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RUSH: I want to go back to the audio sound bites here. We’ve got a lot to try squeeze in in our remaining moments. I want to go back to me from this program. I could have pulled this from any program in the past, ’cause I’ve said it constantly over and over many times. We pulled it from yesterday for a reason. Here we go. Number thee, sound bite 3…

RUSH ARCHIVE: “Americans Are Some of the Most Stressed-out People in the World.” I wonder why. Could that be the Drive-By Media with all these promises? I mean, the news every day is a daily dose of poison, and the poison is pessimism. The poison is negativism.

RUSH: And it’s always about the future. This is the thing that is worrisome to me. The Drive-By Media, by definition, is negative and pessimistic, fatalistic, just downright doomy. But it’s always about the future! If you stop and think, everything is: “This is gonna kill you if you keep doing this, from using your phone, to drinking coffee, to fossil fuels, to climate change.” Everything is gonna wipe us out! It’s gonna kill us, it’s gonna end us, it’s gonna harm us, it’s gonna make us sick.

I maintain that people cannot escape this, cannot escape being affected by it if they are exposed to it regularly. It can make people perennially pessimistic, and I think human beings are naturally pessimistic. I just think it’s the way we’re made. We don’t need any help in feeling pessimistic or negative. I mean, it’s a natural human inclination. These people come along, and they enforce it and they drive it home, and that’s why when somebody believable comes along who’s not negative and instead is positive and optimistic, that person is glommed onto like a magnet, and that’s what Make America Great Again was!

Look, “Make America Great Again” ought to be a rallying cry for everybody. Who in the world could oppose it? But right there they were, the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media, not only opposing it, but lampooning it and making fun of it and claiming that it was a negative, that making America great — our own country — is somehow white supremacy, is somehow white nationalism! Do you realize how difficult it is to promote optimism and to promote being positive? You come along, you do something and say, “Make America Great Again.” It’s harmless.

No, it isn’t. Making America great again is obviously very, very threatening to some of these people. That should be enough to tell you everything about them, that they want to oppose somebody whose objective is to make America great. Isn’t that the heart and soul of every political campaign? Look at even Biden. “I’m gonna bring back our economy.” No, Joe, it’s already back, but he’s still talking about trying to be positive in the midst of pessimism.

Even when Trump talks about making America great again, notice he doesn’t make fun of the people. He doesn’t blame the people. He blames dumb leadership. Trump is always putting his faith in the American people to make the country great, to revive it, to bring it back, and that’s why they feel rallied to the cause. And then he does that, and here come a bunch of people who see that as a threa! America being great again is a threat?

So now we have to mount this fake charge that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election. Because he wants to Make America Great Again, it’s a problem? If you can’t even have a campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” without the media and the Democrat Party reacting to it as though it’s the greatest threat they face, what else do you need to know about who they are? Anyway. So here I am yesterday and many days prior describing the pessimism and the negativity of many in the Drive-By Media. Let’s go to Jill Biden, Mrs. Joe Biden, introducing her husband yesterday in “Bagabony County,” which is what he called Allegheny County…

JILL: When we turn on the news today, we are told that we are a nation that is more divided than ever. We’re told that our differences are irreconcilable, that we must close the door on people who think differently. We’re told that there is a war between them and us. But when I travel this country and I meet people like all of you, that’s not what I see.

RUSH: Well, she’s undercutting his whole reason for running! “When we turn on the news today, we are told that we are a nation that is more divided than ever.” Who’s telling us this? ” We’re told that our differences are irreconcilable,” Who’s telling us this? ” that we must close the door on people who think differently.” Who is it trying to shut out voices they don’t agree with? It’s Joe Biden and his party. “Gotta get rid of Fox News. Gotta get rid of Rush Limbaugh. Gotta get rid of talk radio. Gotta get rid of this; gotta get rid of that. Gotta get rid of Donald Trump.

“Gotta get rid of anybody who thinks differently, speaks differently, thinks differently! You name it, we gotta get rid of ’em.” She’s worried here. “[W]e must close the door on people that think differently.” Yes, your party, Mrs. Biden, is leading the way. “We’re told that there is a war between them and us.” There is, if you see what’s happening at the border.


