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RUSH: I mentioned earlier, ladies and gentlemen, I was reading the tech blogs as I do. It’s my escapism, my hobby, that and playing golf. And the tech blogs, doesn’t matter which blog, they’ve all got a climate change writer. And they all believe the earth is coming to an end in terms of being habitable in, say, another 40 years.

They think that’s why they love Elon Musk. They think that he’s gonna be able to colonize Mars, maybe the Moon. I’m not making this up. I wish I were. But they have been so brainwashed, they have been so frightened, they are living in literal fear of fossil fuels. You know what — in fact, last night, I was watching — what was it? What was it? What was it? Chicago Med. And they made fun of people who believe in this.

They had a couple of patients come in who had taken Thallium to commit suicide. The Angels of the Earth was the name of their group and they were trying to commit suicide to simulate what was happening to the earth! And the doctors had this major argument over, “Should we treat them or let them die? Do we have the right –” ’cause they were refusing treatment. They were refusing to be saved.

And the writers had them making speeches about, “The earth is dying, the earth is cooking, the earth is burning, and we need to alert people, and the only way to do it is to commit suicide to show what would happen to the planet.” I can’t believe I’m watching this. I’m watching a primetime NBC show kind of mock and illustrate the absurdity of climate change cults. I’m still not certain I saw it.

At any rate, so the tech blog I’m reading, “Surprise! New Poll Shows Americans Lead the Developed World in Climate Change Denial.” And the person who wrote this is livid at the American people for being stupid! Americans lead the developed world in not believing in climate change.

It goes on and on about how stupid Americans are, how dumb Trump is, how the Republicans are to blame for it, the earth is cooking, fossil fuels are killing us, and people don’t believe it, and we’re all gonna die. And I want to just share with you this paragraph.

“Another 5% –” remember, a bunch of techie Millennials read this stuff. “Another 5 percent of Americans don’t even believe the climate is changing. To put this all in perspective, that’s some 58 million individuals in the U.S. who are in denial of reality. This is despite growing evidence—like deadly ass wildfires and hurricanes—that is, well, hard to ignore.”

You idiots. You’re not recognizing the wildfires means the earth is being destroyed. You’re not recognizing that hurricanes are destroying the climate. I think whoever wrote this literally does not think there were wildfires before they were born or hurricanes. It’s scary. It’s scary how ignorant this is.

It’s also scary to show you how effective the people who have infiltrated media and education have been in creating a literal cult about climate change. “This is despite growing evidence—like deadly ass wildfires and hurricanes—that is, well, hard to ignore.”

I read this stuff and I literally cringe over what we’re doing to our young people. We’re destroying their futures. We’re destroying their lives. We’re giving them literally no reason to live. We’re making them angry and destructive.

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