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RUSH: Look. Remember, folks, James Comey is such a Republican, he was urging everybody to vote Democrat in the midterms. Trump wasn’t even on the ballot. But Comey has been a Republican. I don’t want to waste a lot of time on James Comey, but he was the deputy when John Ashcroft was the attorney general back in the early 2000s for George W. Bush. Ashcroft ended up in the hospital and nearly died from pancreatitis. And the deputy attorney general was Comey.

I forget what the specific was, but he took advantage of Ashcroft’s illness and walked into Ashcroft’s sickbed and had Ashcroft sign something, either power over to Comey or something. Look, he’s always been a power seeker. He has promoted this image of himself as Mr. Boy Scout, Mr. Integrity, Mr. Honorable, and he’s nothing but a partisan hack.

The fact that he was a Republican, the fact that Rosenstein’s a Republican, I mean, that kind of thing — this is because a caller heard some Democrats in the committee today saying, “Well, you Republicans, I guess you ought to investigate your own ’cause all these people are Republican.” It doesn’t matter they’re Republicans or Democrats in this case. That’s not what this is about.

There’s so many Never Trumpers on the Republican side here that it’s just irrelevant what party they’re from, other than if you want get into them for being traitorous involving party loyalty and that kind of thing. I mean, Comey has even acknowledged that he was hoping Hillary Clinton won. He has detested Donald Trump from the moment Donald Trump got into the Republican primaries.

And it’s all about class and it’s all about manners and proper behavior and sophistication and this kind of stuff. It’s the classic way that the elites keep their groups small, the way that they come up with various ways of keeping people out of their club. They’re not sophisticated enough. They don’t have the right educational background. They don’t have the proper manners. They don’t know where the fork goes, left or right, salad fork, dessert fork, that kind of crap.

I’m using that as an illustration, but it’s that petty. I mean, you talk about James Comey. James Comey says the FBI doesn’t spy. The FBI investigates. James Comey also says: I don’t eat. I nourish myself. I wasn’t drunk. I was overserved. I didn’t make a mistake. I was misperceived. I didn’t hit him. His jaw struck my fist. That’s James Comey.

And I’m telling you the reason why the Democrats want to see what’s redacted in this report is because they know damn well that Barr is in fact underway with his investigation right now, and they want to find out as much as they can about what Barr is gonna learn. And whether some of that is in the redacted portions of the Mueller report or not, that’s why they want to see it.

They’re not laboring under some belief or hope that there’s something in there that will prove Trump-Russia collusion. They want their base voters to think that, but that’s not why they really want this. FBI Director Wray, Christopher Wray during testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee yesterday said that he’s working with the attorney general to get to the bottom of the origin of the 2016 Trump investigation.

“The special counsel’s report goes through a fair amount of detail about the predication for its investigation. Beyond that, as I mentioned to the chairman, I have had a number of conversations and am working to help the attorney general get to the bottom of an understanding of what the circumstances surrounding the initiation of that investigation were at the department and the FBI back in 2016.”

Which raises a question. How can Wray get to the bottom of how the FBI’s probe of the Trump campaign started if he doesn’t believe the FBI spied on the Trump campaign? Since it seems to have begun with spying.

And Senator Kennedy, Louisiana, asked an interesting follow-up. He said, “The president could declassify, with proper redaction, all of the documents at the FBI pertaining to the 2016 investigations of Secretary Clinton and President Trump, and then let the American people see them and draw their own conclusions. Why don’t we do that?”

And the FBI director said, “To do so would compromise sources and methods, but that the FBI has tried to learn lessons from the Clinton email investigation and would learn from the DOJ inspector general’s report about the pending Trump investigation.”

So it doesn’t sound to me like Wray is gonna support declassifying the documents in question, but we’ll see. I don’t think it’s gonna matter. I think Barr is hell-bent here. And I think the more Democrats pile on with this kind of stuff, I think Barr is gonna be even more committed to this than he is or than he was when he started.

And maybe he was committed to the max from the get-go, but I think all of this that’s happening is simply a continuation of the original travesty here, which in truth, it was to rig the election for Mrs. Clinton. Don’t forget the real beginning of all of this is to exonerate Hillary Clinton for her illegal server and her trafficking in classified data, clear felonies, clear violations of the law, people are in jail in this country for having done what she did. They had to exonerate her. And Comey did that in that July 5th, 2016, press conference.

