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RUSH: Right before the program began, I got an addendum to the audio sound bite roster, and Pelosi has said a couple things, and I have to play these for you. I have to do them now to get them out of the way. I’m gonna start with number 23 because this goes to the very notion that she’s trying to convince everybody in her party to not do impeachment because she doesn’t think that it will help them. She thinks impeaching Trump is going to rally his base, which…

I mean, they’re already rallied, Madam Speaker. This is another thing the Democrats and the media still don’t get. They think they’ve succeeded in driving Trump voters away from him. At any rate, she is hell-bent on making sure her party doesn’t do this, and that the various committees and that her base understand that this is not a good thing to do. And, apparently, she is getting frustrated beyond her ability to deal with it. She had a… What is this? This is… I guess it’s her weekly press briefing. That’s right.

Now, grab audio sound bite number 23. She felt it necessary to explain to her base what impeachment means and what it doesn’t. Listen to this…

PELOSI: I travel all the time in the country. Do you know most people think that impeachment means you’re out of office? Did you ever get that feeling, or are you just in the bubble here? They think that you get impeached, you’re gone, and that is completely not true. And I may have thought that myself 50 years ago. But you get impeached, and it’s an indictment. It’s an indictment. So when you’re impeaching somebody, you want to make sure you have the strongest possible indictment, because it’s not the means to the end that people think. “All you do… Vote to impeach. Bye Bye, Birdie.” It isn’t that.

RUSH: She just had to admit that her base doesn’t know diddly-squat about anything. She just had to come out… She’s gotten so frustrated over the abject ignorance of the people that support her that she had to explain to them what it means — and then she had to admit that 50 years ago, she didn’t even know what it meant. Now, she’s going to great pains here to tell these Looney Tunes people that are demanding Trump be impeached (impression), “It doesn’t mean that he’s gone. It doesn’t mean… ”

She could have cited Bill Clinton as an example, but I knew she wasn’t gonna do that. Slick Willie was impeached, and they even had a trial, and Slick Willie prevailed at the trail. The Senate did not convict him. So Slick Willie stayed in office. But it’s forever on his record that he’s impeached. Her voters don’t even know what it means! That’s how stupid they are! Wrong. It’s how dumbed down they are. She has to go to great pains (impression), “It’s just an indictment, you know? It’s like a list of charges.”

She tried last week. She tried to tell ’em last week, “Look, if we can’t get a conviction in the Senate, then Trump is declared innocent! Trump is declared not guilty, even after being impeached.” She tried that. We had the sound bite. She went over and over it trying to tell her peeps, “We can’t impeach because we can’t get a conviction in the Senate, and if the Senate does not convict, it means the president is not guilty.

“We can’t go into the 2020 election with the president officially declared innocent,” and that didn’t work. She’s obviously being bombarded, to have to go out there and say this. And I, El Rushbo, love it, the Speaker of the House having to instruct her base voters. Now, look, don’t misunderstand. I understand there’s probably a lot of Americans (given the state of public education) that do not know what impeachment means or maybe mistakenly believe that if somebody is impeached that they are histoire.

But you people don’t think that, because you have been informed about how it operates, and you don’t need me to tell you because many of you were around during the Clinton impeachment. But you know anyway. You know what the Constitution says about it. You know how it operates. It’s a two-stage process. So it is obvious: She does not want to do this. She doesn’t want to do it. But the bottom line is, they are doing it.

They’re doing everything but calling it impeachment. Let’s go to audio sound bite number 1. Last night Jim Jordan, House Judiciary Committee, is on with Shannon Bream on Fox News. And she asked him, “The House Judiciary Committee is calling John Dean, who had an important role in the Watergate scandal, because they can’t get Don McGahn up there. Rush Limbaugh says that they’re trying to substitute Dean to try to turn this into Watergate. Will that work?”

JORDAN: I don’t think so. I mean, there’s no basis for impeachment. They haven’t officially declared it, but I think it’s already started. They have… The key chairman in the respective committees in the House already have these memorandums of understanding, how they’re gonna coordinate — actual contracts that they signed — how they’re gonna coordinate their attack on the president. So they’re totally focused on that. But there’s no basis for it. The American people don’t want it. I don’t think it works. But I think they’re probably gonna, in the end, end up doing it. This is the opening act.

RUSH: Right. Now, he thinks they’re gonna go ahead and do it and are doing it. They’re just not calling it impeachment. But Pelosi doesn’t want the word used, and it’s now obvious. I don’t think it’s been rope-a-dope or an attempt to trick people, lull people into a state of relaxation over it. I don’t think she really wants to do it. Properly said, I think she really doesn’t want to do it because she can’t get a conviction out of it. Even with Mitt Romney voting with the Democrats, she can’t get a conviction out of the Senate.

They need two-thirds in there, and that just isn’t gonna happen.


RUSH: This is Brian in Athens, Georgia. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Mega dittos from one of your faithful teaching assistants since 1991.

RUSH: Well, thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: I am a former civics teacher myself. I say “former,” because there’s pretty much no longer any more civics teachers out there. But I think that the Pelosi constituency is even more ignorant than we realize, because not only do they think that impeachment means removal, which he had to correct, of course. But I think they think that if Trump is removed from office, then that means that Hillary gets to be president.

RUSH: Hmm. Wait a minute, now. I was prepared to go, “Come on, they can’t…” But I’m thinking about this.

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: You may… At least in terms of some, you may have a point. I think you may be right. I don’t know what percentage of those people, but I’ll bet you you’re right. Of course, you taught civics, so you know what people think. When’s the last time you taught the course?

CALLER: Last time I taught it was in 2011, and it was at a private school. It was not at a public school. I taught at public schools for 15 years but didn’t teach that subject, basically ’cause it had been incorporated into, quote-unquote, “history,” which is another discussion all on its own there.

RUSH: Right. You know, I’ll bet you that you’re right about this. I don’t know. I bet it’s a significant number of Democrat base voters probably think if Trump gets impeached that Hillary gets the presidency. I wouldn’t be surprised. Speaking of school, have you heard about this, the deputy at Parkland school — the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school — who did not go in to stop the shooter and has been arrested for neglect of duty? Oh, yes! He will… (interruption) No, I never blame the staff. That’s the point. I always take the hit when the staff. Exactly right.

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