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RUSH: How about this STEM school shooting in Highlands Ranch. Did you see this? They had a vigil, a gun control vigil, and a bunch of students walked out of it. Was this not awesome? This was just incredible. “Survivors of a Colorado school shooting walked out of a vigil for their slain classmate Wednesday night in protest of politicians and other groups using it as a platform for gun control.”

They wanted no part of it. They walked out of there and left. “The vigil was organized by Team Enough, the student branch of gun control group the Brady Campaign.” They just walked out and left. They chanted, “Mental health” when they got outside, knowing full well this is a mental health issue.

But a bunch of Democrat politicians showed up like the Wellstone memorial and tried to co-opt this thing and turn it into an anti-gun memorial and they walked out. This could be big. This could be big.

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