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RUSH: We have the headlines: “Trump Slams Biden Ahead of Competing Events in Iowa.” “Trump Criticizes Biden Before Departing for Iowa.” No, no! Trump responds to Biden criticizing him 75 times! Trump’s not attacking anybody. Trump doesn’t attack. He defends himself. It’s plain as day. Trump will leave you alone. But if you go after him, he’s gonna hit back, and he’s gonna be hit back like Obama: Three times as hard. Obama says, “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun.”

You know, Biden attacking Trump, mentioning Trump’s name 71 or 75 times, whatever? Is that all there is to the Democrat campaign, just anti-Trump? They’re making a huge mistake. I’ve called them out on this before, and I ought not say this too loud, and you all ought to not tell them I’m saying this. But they are under a severe misperception, misconception. They are just grossly wrong if they think — and I’m sure they do. This is the thing. Their psychology is so warped.

It’s a thing with the media too. They think that everybody thinks like they do. They’re outraged by Trump; they think all of America is. They think everybody that voted for Trump is embarrassed. They tell themselves this. It’s psychological, folks. It’s not just a calculation. They do get caught up in all this. They are so self-absorbed that they make the mistake of assuming that they represent the vast majority of popular thinking, of popular thought, popular morality.

And they’re assuming that everybody who voted for Trump or the vast majority of them are now embarrassed by it and repulsed by Trump. So it seems like the Democrat presidential campaign is totally, totally anti-Trump. It’s not about anything else. Meaning: It’s not about issues. They’ll throw an occasional climate change reference in there, but it’s clear that they really believe their ticket back is to just do nothing but rip and talk about and criticize Donald Trump — which, I’ll tell you.

By the time 2020 comes around, it’s gonna get old because that is all they’ve done, and it just bounces off. The Mueller report was nothing. All the Trump-Russia collusion was nothing. It’s kind of interesting to see. Because we’re dealing with people, I think, who have now descended into serious psychological disorder territory, collectively, as a movement — including the media and as a party.


RUSH: Yeah, we’re rolling tape on it. The president on the way to the helicopter, some of the best interchanges with the press that he has, he’s on fire here. He just told the press, he just got a beautiful letter from Kim Jong-un in North Korea, beautiful, beautiful letter, portends a great, great future. Details coming up.

He said there’s a secret element of the just passed deal with Mexico that he’s gonna let Mexico announce in due course. Big, big part of the deal’s, a big secret, Trump’s gonna let them announce it. Said we did this together in the last three days, and we could fix this, we could fix everything going wrong at the border in 15 minutes if the Democrats would just sit down, but the Democrats won’t.

The Democrats are responsible for the increase in drugs coming in, the increase in illegal immigration, the increase in disease, the Democrats and their intransigence and the entire problem that we’ve got here. He’s on fire. Press sounds like a bunch of little Romper Room sixth graders shouting questions at him and he just revels in this. He revels toying with these people.

The one thing that Trump has in these circumstances is the truth. He’s got the truth of his administration, his policies and so forth. And they don’t want to hear it and they don’t understand it. They’ve got Trump keeping promises. They don’t understand that. So we are rolling on it. And they just released the tape. I think Trump’s already on the copter on the way to the airport to get on Air Force One to go out and be insulted by Biden in Iowa. We’ll chop this up and make bites out of it and have it for you ASAP.


RUSH: Okay. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. Donald Trump this afternoon White House lawn on the way to Marine One helicopter before leaving on his trip to Iowa. He spoke with reporters. One reporter shouted (impression), “Hey, in a speech today, Joe Biden is gonna call you ‘an existential threat to the United States.’ What do you say to Joe Biden, Mr. President, huh?”

THE PRESIDENT: Biden, who’s a loser — I mean, look, Joe never got more than 1%, except Obama took him off the trash heap. But I heard, you know, his whole campaign is to hit Trump. Look, when a man has to mention my name 76 times in a speech, that means he’s in trouble. Now, I have to tell you, he’s a different guy. He looks different then he used to, he acts different than he used to, he’s even slower than he used to be. So I don’t know. But when he mentions my name that many times, I guess I should be complimented. (crosstalk from reporters) Excuse me?

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Are you elevating Joe Biden with these attacks?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I’d rather run against I think Biden than anybody. I think he’s the weakest mentally. And I like running against people that are weak mentally. I think Joe is the weakest up here. The other ones have much more energy. I call him 1% Joe, because until Obama came along, he didn’t do very well.

