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RUSH: On Tuesday, the Democrat-controlled House passed a bill to grant “a pathway to citizenship” to so-called DREAMERS. Those are the kids of illegal aliens, illegally brought here as very young crumb-crunchers.

Politico called this Democrat bill a “rebuttal to Trump.” During the vote, activists in the House gallery chanted “Si su puede!” Spanish for “Yes we can,” the Obama slogan.

But after all the chanting, and the fawning Drive By-Media coverage, what really happened? Nada. Nothing.

The DREAMERS bill will go absolutely nowhere in the Senate. It was passed in the Democrat House, and it’s going to die in the Democrat House.

So instead of “Yes we can,” an honest chant would be, “No, you didn’t.” When Democrats controlled the House, Senate, and White House under Obama, they didn’t give a hoot about DREAMERS. They didn’t pass anything to help them, because they didn’t want to. It was lip service then, and it’s lip service now.

Now, this House charade is no “rebuttal” to Trump. It has nothing to do with Trump. This farce is all on the Democrats in an attempt to make Hispanic voters think that they’re looking out for them.

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