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RUSH:  I’m also gonna explain to you what I think has gone wrong with Bernie Sanders, what’s happened to Bernie. Something drastic has happened, but Bernie has not changed. Something changed, but it wasn’t Bernie, and he has not adapted to it. I’ll explain.


RUSH: Now, I mentioned earlier that I think I know what happened to Crazy Bernie. And it’s real simple. Crazy Bernie failed to adapt. Now, we discussed the concept of adaptation or of adapting earlier this week on this program. It’s what we human beings do. We adapt to weather changes. We adapt to technological innovations. We adapt when those innovations fail. We adapt when the electricity goes out. We adapt. We don’t die. We don’t give up. We don’t roll over, “Oh, my God. It’s over. We’re dead.” We adapt.

Human beings have always adapted. It’s one of the reasons this climate change is a bunch of crap ’cause we’ll adapt whatever is happening. And the climate is always changing. The argument’s whether or not it’s man-made. But Bernie failed to adapt to something. And here’s what I think it is. Crazy Bernie suffered and didn’t know it, a head-on collision with the Trump economy.

Remember when Bernie was running in 2016 we were in the midst of what I called the Obama basement economy. This is where Millennials were in their basements, their parents’ basements, they were in their pajamas and they were futzing around on Twitter and Facebook sending out all kinds of hate and anger, but they did not have jobs. And at the time what were they hearing from The One? They were hearing that the era of American greatness was over, that America’s greatest days were behind us.

And, furthermore, they were hearing that those great days weren’t really that great, because the America of those days didn’t really deserve that robust economy. Obama was telling people that 1% economic growth is the new normal that you should become accustomed to. He was telling us all this. And he was positioning himself and Mrs. Clinton and her campaign as the steward of this justified American decline.

And that’s the economy Crazy Bernie was running against. He was running against people that didn’t have any jobs. He was running for president with supporters who didn’t have jobs, with supporters who were not being given any hope because their Democrat leaders were painting a picture of doom and gloom for them.

Remember all the talk. (imitating Obama) “Yep, we may have reached that point in American history where children today cannot expect to do better than their parents, and that’s as it should be, because some of those things in the past were not really justified.”

The bottom line, you have all these people that loved Obama, were devoted to Obama, Obama could do no wrong, is painting this picture of literal doom and gloom, and they’re sitting there in their pajamas in the basements of their parents homes and feeling forlorn, and here comes Crazy Bernie offering to give them everything, and they snapped it right up. They thought it was the greatest thing in the world, “Yeah, bring me socialism. Give me everything I want that I’m not gonna be able to get because my own party is telling me I can’t have those things anymore.”

So Bernie’s basically running using the same tactics and technique. His campaign is identical to what it was in 2016, but except now it’s in critical condition. Crazy Bernie’s message resonated with Obama’s basement economy Millennials living with their parents. It really resonated.

But today, where are those Millennials, Mr. Snerdley? Where are those who were part of the Obama basement economy four years ago, these Millennials, where are they? They’re employed. That’s right. They’re working! They’re making, on average, 27 bucks an hour. They’re living on their own. They are enjoying the blessings of a robust free-market economy.

So Crazy Bernie, whether he knew it or not, was actually running against economic mess that Obama’s administration had given the country. Bernie’s solution was to acknowledge that it was bad, and it may get worse. Which appealed to America’s Marxist professors who advocate socialism, the rising power of government.

So Joe Biden is doing what? Joe Biden, we just heard him say it. He’s out in California promising to undo everything Trump’s done. No more of this Make America Great Again stuff. We’re gonna get rid of that. We’re gonna go back to the way it was. Biden is running promising to return to the days of Obamacare: 1% economic growth, high unemployment. Now, Biden’s not out there singing the high praises of socialism, but he’s promising to return to the Obama basement economy. That is Creepy, Sleepy Joe’s platform.

The basement economy is what Obama created. It’s what Crazy Bernie was running against. See, the basement economy is sustainable. If you believe in socialism, the basement economy is sustainable. You can go through the rest of your life in your pajamas in your parents’ basement if Crazy Bernie gets elected and is gonna take care of you.

So beware Millennials. Joe Biden’s nostalgia for the past has you back in your parents’ basement. And most likely in your pajamas. See, those were Joe Biden’s and Crazy Bernie’s good old days. Those were the golden years. They’re actually running against the Trump economy. They’re actually going to do that. And they’re actually out there trumpeting socialism. We saw the polling data. Only 10% of the American people have any interest in socialism.

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