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RUSH: Politico says the hapless Jerry Nadler is “in a bind.” His fellow Democrats, including those on the House Judiciary Committee he chairs, want him to play hardball against President Trump.

Democrats are livid because Trump is fighting their partisan subpoenas. They want Nadler to use the “inherent contempt” power of Congress to arrest members of the Trump Administration and lock them up in Congressional jail, there is a jail in the Capitol, for as long as it takes to break them.

Meanwhile, Democrat leaders are afraid of a backlash if they start locking up Trump officials and family.

In the middle of all this sits poor old hapless Jerry Nadler, not knowing which road to take.

Hey Jerry, flip a coin! If you look weak to your rabid, lunatic, fringe-mob base, you’ll take a tremendous amount of heat. But if you do what they want, and lock up Trump officials and family, you’d better believe there will be a whole lot of blowback! Not just now, but if Republicans ever control the House with a Democrat President.

So Jerry, you’re in a lose-lose situation, and you know you’re outclassed. And just I don’t feel the least bit sorry for you, buddy! You wanted it, you got it.

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