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RUSH: New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, yet another Democrat thinking of running for president. This week,  to polish his liberal-wacko credentials, he announced he’s giving illegal immigrants in the Bronx a Care Card for free health care.

De Blasio says critics will complain about the cost — which is $100 million. But he’s not worried. He says there’s plenty of money in the world, plenty of money in the country, but the money is “just in the wrong hands.”

The free health care for people in America illegally will cover primary-care doctors, prescriptions, and other medical services, as needed. De Blasio is starting with the Bronx, and will then roll out the Care Cards for the rest of the city’s illegal immigrants as time unfolds.

The mayor says he wants to make the free health care as “user friendly” as possible. He’s inviting illegal immigrants to come get their Care Cards so they can see all the benefits they’re entitled to.

Now, you can bet that de Blasio is gonna find a way to register these people to vote. If he doesn’t get a photo, you know that’s exactly what he’s doing.

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