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RUSH: Trump critics are all over the media, crying doom and gloom over the China tariffs. The economy is gonna crash, they say! American consumers will pay the price!

Well, reality is proving the critics wrong.

The CEO of Williams-Sonoma, Laura Alber, explains that her company prepared for higher tariffs on imports from China – last year! They moved furniture production out of China.

Williams-Sonoma, which owns Pottery Barn and West Elm, is opening a facility in Tupelo, Mississippi, creating hundreds of jobs upholstering furniture. The kind of jobs President Obama said would never return.

Ms. Alber says it made financial sense to bring those jobs back to America, because the labor cost was less than the cost of importing freight from Asia. It’s paying off. Williams-Sonoma just reported a 3.7% revenue increase.

That’s just one example of how Trump’s China tariffs resulted in more jobs for Americans, without increasing consumer costs by one penny. It’s the exact opposite of what Never-Trumpers predicted, when President Trump did what no other President would: demand trade fairness with China.

The naysayers, it’s amazing how often they are wrong about Trump. And they are wrong about this again. And they are never going to be right unless they figure out what they’re dealing with, and who.

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