to Barr, the attorney general.  They honestly — some of them and members of Congress — still believe that Barr is hiding and shielding from them evidence in the report of collusion. They want to bring Barr up and have him testify. They’re gonna subpoena the attorney general.  They want to know what’s been redacted because they are convinced that there’s a cover-up.  They are convinced that Trump colluded with Russia or obstructed and that Barr is covering for him.

So the argument now is that Barr has agreed to go, but only if it’s just members of Congress asking the questions.  If they’re gonna have their staff lawyers ask the questions, he’s not gonna go.  So we’re gonna have a standoff here, executive branch versus legislative branch, with Trump openly saying, “I’m not sending my people up it there to be persecuted.  I’m not doing it.  This is done with.  It’s over with.  Let’s move on.”  The Democrats don’t want to move on.

But some of them are starting to realize that they’re gonna have to.  I don’t think they can give up. You ask, “What’s gonna be the next thing they try to use to get Trump?”  They’ll never abandon their belief that Trump is a scoundrel, that he’s unfit for public office because he’s just human debris. So they’re never gonna give that up.  That’ll continue to be one of their many items of objection to Trump, with all the itinerant insults:

Racist, bigot, misogynist, sexist, homophobe, all these things. They really, at this stage… As the Politico story points out, they’re beginning in certain circles now to get a little panicky because of the economy.  That 3.2% growth rate last week and the fact that there’s no inflation has just sent a lot of them reeling.  But they can’t.  They are physically, they’re constitutionally incapable of giving up on the notion that Trump simply is unqualified and disqualified because he’s human debris.


RUSH:  Let’s get in some of the details.  I mentioned at the top of the busy broadcast, ladies and gentlemen, that the Democrats are starting to get nervous.  Some of them are just now awakening to the idea that the Mueller Report didn’t make any difference.  They’re just awakening to the idea that this whole Russian deal has bombed out and that there’s nothing… By the way, there’s one other thing to add to this.  There is a Morning Consult poll that came out on Friday.  Only 37% of the American people think impeachment should even be considered, and an even smaller number than that believe it should be acted on.

Now, impeachment is a political and not legal enterprise.  If you don’t have well over 50% of the American people saying they disapprove of the president’s job — or, in a poll like this, if you have 37% who think impeachment might be worthwhile — that’s not nearly enough to follow through on it.  You can’t do it, and that’s the whole point of this exercise. When you get right down to brass tracks, the two primary things that this, quote-unquote, “investigation” was about were these. The first thing: Hillary Clinton had to be exonerated from the email and server and Clinton Foundation scandals.

She’s the Democrat Party nominee.  They had to officially — I mean, at the highest levels of American law enforcement — exonerate her, and that’s what Comey’s July 5th press conference did and his October 28th press conference again, the reexamination of Carlos Danger’s laptop for Hillary emails.  So twice they exonerated Hillary to clear the decks for her.  Now, I’m a firm believer that this investigation of Trump and the Steele dossier had a two-pronged purpose.  One was to cover up everything they had done to exonerate Hillary, which is a big thing.

The second thing, of course, was to drive Trump’s approval numbers down to the twenties.  That’s how you get rid of Trump.  That’s how you force Trump to resign or that’s how, if the Democrats win the House in 2018 (which they did) you impeach him.  But with Trump’s approval numbers at 45 to 48 to 50, depending on the poll — and now this Morning Consult poll is only 37% would even consider impeachment — it’s off the table, folks, as a matter of reality.  That doesn’t mean the Democrats are gonna stop talking about it, but it’s off the table.

So it is hard to express how ontologically sure they were, how filled with certitude they were 2-1/2 years ago that they were going to be able to get rid of Trump with this phony collusion story.  They believed it. Their media risked their reputations reporting it.  They have humiliated and embarrassed themselves.  They don’t know it yet, except in a few sectors of the Drive-By Media, which are now trying to warn everybody else in the media to get the act together ’cause this has bombed out and it’s an embarrassment.

So it’s all part of the slow dawning that they have a problem now.  They thought they were gonna get rid of Trump before the 2020 election, so they really haven’t been dealing with the actual task of defeating Trump in an election.  And I’m not exaggerating here.  There is no party platform per se.  You’ve got these 18 people running for president who are trying to out leftist each other, see who can be the biggest and best socialist and so forth. But there isn’t a premise for why the country needs the Democrat Party.

