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RUSH: Well, the Drive-By Media is raising a five-alarm stink over a Facebook video of Nancy Pelosi supposedly slurring her words.

The Hill says it’s “fake.” They claim fake videos are an “evolving danger” for 2020 campaigns, supposedly “sparking fear” that artificial intelligence technologies could make candidates appear to say things they never said, even though that didn’t happen in the Pelosi video.

Let’s talk about “fear” and “evolving dangers” for a minute.

When you look at the lineup of candidates, the biggest fear the Democrat Party should feel right now isn’t from things they never said or from altered videos. They ought to fear what is actually coming out of their candidates’ mouths every day.

Democrat candidates support government healthcare costing trillions, post-birth abortions, ditching the Second Amendment, a Green New Deal taking us back to the Stone Age, massive tax increases – and that’s not even close to a full list of their radical positions.

The real fear isn’t from some silly video. The real evolving danger for America is that one of these Democrats would somehow, someway, manage to get elected. That’s the thing to remain fearful of and vigilant of.

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