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RUSH: Now, there is a new book out there by a fabulist. Do you know what the definition of a fabulist is?  Do you know what it is?  A lot of people misunderstand the term “fabulist.” “Oh, somebody who does fabulous things?” No.  It’s somebody who makes up fables, invents things, and that’s what Michael Wolff is.  He’s an author, but he is a fabulist.  He had his first book on Trump that had a bunch of stuff in it that wasn’t true.

He eventually admitted, “Well, yeah, that might not quite have happened the way I reported it, but it still reads good, doesn’t it?”  Well, he did, and it sold a hell of a lot of copies because there’s a bunch depraved people out there who want to read lies if it makes them feel good about themselves, like Mueller giving these clowns their mirage today to continue the chase.  So he’s written a new one.  His new book is Siege: Trump Under Fire.  The big takeaway from this book, the big fable in this book is that Robert S. Mueller III had three indictments already prepared and written to be handed down on Trump for obstructing justice.

Now, prior to today, Mueller had only spoken publicly one time, and it was in the form of a press statement denying a claim by BuzzFeed that Michael Cohen had given the special counsel’s office evidence that Trump had colluded with Russia or some such thing.  They immediately issued a denial, and they’ve done the same thing here.  They have said — and a lot of people thought that that might be what might be what Mueller’s little press conference today was about, that he was gonna deny this latest claim that there were three indictments.

He didn’t actually bring that up, but his office — which has now been shuttered today. That was another thing. The Office of the Special Counsel is closed. Mueller has gone to St. Kitts. He’s not gonna testify. He’s not gonna show up. The report is his testimony. “That’s it! Don’t ask me anymore. I’m not saying any more.”  The Republicans ought not let him get away with that, by the way. Mueller does need to testified, and the Republicans need to be the ones carrying the ball on this.

They need to get him up there.  “What about the dossier?  What about all of this that you haven’t reported on?  Did you know that the dossier was fake? Did you know that it’s made up?  Do you know that it was political opposition research?  Do you know that it formed a large part of the entire investigation before you picked up the job?”  I think that’s why he doesn’t want to testify.  He doesn’t want to get those questions. He’s not afraid of what the Democrats are gonna ask him.

He’s obviously on the same page with the Democrats.  Everybody wants to get Trump.  He delivered his final assist today in helping the Democrats do it, by making them think that there are impeachable offenses that Mueller just couldn’t prove.  No! I take that back.  It’s better than that.  He has made them think that Trump committed crimes but that he couldn’t indict him because he’s a sitting president, that only Jerry Nadler and his guys in the House can do it.

Yeah.  He did not say that we don’t have evidence.  He implied, “We got all kinds of evidence, but we can’t charge because of the guidelines.” So we shall see what we shall see.  But Michael Wolff is now being ripped to shreds again for making something up.  I mean, if the special counsel’s office had three indictments written and ready to be handed down charging Trump with obstruction of justice — which he claims.

The special counsel has denied that.  My point is this.  If you’re Michael Wolff, why shouldn’t you lie?  Everybody else is.  Everybody else in the media is lying and getting away with it.  Why shouldn’t you?  Now, the headline of the story (it’s in The Daily Caller) is “Mueller Spokesman Knocks Down Major Claim in Michael Wolff’s New Book — The special counsel’s office is flatly denying author Michael Wolff’s claim in his new book that Robert Mueller drew up a draft indictment against President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.

“Wolff claims in [the book] which will be released in June, that prosecutors drew up an indictment with three obstruction charges against Trump. The document sat on Mueller’s desk for the better part of a year and was the subject of heated debate within the special counsel’s office, Wolff claims… Wolff claims he obtained the documents from ‘sources close to the Office of the Special Counsel.'” Well, my point is the New York Times and the Washington Post and CNN and former and current government officials all lied for two years — and there’s no other way to say it.

For two years, the news media in this country was filled daily with multiple stories on “the walls closing in on Trump.” The evidence was there! He had colluded with the Russians; Mueller was on the way to nailing it down. Every day we got this stuff, and all of it turns out to be totally made up.  All of it turns out to be untrue.  Not a single story of it was true, and none of those media people have apologized. None of those media people have done a mea culpa.  None of them have even referred to it!

So if you’re Michael Wolff and you’re writing a book and you want to sell books and you know there’s an audience out there, why not lie? The New York Times did.  The Washington Post did.  The Associated Press did.  They all peddled a bunch of fake news.  Some of them even won Pulitzer Prizes for doing so, like CNN.  “But there’s a major problem with Wolff’s allegation,” it says here.  “‘The documents that you have described do not exist, said Peter Carr,’ the spokesman for Mueller’s office.”

So these indictments that Wolff says sat on the desk for a year, the special counsel’s office says they don’t even exist.  Well, that’s kind of ambiguous.  “The documents that you have described do not exist.”  Why not just say Mueller didn’t do any such thing?  Why not just say, “We never drew up any documents indicting the president” instead of saying, “The documents you’ve described do not exist”?  It doesn’t say, “They didn’t exist.”  The special counsel’s office have not denied that the documents did exist; they have just said that they do not exist now.  Okay.

They could have been trashed. They could have been shredded. But they could have been real. If I’m Wolff, I’m gonna take the special — Michael, if you’re listening out there, if anybody knows, go ahead and continue with your story here, buddy. They haven’t really denied it.

And even if they do deny it, everybody else is lying and has gotten rich. Have at it. Fake news is the order of the day. Anything to get Trump. If your book nails Trump, stick with it, my man. Keep lying. Everybody else in the media does. That’s my advice to Michael Wolff.

Certainly do not retract this. Michael, do not retract this. The special counsel has not said that those documents never did exist. They just said they don’t exist now. The special counsel did not deny your allegation that there were indictments drawn up. They just say they don’t exist now. Well, of course they don’t. They just shut down the office.

See how this works, ladies and gentlemen? So fake news can be perpetrated, it can grow, it can expand, and it can also be accredited. It has been. Fake news, lies and all this have been the order of the day. Fake news has set the narrative that continues to live to this very day. That Trump is a cheat, that he colluded with Russia, stole the election that Hillary should have won, and needs to be thrown out of office.

Nothing has changed that narrative. Not the Mueller report. Because the very people responsible for that narrative are continuing it. Comey has an op-ed in the Washington Post yesterday. I mean, they’re all continuing on this basis. So Michael Wolff, you have a place in this club. Don’t give it up.

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