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RUSH: This is Carthage, Missouri, and Jeff. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. How you doing? This is Jeff.

RUSH: I’m good. Thank you. Thanks very much.

CALLER: Hey, I just wanted to make a few comments on how the news media has basically monopolized the television stations and stuff overseas and in the airports. I’m all over the world doing embassy work and I go into an airport and all I see is CNN, MSNBC, or sports station never get any kind of Fox conservative news, and it’s same in the hotels, whether I go to Europe, Asia, China, it really doesn’t matter. I’ve only found maybe one or two areas — and I don’t recall ’em right now — that actually will pump Fox News in.

And the reason I want to let this be known is because I think that there’s something… I hope there will be something that Fox News could do to be able to get their news stations at least in the airports. You know? I mean, come on, everybody in the public has a right to hear both sides.

RUSH: No, they don’t. No, you don’t have a right to hear both sides. You have to avail yourself of the opportunity to hear both sides. It’s not up to CNN to present both sides. It’s not up to Fox to present both sides. It’s a programming, marketing decision if they want to, but they don’t have to. See, nobody has a right to be heard. You have a right to say what you want to say, but nobody has a right to be heard.

And the idea that the American people have a right to both sides… Who gets to define what the two sides are? I know what you’re thinking. You travel the airports and there’s nothing but CNN there, and you say, “How the hell did this happen?” And then you go internationally, you go to the U.K., and there’s nothing but CNN International.

Now, Fox News used to be on the air in the U.K. Now, the British have an overwhelmingly low opinion of Trump. Public approval numbers are around 30% because the only U.S. News channel most of them get is CNN, CNN International. And Trump tweeted practically the same thing I said yesterday, and he complained about not being able to watch Fox News in the U.K. because it’s no longer broadcast there. It was at one time. Now, some people say that Fox News stopped airing in the U.K. in 2017 because they couldn’t attract an audience.

Sky News is the Fox News equivalent in the U.K. It’s owned by Murdoch and his family. It’s not a carbon copy of Fox News programming-wise, but it has the same ownership. But Murdoch’s arranged for Fox News to be available on some cable channels and satellite channels in the U.K., but it didn’t work. And the story attached to it was, (paraphrased) “Well, they came over here and tried, but CNN just dwarfed ’em, you know, Fox couldn’t find an audience.”

And I think it had more to do with the fact the British government claimed Fox broke some rules about impartiality. You know, the Brits have these rules about impartiality like you just suggested. (impression) “American people have the right to both sides.” And Fox was seen not to be programming fairly, despite the fact the BBC makes criterion look like a bunch of Romper Room kids. The same British government that owns and operates the BBC said Fox News was not impartial enough. And they pretty much ended the permission they had granted for Fox News. It was a British government decision, well as much as you can say that the BBC is part of the British government.

The airport problem is a problem… I must confess, I don’t know the arrangements there, but it’s a paid arrangement. CNN is paying for that. It’s not the airports that are choosing it. It’s whoever runs the airports and that consortium that is agreeing to that. Why the airport — whatever institutions or other places in the airports, the malls, the restaurants, sports bars — why they don’t have both, I don’t know. But I think CNN’s paying for exclusivity there. Now, CNN’s coverage of Trump’s visit has been outrageous. It sounds like all of it’s been written by that wacko mayor over there, Sadiq Khan. And Trump is pointing it out and calling it out, but it just is what it is.

However, let’s go to the audio sound bites. Grab sound bite number 1. We have a montage here. This is the Drive-By Media all breathless, all waiting with excitement that they can barely contain for the protests against Trump to start today.

DAVID ASMAN: Major protests against him is planned for tomorrow.

BENJAMIN HALL: Tomorrow when the real protests are expected to happen, up to 250,000 people.

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Donald Trump’s unfavorability rating in the U.K. is 72%. Tomorrow, he may well feel it.

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: Tomorrow will be protest day.

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL: Protesters are expected to be out in force in London tomorrow.

HALLIE JACKSON: Tomorrow don’t forget the president has a series of events with Prime Minister Theresa May. That is the day we expect the protests.

PETER ALEXANDER: Huge protests are expected to take place beginning tomorrow.

SHEPARD SMITH: A massive demonstration is planned for tomorrow, and the organizers say they expect a quarter million people or so could show up.

RUSH: All right. So here, it’s everything, it’s Fox News, PMS, NBC, CNN, they’re all breathlessly waiting. So somebody told ’em that massive protests are scheduled. If massive protests are scheduled, they can’t be spontaneous. They’ve gotta be bought, paid for, and planned. The media doesn’t care, (impression) “Just give me the pictures. Just show us a bunch of people protesting Trump. We don’t care if they’re paid for, we don’t care if it’s spontaneous, we don’t care if it’s legit or not, we just want the pictures.” So somebody told ’em massive protests. And it doesn’t matter the network. They all bought it, they all believed it, they all assumed it was gonna happen, and then today came, and there weren’t any. There were zilch, zero, nada. There weren’t any protests. Nobody showed up! And we have a random act of journalism on CNN. They actually told the truth about it. Some reporter named Nick Patton Walsh.

WALSH: I’ve gotta tell you, the numbers are really far down from what they were about three hours ago. Even at their peak, well, they were nothing compared to what we saw a year ago. I’m gonna be straight with you here, we’re not seeing numbers we saw a year ago. Here we have just in the last half an hour or so seen a couple pro-Trump supporters who have been periodically walking into the substantial crowd of anti-Trump protesters and shouting “I love Trump, I love Trump.” That is really all we’ve seen so far today in terms of confrontation. But no doubt there were thousands, possibly 10,000s — always hard to tell — protesters out on the streets. Nothing like a year ago.

RUSH: What happened, then? Nothing like a year ago. Trump’s supposedly more hated today than he was a year ago. What happened? Trump wasn’t even there. What went on? Well, it wasn’t a state visit a year ago; so why are the protests down? Well, why are the ratings down on CNN? Why the ratings down on PMSNBC? Why did the protesters not show up? Were they not paid enough, were they not organized enough? Did somebody actually think it was just gonna happen because they just think hundreds of thousands of people hate Trump the way they do? Speaking of the airport business, I remember CNN pays the Miami airport 150 grand a year. CNN’s buying this, folks, these airports. And it costs them a lot. 150 grand for one airport. Miami international, whatever it is. You don’t want to go through customs.

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