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RUSH: What would we do without the “experts” at NBC News?

The experts say that Democrat presidential candidates are struggling to get noticed because there are just too many of them. They are at risk of melting into what the experts say is an “indistinguishable blob.”

NBC’s political geniuses say that a bunch of Democrats jumped into the race because voters told pollsters they wanted fresh faces, and not another pre-anointed Hillary Clinton. That’s not why they all jumped in.

Anyway, Joe Biden’s strong start shows that voters are, in fact, opting for the opposite of what the experts said. They want a familiar face. So the poor Democrats who are not well known to voters are having big time trouble. They have to take every interview that comes their way, as they keep trying to catch fire with the public that doesn’t want them.

Well, it really doesn’t matter what most of these Democrats do. They’re never gonna get noticed beyond however noticed they are  now because they are an indistinguishable blob. They are a blob of leftism, of liberalism, and they are trying to out-liberal each other.

And it really doesn’t matter if it’s one of the old faces, like Biden or Bernie, or a new face, like Mayor Pete. Whoever the Democrats end up choosing from their blob is still going to be too wacko to win.

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