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RUSH: Guess what Bite Me has done? Bite Me has plagiarized again. This is the most incredible thing. But that’s not the story. He plagiarized his climate change proposal! His staff. The story is his staff copied and pasted from other different climate change reports into Bite Me’s official, released statement and speech. Bite Me doesn’t know climate change from a hole in the ground, folks. He doesn’t know anything. He doesn’t know anything until the staff tells him what he knows.

He really doesn’t. I’m not exaggerating that very much. He’s not one of these deep thinkers that actually thinks about this stuff and comes up with his own ideas. He’s force-fed this stuff. That’s how he has been convicted and found guilty of plagiarism over and over again. The absolute worst thing that could happen to this guy, at this stage, is to get caught doing this again, and yet it has happened. But! But! The real story is how the media is covering this. This is delicious.


RUSH: In setting it up, for those of you in Rio Linda who don’t know, grab audio sound bite number 25. We’re gonna go back here to 1987 and August 23rd, 1987. But we’re basically go back to 1987. This is not the first, but it’s the first public time that the plagiarism personality and characteristics of Joe Biden became known widely across the country. Now, I think he had been involved in some plagiarism allegations in college and that kind of thing. It obviously had happened before this.

But this… This was major, because in 1987 there was very, very popular British politician by the name of Neil Kinnock of the Labor Party. At that time, they had a very similar-type existence to the American left and the Democrat Party. In 1987, we’re coming out of the end of the Reagan years. These people hated Reagan. They hated supply-side economics. They hated conservatism. They were running around us telling stories of overcoming hardship only because government made it possible and so forth, and this Kinnock guy was taking the U.K. by storm.

I don’t remember who the PM was at the time, but Kinnock took off, and C-SPAN was broadcasting all of this stuff. Back then, you had CNN and C-SPAN; that was it, other than the three networks. The three networks eventually, after C-SPAN spent a lot of time on this, picked up on it. But it was C-SPAN televising prime minister sessions with Congress, prime minister questions and this kind of thing that Neil Kinnock came to everybody’s attention. The worst thing could have ever happened to Joe Bite Me was when Neil Kinnock became known in the United States of America.

We’ve put together a montage. It’s only gonna take 43 seconds. The first voice you will hear is Neil Kinnock, and then Biden, and then Kinnock, and then Biden. Biden got caught, called out on it, did the mea culpas. But he’s a Democrat! He got away with it. Well, got away with it. He wasn’t banished and he wasn’t humiliated. He never won the Democrat presidential nomination. They never take it seriously for things like that. But he was not banished, he did not lose in the eyes of the media, the immense respect that they have for all elected Democrats. So here is a quick listen to.

KINNOCK: Why am I the first Kinnock in a thousand generations to be able to get to university?

BIDEN: Why is it that Joe Biden is the first in his family ever to go to a university?

KINNOCK: Was it because they were weak, those people who worked eight hours underground and then come up and play football? Weak?

BIDEN: My ancestors who worked in the coal mines in Northeast Pennsylvania and who’d come up after 12 hours and play football for four hours? No, it’s not because they weren’t as smart. It’s not because they didn’t work as hard. It’s because they didn’t have a platform upon which to stand.

KINNOCK: It was because there was no platform upon which they could stand.

RUSH: I mean it’s blatant. (chuckles) It is word for word. Have you heard this before? Word-for-word! That’s Joe Biden, 1987. Neil Kinnock made his speech on May 15th, 2017. Bite Me made his speech August 23rd, 1987. Those are just a couple. You know, that’s just 45 seconds of it that we put together. But it was word for word for much, much more. And since then, Biden has been jokingly known as somebody who plagiarizes, doesn’t have an original thought. “That’s old Joe. He’s one gaffe after another!”

That’s why everybody shocked and stunned here that the guy leads the Democrat primary list with this many Democrats in it. Well, it’s happened again — and it happened many times after that too. But now he’s on the national stage running for the presidency, and it has happened again. I have two different versions of the story. First, Politico: “Plagiarism Charge Hits Biden Climate Change Plan — Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign came under fire on Tuesday for putting out a $1.7 trillion climate change plan that appeared to copy a handful of passages from previously published documents.

“The incident recalled the plagiarism incident that helped drive Biden from the 1988 presidential race, though Biden’s campaign team called the latest episode an error that was corrected. ‘Several citations, some from sources cited in other parts of the plan, were inadvertently left out of the final version of the 22-page document,’ a Biden spokesperson said… ‘As soon as we were made aware of it, we updated to include the proper citations.’ Josh Nelson, vice president at the progressive group CREDO, first flagged the similarities on Twitter.

“The text contained the same language about technology designed to capture and store power plants’ carbon dioxide emissions as documents previously released by the … Center for Climate and Energy Solutions as well as the…” In other words, the Biden campaign went out, got a bunch of think tank papers they copied and pasted from a bunch of papers and put it together as Biden’s proposal! What, thinking that the original authors of this would not say anything because they’re all leftists?

