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RUSH: Strzok Smirk and texts between himself and Lisa Page. This is fascinating. These two FBI spooks were watching the news media while they’re running this coup to get rid of Trump and they’re seeing a bunch of stuff in the media that they didn’t leak, Strzok Smirk and Lisa Page.

So they’re texting back and forth. We know this because Chuck Grassley, Ron Johnson, senators, have sent a letter asking for clarification on this. Apparently Strzok Smirk and Lisa Page were texting each other that the CIA was leaking stuff. There was stuff in the media about the attempt to get rid of Trump that they had not leaked.

So they’re theorizing it came from the CIA, meaning it came from Brennan, who was running the CIA at the time. Strzok and Lisa Page in December 2016 were texting. Strzok says to Page, “I think our sisters have begun leaking like mad. Scorned and worried and political, they’re kicking into overdrive.” They’re talking about the CIA here.

An email that Strzok Smirk sent to FBI colleagues April 13, 2017, in which he said, “I’m beginning to think the agency got information” — that’s the CIA — “got information a lot earlier than we thought. They haven’t shared it completely with us. They’re leaking it. Might explain all these weird seemingly incorrect leads all these media people have.”

So if we’re to believe this, Strzok Smirk and Page are watching the media and they’re seeing a bunch of weird stuff that is incorrect. They’re seeing a bunch of leaks, a bunch of leads they’re referred to here, that the media’s reporting that are not correct about the Trump-Russia investigation. And they immediately think that that stuff is coming from the CIA.

Now, this is significant, because we now know that there was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. So it looks like — and the source for this is Strzok Smirk and Page, the FBI agents. It looks like the CIA was, in fact, leaking false Trump-Russia stories to the press to undermine Trump. These are leaks that even the FBI agents running their own version of a coup thought were wrong and incorrect, and it was John Brennan running the CIA at the time.

Now, this could also be the CYA. Of course, these texts have been in existence since — let’s see — April 2017, and it’s Grassley and Ron Johnson making the texts public. So it’s not like Strzok Smirk and Page are now trying to release this on their own to make it look like, “Hey, our operation was good; it’s the CIA that screwed everything up.” This is what naturally, I think, occurred. These FBI people are looking at a bunch of stuff in the media that isn’t true, at least as far as they know it.

And they’re concluding that Brennan and the CIA are leaking and putting this stuff in the media that they, then, have to deal with themselves. And they are concluding here, these are “incorrect leads all these media folks have.” That is a solid indication that the FBI’s looking at this as it’s happening, and that the CIA is releasing a bunch of BS that even the FBI thought was BS. And the media was just swallowing it all up, not questioning any of it.

And that’s because it came from Obama’s CIA, which they revere. Now, remember, one of the earliest leaks, one of the earliest leaks — and this was from the CIA, this was from Brennan — was that Putin was “personally involved” in colluding with Trump — which, of course, we know was never true. But this was one of the leaks that the FBI saw that the CIA had implanted with the Drive-By Media.


RUSH: I want to revisit this. This is fascinating. “Struck/Stroke” Smirk… By the way, for those of you just joining us, I’m deaf. So Peter Strzok, I never knew how his name was pronounced. I had heard it pronounced Peter “Stroke,” Peter “Struck,” and then I watched him on TV and the guy smirks all the time. So I just called him “Struck/Stroke Smirk” and then the paramour was Lisa Page.

Here they are texting each other and noting a bunch of what they think is misinformation that the media’s running with, and they conclude that it’s coming from the CIA, being leaked from the CIA. And one of those early leaks, I recall, was a story that Putin was “personally involved in” colluding with Trump, which we know was never true. NBC News. We went back and checked it during the break. NBC News. This is December 14, 2016.

“U.S. Officials: Putin Personally Involved in U.S. Election Hack.” That has to be Brennan. It has to be. It has to be the CIA. From the article: “U.S. intelligence officials now believe with ‘a high level of confidence’ that Russian President Vladimir Putin became personally involved in the covert Russian campaign to interfere in the U.S. presidential election, senior U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News.”

(Snort!) So here’s Strzok Smirk, and they’re looking at this, and they see this. They know they didn’t put that out there, and figured it had to come from their “sisters” at The Agency. “Two senior officials with direct access to the information say new intelligence shows that Putin personally directed how hacked material from Democrats was leaked and otherwise used. The intelligence came from diplomatic sources and spies working for U.S. allies, the officials said.”

That’s all from an NBC story December 14th, 2016, and it syncs right up with Strzok Smirk’s texts. It syncs perfectly with his texting in December 2016. December 16, 2016, Strzok Smirk texted, “Think our sisters have begun leaking like mad. Scorned and worried and political, they’re kicking into overdrive.” Nobody at the FBI had alleged that Putin was hands-on in this, and we know that he wasn’t. Now, you take this… This is NBC News.

Flash forward to today where we’ve got this poll: 55% of Democrats believe Trump is a traitor. There it is! If that’s all the kind of garbage these people, these Democrats have been consuming for two years, what do you think they’re gonna think? And if it was on NBC News, I guarantee you it showed up later on MSNBC throughout all of their programs. Putin personally directing the sting operation, personally directing and colluding with Trump.

Folks, there has to be a price paid by the people who have done this. I mean, this is a flat-out lie. Somebody literally made this up, or they got scammed by some agents in Russia who are running a scam on Brennan and they knew what Brennan wanted to hear, so they told him. Who knows how it happened, where it was originally sourced? But this has to be somebody at The Agency telling this to NBC.

This is the kind of crap that was going on. I was infuriated. I was. I cannot tell you how enraged I was during these entire two years. Every day, there was stuff like that. Every day, and four times a day, because once NBC ran it then it was picked up by the New York Times and the Washington Post, and it was an echo chamber for every one of these cockamamie, lying assertions such as that.

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