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RUSH: The Drive-By-Media has been even more unhinged since President Trump announced tariffs on goods from Mexico, if Mexico didn’t help secure the border.

The New York Times listed which states will be hardest hit. They say Texas, Michigan, and California will be the big losers. The Washington Post says trade wars with China and Mexico will stunt growth and cost Americans jobs. As if illegal immigration isn’t doing that already. USA Today warns readers they’ll pay more for cars if the tariffs go into effect.

None of these Drive-Bys cared about the American citizens who’ve been hardest hit for decades by illegal immigrants pouring over our southern border, and by ChiComs robbing us blind with unfair trade practices and intellectual property theft.

None of the Drive-Bys pointed fingers at the elites in both parties, whose agenda to bring in cheap labor, cheap consumer goods, and new voters created this crisis in the first place.

President Trump is keeping his campaign promise to do everything in his power to fix this mess. They don’t like it, and they don’t like him. But that, thankfully, isn’t stopping him. And now Mexico, with the threat of tariffs hanging over them today, is beginning to feel the heat and act accordingly.

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