RUSH: Now, did you hear the question? I don’t know if you heard, “Are you are you are you elevating Biden with these attacks?” He’s not elevating. Biden attacked him! Trump probably wasn’t gonna say a thing about Biden until they start hurling at him this idea that Biden’s talking about you 76 times calling you an existential threat. So that, in fact, is the actual first question, “In a speech today Biden’s calling you an existential threat, what do you think of –” so he answers the question.

“You think attacking Biden is gonna elevate Biden?” Biden just got through talking about how valuable the free press is. Oh, man, he quoted Thomas Jefferson, paraphrased Thomas Jefferson. (imitating Biden) “Yeah, there’s three branches of government and the fourth branch of the media.” And Biden said, “You know what, if I had to pick one to leave out, I certainly wouldn’t leave out the free press. I love the free press.”

What Democrat doesn’t leave the free so-called press? The free press is a bunch of Democrat activists as it has manifested today. Okay. Next reporter. “Joe Biden is gonna change his rhetoric about China today. Do you have any reaction, Mr. President?”

THE PRESIDENT: Joe Biden thought that China was not a competitor of ours. Joe Biden is a dummy. Joe Biden thought China was not s competitor. China made $500 billion over a short period of time against Obama, Biden, and for many, many years, in all fairness to them, China is a major competitor, and right now China wants to make a deal very badly. It’s me right now that’s holding up the deal. China ate our country alive during Obama and Biden. They ate us alive. And then Biden has some kind of relationship financially, or his son, with China? Tell me about that, because China ate the United States alive economically, and it’s a shame.

RUSH: Yeah. So I guess, “Mr. President, do you feel that you’re making Joe Biden get higher and elevated with your attacks on Joe Biden?” Next question from — well, actually it wasn’t a question from a reporter. Trump told them that he had received a beautiful letter from the pot-bellied dictator of North Korea, the estimable Kim Jong-un.

THE PRESIDENT: I just received a beautiful letter from Kim Jong-un, and I think the relationship is very well, but I appreciated the letter. I saw the information about the CIA with respect to his brother or half-brother, and I would tell him that would not happen under my — under my auspices. That’s for sure. (crosstalk from female reporter) I wouldn’t let that happen under my auspices, but I just received a beautiful letter from Kim Jong-un. I can’t show you the letter obviously, but it was a very personal, very warm, very nice letter. I appreciate it, and I’ll say it again. I think that North Korea has tremendous potential, and he’ll be there. I think North Korea has tremendous potential, and the one that feels that more than anybody is Kim Jong-un. He gets it. (crosstalk from reporters) He totally gets it.

RUSH: All right. So let me unpack this. As you remember, Kim Jong-un assassinated, executed his brother or half-brother. And I think that was on streets in Hong Kong. Maybe it was Vietnam. I don’t remember where it happened. But I do know that it – (interruption) was it Japan? Might have been Japan, outside a video game store.

The bottom line is that Trump is saying today that it turns out that Kim Jong-un’s half-brother might have been a CIA agent and that might have been why Kim Jong-un decided to take him out. And what Trump is saying, he’s assuring Kim Jong-un that I would not let the CIA recruit any other members of your family. It wouldn’t happen under my auspices. No CIA agent would be your family. I’ll recruit others to be agents to infiltrate you, but not your family.

Now, when he says here that he sees tremendous potential for North Korea and that Kim Jong-un does, too, he’s talking about condos. He’s talking about beachfront resorts. He’s talking about legal scotch, legal cigars, legal steaks for people other than Kim Jong-un.

He’s talking about a resort Mecca. He’s talking about a Trump palace here, a Trump Taj Mahal over there, you know, a Trump International golf course, North Korea over here. He says Kim Jong-un sees it too. I’m just tweaking the media here, folks. Don’t pay me any mind. Last sound bite, reporter: “That agreement, that agreement in your pocket, when is it gonna go into effect, huh?”

THE PRESIDENT: This will go into effect, and it’s my option. It’s not Mexico’s, but it will go into effect when Mexico tells me it’s okay to release it. (crosstalk from reporters) If they bring the numbers way down, we won’t have to use it. (crosstalk from reporters) Okay? If they bring the numbers way down, we won’t have to, but this is my option. It goes into effect when I want it to, but I have a lot of respect for the president of Mexico, I have a lot of respect for the people we dealt with, so I don’t want to do that. And they have to go back to Congress to get that approved, but it goes down — listen, it goes down, it goes into effect at my option, but I wouldn’t do that. I want to deal with them.

RUSH: That’s Donald Trump talking to the media on the way to helicopter on the way to Iowa to attack Joe Biden as the media would have it.

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