It has been “Donald Trump is a reprobate, Donald Trump’s a skunk, Donald Trump is human debris; therefore, us,” and they realize that’s bombed out on them.  And I want to go through some of these stories and show you how and why I am realizing this.  The first story here, this is from The Atlantic: “The Clintons are Nervous About 2020 — At a gathering in Washington, D.C., over the weekend, Bill Clinton said it is time to fight a battle with ‘our oldest demons.’  The Clintons are on edge about 2020.

“Like pretty much every other Democrat in America, Bill and Hillary are nervous that their party’s primary field is too large, that it’s going to be dominated by the wrong kind of debate, that the candidates will succumb to their worst instincts, and that President Donald Trump will out-bully them anyway,” meaning, they’re gonna be bullies, but Trump’s a bigger bully, so they’ve have a chance to “out-bully” Trump.  “While Trump was holding a campaign rally in Wisconsin on Saturday night,” and, by the way, if you didn’t see the Trump rally on Saturday, we’ve got some audio of it.

He was on fire.  El Trumpo en fuego.  “[T]he once and would-be presidents,” that would be the Clintons, “spent the evening onstage, in the latest stop of the traveling show they’ve been doing all around the country for a combination of cash and adulation.”  This is the Bill and Hillary tour that they’re practically giving away tickets to because there isn’t any interest. These are the Clintons. They’re watching Trump’s rallies, they’re seeing all these crowds of thousands and thousands, and they want some of that, and they want everybody to see that they can draw crowds like that.

Except they can’t.  The Clintons, “the once and future presidents” are, in political terms, are has-beens.  In fact, this guy says, you know, there’s “a bit of a farewell” attitude about this.  He’s watching the Clintons on stage and he says, “There’s a bit of a farewell-concert-tour feeling to the event — Hillary, tell the story of the Osama bin Laden raid one more time! Bill, do a riff on the 1996 Israeli elections! Remember Arkansas? Look at all the little ways we tease each other in our marriage!”

These are the things that come up! These are the stories that they tell.  They recycle ancient history.  “Bill Clinton…” Listen to this pull quote: “Bill Clinton said 2016 was ‘a manure-spreading election,’ but added [impression], ‘We’re not going to have that this time.'”  Manure-spreading election?  Is he talking fertilizer or something else?  And then Bill Clinton said that “he worried that if Trump can get away with asking Russia to hack emails, China might be looking to get in the game this time, and a 2020 candidate could decide to ask for another foreign attack.”

This is how absurd it got, folks.  Trump tells this joke. “Hey, Russia, our media’s desperate to find these missing Hillary emails. Maybe you can find ’em. If you find ’em, could you tell our media? They’re really eager to see ’em.”  That became, “Trump asked Russia to hack Hillary’s emails.”  Hillary’s emails were not hacked.  She deleted them! She deleted 30,000 of them and turned the other 30,000 over. There’s a total of 60,000 emails on that illegal server.   Nothing was hacked.  Trump wasn’t asking the Russians to hack anybody, but that’s what they’re living off of now.

Now Bill Clinton’s worried the ChiComs will be next, that they want to get in on this game.  They’re just… They are passé, and it’s pathetic.  Now, here’s the next one.  This is from The Nation, which is a socialist/Marxist publication in the United States.  The writer here, Aaron Maté, says that the media had better get with it and fast.  “The Mueller report does not just dispel the conspiracy theories that have engulfed political and media circles for two years; it puts to rest the most popular, recent one: that Attorney General William Barr engaged in a cover-up.

“According to the dominant narrative” of people on the left, “Barr was somehow concealing Mueller’s damning evidence, while Mueller, even more improbably, stayed silent,” and didn’t object.  “One could argue that Barr’s summary downplays the obstruction findings, though it accurately relays that Mueller’s report does ‘not exonerate’ Trump. It was Mueller’s decision to leave the verdict on obstruction to Barr…  In the end, Mueller’s report shows that the Trump-Russia collusion narrative embraced and evangelized by the U.S. political and media establishments to be a work of fiction.