Now, to cover up the exoneration of Hillary Clinton — and it was actually a twofer — to cover up the exoneration of Hillary and the attempt to make sure she won, they began this investigation into the Trump campaign which continued after he won the election through his transition and through his presidency.

And that is what Barr is going to investigate and find out, and that’s what all these Democrats do not want anybody knowing, they don’t want any such report, they don’t want any of this revealed. And that’s what these fights are all about.

So with all of this partisan bickering going on back and forth over executive privilege or whether the Mueller report will be released in full or not, keep in mind that what is happening here is that everybody involved in this bogus coup is trying to make sure nobody finds out where it actually started, who started it and why, who’s involved, how high it went, they don’t want anybody to know any or all of what happened. And the effort to cover that up and to make sure that it is not discovered is in full swing now.


RUSH: By the way, to refresh your memory and to close the loop on something I said earlier: When Ashcroft was in the hospital, he had pancreatitis. One of the treatments for pancreatitis is gallbladder removal. Pancreatitis is a deadly disease for which there’s no cure. There’s no treatment. You know how you treat pancreatitis? You don’t eat. It’s scary, and he had it, and he almost passed away from it. After he had had gallbladder surgery — get this — James Comey and Robert Mueller went to Ashcroft’s hospital room and threatened to resign if Ashcroft re-upped the domestic-surveillance aspect of the Patriot Act that was invented after 9/11, 2001.

The Patriot Act, domestic spying — which Comey claims the FBI doesn’t do. Comey and Mueller went up to Ashcroft’s hospital room, and both threatened to resign, and they were the deputies. The department was in deep doo-doo if they had actually quit while the attorney general is in the hospital. They threatened to resign if he re-upped it, if he re-upped the program. So the idea that party loyalty has any kind of a role to play here is irrelevant.


RUSH: This is Jonathan in Ottumwa, Iowa. Great to have you with us, Jonathan. Hi.

CALLER: Oh, great to be with you. I’ve been listening to you since ’91 when my father in Fairfield got me hooked on to you. I’ll try to get you off of the tax talk again and go back to Barr, but I was wondering if legally or constitutionally, do you think Barr could hold on to any evidence he finds in his investigations until, like, the next Congress is seated? Or do you think maybe he should, if he finds anything, go ahead and divulge it now while he’s sure Trump is in office?

RUSH: I think that they are going to proceed as quickly as they can. If Trump were to lose the presidential election, then Barr is no longer the attorney general once the next president, whoever he or she is, is sworn in. That’s always, you know, a crapshoot.


RUSH: Will the incoming administration honor ongoing investigations, what have you? It depends on who wins. I don’t think they want to dillydally on this. The inspector general report, Horowitz, that’s supposed to happen this month, maybe June. And, by the way, what do you think the odds are the Democrats are gonna launch on this guy at some point?

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: If they’re launching on Barr, if they’re trying to hold him in contempt… I mean, if they get a word on what Horowitz is gonna report on with the FISA process and all that? I mean, nobody is going to escape the Democrats’ attempt to destroy them.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: So Horowitz is gonna be next. But I don’t think they’re gonna dillydally on this. I think they’re gonna try to get this done as quickly as they can. Look, there’s a lot that’s already known.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: We know everything. We know everything that happened here. There are just some I’s that we need to dot and some T’s we need to cross. We know where the dossier came from. We know who bought it and paid for it. We know what its purpose was. They know that the Trump campaign was spied on. All of this is known. The idea that we need an investigation for this is kind of convoluted. Yeah, you need to formalize it. You need to provide the actual evidence, get witness interviews and try to get people to flip on each other and all that. Yeah. But we know what happened. This is not an investigation to find out what happened. It’s an investigation to get to the bottom of it in a way that can be demonstrated with proof that it happened.

CALLER: Get it out there, and, you know, it shouldn’t take a year and a half like it did for Mueller, who had no evidence, you know, to get this all formulated —

RUSH: Mueller… No, wait a minute. There was no Mueller investigation. Again, ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for redundancy. The Mueller investigation was not an investigation. It was a coup. When Mueller showed up at his office on the first day, there was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. The FBI never had any. Folks, there wasn’t any Trump-Russia collusion, and there was never any evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

All of that was made up by whoever in the Obama administration. We know the people that played in it. We know Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Strzok Smirk. We know all the people that played. We know Christopher Steele. We know Glenn Simpson. We know Hillary Clinton. There was never any evidence. This is why I am so beside myself over this and why I can’t stop talking about it. The Mueller thing was not an investigation!