So it got publicized, and the answer to it is: Yeah, yeah, we… You know what? We just forgot the citations. Yeah, we didn’t plagiarize anything. We just forgot to include the credit! “Center for Climate and Energy Solutions spokesperson Alec Gerlach said his group doesn’t coordinate with campaigns but that ‘carbon capture should be an essential element in any comprehensive'” strategery. So he was willing to let it go. Half of these people were happy that Biden was plagiarizing them; the other half of them said, “Wait a minute. This guy’s literally lifting what we did!”

What it boils down to is this. The thing, I think, to note is that his staff… (sigh) His cannot even write up their own term paper! His staff had to go out and copy — and he doesn’t know this. Do not doubt. Bite Me does not know this stuff. He doesn’t know the Paris Accord. He knows the Paris Accord. That’s what he knows. He thinks getting in the Paris Accord will make things happen. He’s not in touch with this stuff, folks. He just doesn’t know this stuff. He’s genuinely a figurehead on issue after issue after issue.

And he’s out there trying to say what his analysts and what his political consultants are advising him to say to reach the demographics they need. He could not put any of this together on his own. He doesn’t have this kind of passionate interest in it. He just… He’s literally the sieve and the figurehead here. So they had to cut-and-paste it, because Biden doesn’t have his own ideas. He doesn’t have his own “solution” to this nonexistent problem, and that’s because with Biden there really is no “there” there.

When it comes to this, he doesn’t have policy thoughts racing through his mind. In other words, he doesn’t care what the plan is. He just wants to be able to say he’s got one that’s gonna be appealing to a whole bunch of people. Whatever it is, he’ll tell them, “You get me a plan! Get me something that’s gonna sound good. Get me something I can defend, something I can back up.” That’s what they did. They went out and copied and pasted. Now let’s move over to NBC News.

Note that Politico did not criticize Biden. Politico did not go anywhere near reminding people. They didn’t mention Neil Kinnock when they referenced Biden’s previous run-ins with plagiarism. I mean, the walls of protection went up immediately. At NBC, it was even better. This story was written in part by F. Chuck Todd, who hosts Meet the Depressed. He’s one of the ranking members the NBC News journalism crew. Headline: “Biden Campaign’s Self-Inflicted Error Is One It Can’t Really Afford.”

They’re so worried that Biden might be hurt by this, and they’re gonna do everything they can to help him with damage control. Now, can you imagine if Trump were out there plagiarizing Reagan or anybody? Would NBC headline a story: Trump “Campaign’s Self-Inflicted Error Is One It Can’t Really Afford”? But that’s just the headline. Here’s the story: “It’s political malpractice for any modern campaign to lift words, intentionally or not, for its policy plans or website. That’s especially true if you’re the early Democratic frontrunner.

“And even more true if your 1988 presidential campaign ended in a plagiarism scandal. But that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday, when Joe Biden’s campaign rolled out its climate plan — and admitted it forgot to give proper attribution.” Notice it’s “the campaign” that did it. It isn’t Biden, it’s “the campaign,” and they just “forgot” to write the proper citations. “‘Several citations, some from sources cited in other parts of the plan, were inadvertently left out of the final version of the [plan],’ the Biden campaign told NBC… [The campaign aid] notes the campaign added the correct sourcing as soon as they found out about the uncited content.”

They added it when they found out they’d been caught plagiarizing it! “One example, first flagged by Josh Nelson of the … group CREDO,” and it goes on to cite the plagiarism like we just did in the Neil Kinnock back-and-forth audio. I mean, it’s word-for-word. They lifted word-for-word from these think-tank plans, and they assigned the policy as Biden’s. Now, here’s NBC: “It also struck us how the toplines of Biden’s climate plan … are identical to the toplines from Beto’s climate plan.”

It “struck us”?

It “struck us” here at NBC News?

“And the Washington Post found another example [of plagiarism] on education policy — lifting a line, word for word, from the XQ Institute. … Yes, this is a small thing,” writes NBC News. “But it also should be alarming for Democrats. How does something like this happen?” they ask. (chuckles) There isn’t a shred of criticism in this. There is only threat that it’s gonna be harm Biden. There is only concern that they’re making mistakes way too soon, way too big. The last line of the story: “It’s the biggest mistake yet of Biden’s early 2020 campaign — a particular mistake he can’t afford to make.”

As in, “Tsk-tsk, Mr. Vice President! You’d better get it together, you better, ’cause we’re not gonna be able to protect you forever on this.” It’s stunning. It is stunning. It’s not stunning; we not surprised by it. It’s just amazing to note the totally protective, deflective. It protects Biden. It tries to say, “It’s not that big a deal. It’s unfortunate that it happened. They better get their act together.” If this had been any Republican, they wouldn’t have let up yet on the plagiarism, on the phoniness, and what it means for the overall character of the person who did it.

