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RUSH: You know what CNN has had as their banner graphic up all day? “Trump Unleashes Flurry of Lies After Mueller Statement.” This is a news network. “Trump Unleashes Flurry of Lies After Mueller Statement,” and every story begins, “Trump falsely claimed today…” He falsely claimed this, falsely claimed that. It’s just what it is, and there’s no reform coming for these people. They have to be defeated. They’re not gonna change, folks. You cannot change them. I don’t even think perpetual defeat would change them.

CNN’s been defeated by all of their competitors since I don’t know how long ago, and it doesn’t change a thing. The fact that they keep bleeding audience doesn’t change a thing about how they go about their day. That’s why, for the longest time, I’ve always counseled people, “Don’t cross the aisle and shake hands and try to cooperate with these people. There’s no future in that. That’s not what they’re interested in. They have to be defeated in a political sense.” What’s wrong with defeating your political enemies anyway?

I always thought that was the objective when you have these arguments about fundamental differences over how the country should be constructed, how it should be run. You have to defeat these people. I just don’t… I’ve never thought that enough Republicans had that objective. But reforming these people is not possible. You know, forcing them to change, making them change, having them see the light so that they change on their own? That isn’t gonna happen. The New York Times isn’t gonna stop being New York Times, and CNN isn’t gonna stop being CNN.

What has to happen is that more and more people are persuaded and informed to not believe what they see or hear from any of these mainstream media outlets.

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