Mueller knew when he took the job the first day that the file was empty. He knew that all they ever had was the dossier, and he knew that it was fake. Mueller could have ended this, if he’s Mr. Honorable, the day he took the job. There was no investigation. There was an attempt to capture as many people in perjury traps and process crimes as they could during Mueller’s tenure.


RUSH: Now, folks, let me try this one more time, ’cause we got a question: “Can Barr get this done before the 2020 election?” Yes. “Well, Rush, Mueller took almost a year and a half, two years!” There was no investigation. This has… Pardon my repetition and redundancy, but, folks, this is fundamentally crucial to understand. What Mueller did was not investigate. He was not even given a crime to investigate. That’s why it was a counterintelligence operation — and counterintelligence operations, by definition, do not look for crimes. There wasn’t a crime.

Mueller was not interviewing people to try to confirm that Trump had colluded with Russia because there was no evidence that it had happened, because it didn’t happen. So what was the Mueller so-called investigation? It was a hoax! It was part of the process to get Donald Trump’s approval ratings down to the twenties and thirties so he could be impeached. It was ongoing to provide a never-ending media narrative that Trump is a skunk, that Trump is a cheat, that Trump colluded. But there was never any evidence.

If it were a real investigation — which had, as its purpose, to determine whether or not the Russians caused Trump to win — Mueller was not needed. But even if he had been hired, he could have ended the investigation the day he got the job, because he got the file from Comey showing what the investigation to date had produced. It was empty except for the Steele dossier — which, as we now know, they knew was bought-and-paid-for political junk by Hillary Clinton. That’s why this is so profound, folks.

You have been witness to a two-year scam! That’s why we call it a coup. These two years were an attempt to entrap people in lies and perjury. It was an attempt at the outset to put spies in the Trump campaign who would then make contact with Russians they knew, so that they could then claim the Trump campaign was colluding. They couldn’t even pull that off! You know the George Papadopoulos story where they tried to put information in his head that he would repeat — and did repeat — that the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

There was never anything. This thing is… It’s why this is one of the greatest injustices and outrages that has taken place from the high levels of this government against a single citizen, Donald Trump, and related persons in his campaign and his administration. There’s been nothing like this that we’ve ever known of. It was not an investigation. A crime was never specified. Rosenstein just said, “We need to find out if the Russians colluded, if the Russians messed with our elections.” They concluded the Russians did.

That’s all this report is. “The Russians tried over and over again to impact our election, but, damn it, we couldn’t prove that they did anything that mattered, and we certainly couldn’t prove that they interacted with Trump.” Well, that was known the day Mueller took the job. All of these people that ended up going to jail: Manafort, Papadopoulos, Michael Flynn. It is unnecessary. People have been ruined! They have been financially wiped out — supposedly by people with impeccable honor and integrity in our government. I mean Mueller.

That’s why Barr is hell-bent to find out what happened. This should have never happened. This is not the kind of thing that happens in a country like ours, and this is why Barr is hell-bent to get to the bottom of it. We already know all of what I just told you. The Steele dossier, bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton for $10 million, was all there ever was, folks — and it was all made up. There was not a shred of truth in it. None of this is necessary. That’s why everything the Democrats are doing now — demanding to see what’s redacted, demanding to see what Barr “misrepresented”?

There’s nothing! Barr didn’t misreport anything because there wasn’t any collusion ever, at any time. Nada. There was no conspiracy. There was nothing that was alleged. They can look at it all day long. They can pretend it says things it doesn’t say all day long. They are scared to death that Barr is actually gonna follow through on this and he’s gonna find out — in provable ways, demonstrably provable ways — what happened, and that’s when the people who do deserve to have a whole lot of bad things happen to ’em are gonna have it happen to ’em.

The people who have ruined other people’s lives are gonna get a taste of their own medicine, and they don’t want that taste. And they’re trying to foreclose it, they’re trying to deflect it, they’re trying to make sure it doesn’t happen. And that’s what Nadler and his crew here are all about by holding Barr in contempt.

All of this is a smoke screen to cover up the fact that there never was an investigation, that there never was any collusion. That there only was a coup from the highest levels of the Obama administration to deny Trump the election and then after he won it, to force him out of office. That’s all this is. It’s all it ever was. And now they’re afraid Barr is gonna find out in ways that will explain to the American people that they can understand and they will be, thus, outraged, as they should be already.

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