But here they are protective. In fact, the next paragraph in the same story: “Biden’s evolution on abortion rights.” So they further cover up his plagiarism by then writing a paragraph about how great he’s evolving on abortion rights. “So see? We’ve gotta protect old Joe! We gotta protect him from these gaffes that we knew he’s gonna make because he’s doing the right thing on abortion. He’s actually doing the right thing on climate change even though he doesn’t even know what it is.” It’s just an object lesson here in what we’re dealing with.


RUSH: Okay. So here I go to the break, I intend to go to the phones, and then during the break I get another audio sound bite. So I gotta use it. It’s CNN, and it’s our old buddy and good friend John King talking about Biden getting caught plagiarizing his climate change plan.

KING: This is supposed to be a campaign A team. This was not an A performance. … When this has been an issue in the past, how, how…? This is a staff issue, I’m sure. The former vice president had probably nothing to do with this. But he’s the leader of the organization.

RUSH: (impression) “He had nothing to do with it. I’m sure Biden had nothing to do with it. How does this happen? How does the A staff, knowing that this is the Achilles’ heel…? How do they do this? I’m sure the vice president had nothing to do with it.” That part may be true because I’m telling you: Biden doesn’t know excrement from excrenola when it comes to this stuff. He just…

Whatever the leftist bible says about any issue is what he’s gonna learn enough of to be able to repeat. But formulate a plan? Give me a break. So they may be right to dump on the staff, but notice how they are going overboard to protect the candidate. Do you think Trump’s staff gets blamed for anything, or does Trump get the blame? He gets the blame for hiring the staff. He gets the blame for having dumb people work for him. He gets the blame for being stupid himself.


RUSH: Now New York Times. Back to Bite Me here for just a second, because Trump has tweeted on this. (chuckling) Trump tweeted, “Plagiarism charge against Sleepy Joe Biden on his ridiculous Climate Change Plan is a big problem, but the Corrupt Media will save him. His other problem is that he is drawing flies, not people, to his Rallies. Nobody is showing up, I mean nobody. You can’t win without people!” (impression) “I just hate the Trump tweets, just start fuming when he tweets,” ’cause what Trump tweets is the counterbalance or counterattack to the fake news — and he’s exactly right.

They’re circling the wagons around Biden, and they’re trying to throw the staff overboard and give Biden plausible deniability. “Well, how could Biden know what the staff is doing? The guy running the show can’t keep track of what everybody’s doing.” This is the excuse that’s developing. That’s not what leadership is, though. Leadership doesn’t throw the underlings overboard, except in liberalism, and then it is a state-of-the-art practice. Now, the New York Times headline… (muttering) Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Well, the New York Times pointed out that he has a long history of lying about his past and that his first run… Yeah, here it is: “Biden’s First Run for President Was a Calamity. Some Missteps Still Resonate.” So here again, just like Chuck Todd as NBC News, they’re wringing their hands over this. Can’t this guy get it right? He screwed it up in ’87, he screwed it up the next time. Can’t he get this right? It was a “calamity” back then that they covered up for (or tried to), and then Biden did it again, folks.

Quote, “‘When I marched in the civil rights movement, I did not march with a 12-point program,’ Mr. Biden thundered, testing his presidential message in February 1987 before a New Hampshire audience. ‘I marched with tens of thousands of others to change attitudes. And we changed attitudes.'” A CNN panel following this “bursts out laughing at [his] claim to have marched for civil rights — An attempt by Joe Biden’s aides to explain away the former vice president’s 1987 claim [when he was running] to have ‘marched’ in the civil rights movement sparked laughs from a panel on” the Jake Tapper show on CNN.

So he’s not only lying about climate change and lifting the plagiarism stuff from Neil Kinnock. Now he’s claiming he marched for civil rights. See, this is another check box. If you’re a Democrat running, you’ve gotta have marched for civil rights or you’ve got to done something with Dr. King or you have to have been beaten upside the head while you wanted to march for something. Something has to have happened in your life that put you there or put your head there or put your thoughts there.

You have to have an existential relationship with Selma if you’re gonna run for president on the Democrat side. Even Obama, who didn’t even know where Selma was when it was happening, had to go down to Selma and claim that Selma is why his dad ended up doing what his dad did. It’s just one of the check boxes. So Biden says (summarized), “I marched for civil rights but not just with a 12-point plan. I did it with tens of thousands!”

CBS News: “When a Young Joe Biden Used His Opponent’s Age Against Him — [A] 29-year-old, first-term city councilman in Delaware — challenged a popular, two-term senator who was described at the time as ‘unbeatable.’ Both intellectually and physically, Biden aimed to contrast himself with Republican Sen. Cale Boggs, who was more than 30 years his senior.” Anyway, Biden was mean-spirited, and disrespectful of this elderly guy. All this stuff is now surfacing, and the media is doing what it can to protect Biden and limit the damage or off-load the damage to the staff or what have you.

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