“The American public was presented with a far different picture from what was expected, because leading pundits, outlets, and politicians ignored the countervailing facts and promoted” basically a bunch of lies for two years.  This guy is a leftist journalist warning these other people that participated in this that their time is up.  “Anonymous officials,” he writes, “also leaked explosive yet uncorroborated claims, leaving behind many stories that were subsequently discredited, retracted, or remain unconfirmed to this day.”

He says, “It is too early to assess the damage that influential Russiagate promoters have done to their own reputations; to public confidence in our democratic system and media; and to the prospects of defeating Trump, who always stood to benefit if the all-consuming conspiracy theory ultimately collapsed. The scale of the wreckage, confirmed by Mueller’s report, may prove to be the ultimate Russiagate scandal.”

So here’s somebody on the left that’s finally getting it and warning everybody on the left that they are about to be exposed. The ultimate Russiagate scandal is the investigation! The ultimate Russiagate scandal is Hillary Clinton and Steele and the dossier and all of these willing accomplice doofuses in the media that knowingly spread for two years total demonstrable lies.

Slowly but surely, folks, they are starting to awaken. For some of them it’s gonna be a long time before they can give up the ghost. Like I said, Bill Maher called Pencil Neck a Trump stalker and told him to give it up. There’s nothing in the Mueller report. You say you’ve got evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, but nobody’s heard it and you can’t produce it. This was after he was greeted warmly with a standing ovation from the Maher audience.

People said, “My God, Maher was really tough on this poor guy.” Well, the poor guy has been lying to everybody. People like Pencil Neck, people like all the other Democrats in Congress, people like the media had their left-wing base totally set up for Trump being convicted of being a traitor and then after two years a big, splat nothing.

From the Chicago Tribune: “Remember the #NeverTrump movement? It collapsed. – With the overhyped but underwhelming conclusion of the Mueller investigation, whatever dreams NeverTrumpers within the GOP had of removing the president from office have vanished. Their last flicker of hope lies in mounting a Republican primary challenge in 2020 — a strategy doomed to fail.

“The #NeverTrump movement is not dead, but it is on life support with no possibility of returning to the vitality it displayed in 2016. Were it not for the news media’s eagerness to amplify the voices of those who hate the president, the movement would have long since been relegated to the more obscure corners of the internet.

“NeverTrumpism still exists only because the left finds it useful to add a sprinkling of ‘conservative’ anti-Trump vitriol to its progressive anti-Trump vitriol. At this point, it is becoming difficult to distinguish the NeverTrumpers who claim to be on the right from the anti-Trumpers on the left.”

And it names names such as Max Boot, Senator McCain, Senator Flake, Senator Corker, Senator Ben Sasse, and all the conservative intellectual magazine people. And this is exactly right. They were never anything without the left-wing media propping them up.


RUSH: Barron’s magazine talks to a bunch of big time money managers frequently. They survey them, and they ask them political questions as well, and the latest big money poll they call it — Barron’s is in the Wall Street Journal universe – “Trump Will Win in 2020, Money Managers Say in Exclusive Poll.”

Some of the highlights of this poll are that it’s not even close. Trump is rated higher in performance than either the House or the Senate. The money managers say that Joe Biden will be the Democrat nominee by a total of 56%. And the presidency, according to these money managers, Trump 67%, the Democrat candidate 28%. So these money managers — and these are all Democrats, by the way. Well, I shouldn’t say all, but let’s face it, the vast majority of Wall Street money goes to Democrats. The vast majority donations.

I mean, they play both sides. They have to cover themselves on both sides. But the vast majority goes to Democrats, particularly in presidential, because these guys are great crony socialist capitalists. I mean, if the government can help them with their competitors, ha! They’ll do that as opposed to compete in the free market. It’s one of the great problems we have in corporate America, in my opinion. More on that at another time.

But these guys who largely donate to Democrats in the Barron’s poll think Trump is gonna beat whoever the Democrat nominee is by 67 to 28%. They also say what is the most urgent economic priority for the Congress to address? It is reform of entitlements by 29%, reduction of federal spending 18%, infrastructure 17, immigration is in fourth place, in these guys’ minds at 14%.

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