RUSH: Jill Biden wasn’t through. After telling us about the constant media doom and gloom, she continued with this…

JILL: I see neighbors who pick up groceries for the mom whose husband is deployed. I see middle-class families who are giving record-breaking amounts of donations to causes that they care about. I see Americans who drive their pickup trucks into the floods of a hurricane and run towards fires to help their neighbors. (cheers) I see people speaking out —

RUSH: Wait a minute. Stop the tape. Stop the tape. Then all of the previous sound bite was BS. If we’re more divided, if our differences are irreconcilable, then how in the world is all this good stuff happening and why does her husband need to run if all this good stuff is happening, if all this neighborly stuff is taking place, if all the pickup trucks are being driven into flood areas, hurricane areas, toward fires to help their neighbors.

She says, “I see people speaking out against bullying, bigotry, and racism.” Really? Your husband doesn’t see that. The Democrat Party doesn’t see that. The Democrat Party sees all that getting worse. Here’s Biden himself from his announcement yesterday, old stammering Joe gave it a shot.

BIDEN: The anti-Semitic attack that took place this weekend, uh, in, uh, Poway synagogue in California, one dead, three injured. But, folks, we saw hate in Charlottesville. We saw it again in Pittsburgh at the Tree of Life synagogue, and the attack of the deadliest in American history on a Jewish community, and we’re reminded again that we are in a battle. We are in a battle for America’s soul. I really believe that. And we have to restore it. (cheers) So, folks —

RUSH: Battle for America’s soul. I really believe that. Yeah, you want to control them all. Skip forward to number eight. This is this morning on Good Morning America. Robin Roberts interviewing Joe. She said, “What would you say to the Trump voter, the Trump supporter who looks at the economy, sees very strong numbers here in Pennsylvania where the unemployment rate is a record low. What would you say to them?”

BIDEN: Well, what I’d say is, did you get any benefit from the tax cut? Have your wages really gone up, you think you deserved, your employers treat you with any more respect or dignity than they did before? What’s the story? Ask the folks in this state. I know the state pretty well. And the fact of the matter is that they are not getting their fair share. The American people, the people who built this country, are ordinary Americans who have done extraordinary things.

RUSH: Where did he get that line?

BIDEN: And this president does not show a great deal of respect. The bottom line for a vast majority of working class and middle-class people is not significantly better. It’s not significantly better.

RUSH: It is! This is part of the never-ending series of lies that the media has, that the tax cut didn’t help anybody but the rich, the tax cut actually ended up hurting people, and this lie worked. The first time in history where a tax cut has successfully been portrayed as a mechanism for making people lose money. It’s literally absurd.

Did you get any benefit from the tax cut? Joe, look at the unemployment retail rate. It’s an all-time low in Pennsylvania. Of course consumer spending is way up. Have your wages really gone up? Yeah, they have. Your employers treat you with any more respect?

Joe, all this stuff was stuff that happened when you and Obama were in power. That’s what there wasn’t a tax cut. That’s what there wasn’t any economic growth. That’s what we were losing jobs left and right and you were telling people they weren’t coming back. Why is it left to us to remind people of this?

If Joe were a Republican out there saying this stuff, they would have already resurrected the Obama-Biden sound bites and they would have talked about, they would have replayed Joe Biden and Obama telling people the best days are behind us, there’s a new normal out there, and it’s a new state of decline and we’re the people to manage the decline for you. We’re the people to keep your heads on straight as America changes its role in the world.

This was their message for eight years. Now there has been a 1,000 percent improvement, and they want to run against it? JFK had the same problem in 1960. Eisenhower’s wrapping it up. We’ve had the post-World War II boom in the fifties. And the economy was percolating and it was chugging along, there were some down spots in it, but overall the economy of the country in 1959, 1960, was booming.

But Eisenhower was finished, finished his two terms, so Kennedy’s running against Nixon. What did Kennedy do? Kennedy acknowledged how good it was, said it can be even better. Time for a torch to pass to a new generation of us young people to make it even better than it is now. These guys are gonna try to run against the prosperity, they’re gonna try to run against the improved economic activity and employment, and they’re gonna do it on the basis that it shouldn’t be happening because Donald Trump is scum.

That’s gonna be their message. That you shouldn’t appreciate this economic improvement because the president is somebody who shouldn’t be there, you shouldn’t have elected him. He’s a reprobate. He’s human debris. And so this economic activity doesn’t really count. It shouldn’t have happened with Trump, is what they’re really gonna tell you. It shouldn’t have happened. Trump shouldn’t be president. This stuff shouldn’t be happening. You need to turn Washington back over to people like us who have been in charge of it all these years and we know how to manage it properly. Trump doesn’t even know what he’s doing, he’s scum, should it be here.

That’s gonna be their message. And, boy, folks, it’s gonna be frustrating as all get out. You had better steel yourself for it.

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