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Jun 5, 2019


NBC: Biden Camp Fixes Climate Plan After Reports It Copied Other Writings
RealClearPolitics: Pelosi: Public Wants Impeachment Now Because They Don’t Understand The Process
RealClearPolitics: CNN’s Phil Mudd: “Clock Ticking” For Democrats Before Barr Finds Out How Trump Probe Started
CNN: Sources: ‘Executed’ North Korean Diplomat is Still Alive
Breitbart: Doxed Forklift Driver Starts Legal Fund to Sue Facebook, Daily Beast
Daily Caller: What Role Did Facebook Play In Exposing The Man Behind The Edited Pelosi Video?
New York Post: Before Bashing Trump, European Leaders Need a History Lesson
FOXNews: Biden Hammered Over Climate Plan Plagiarism Accusations
Politico: Plagiarism Charge Hits Biden Climate Change Plan
NBC: Biden campaign’s Self-Inflicted Error Is One It Can’t Really Afford – F. Chuck Todd, Mark Murray and Carrie Dann
FOXNews: Jim Jordan: Democrats Focused on Impeachment and ‘Getting the President,’ Not Helping the Country
Axios: Axios – Poll: Americans View Fake News as a Bigger Problem than Terrorism
New York Times: Biden’s First Run for President Was a Calamity. Some Missteps Still Resonate
CBS: When a Young Joe Biden Used His Opponent’s Age Against Him
UKDM: ‘I Hope You Come to This Country Again Soon’: What the Queen Told Donald Trump at the End of His State Visit as He Bid Fond Farewell to Britain Following Moving Ceremony to Salute the Heroes of D-Day
AppleInsider: Apple Introduces Smart Battery Optimization in iOS 13 to Combat Battery Aging
CNN Poll: Rising Share Expect Trump to Win in 2020
Washington Examiner: Democrats Plan Capitol Hill Event to Put Trump’s Mental Health Under Fire
Washington Post: Former Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Who Did Not Confront Parkland Shooter Arrested, Charged with Neglect
National Review: Chernobyl: Devastating Indictment of Socialism, Not Trumpism


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