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RUSH: The Drive-By Media is breathless. They cannot stop citing the latest Fox News polling data that shows every Democrat — well, not every one, but I mean the top- tier Democrats all beat Donald Trump in a hypothetical election today.

Biden, Fauxcahontas, even Mayor Pete, they beat Trump by 10 points. The Drive-Bys cannot stop reporting the Fox News poll. It’s the first Fox News poll the Drive-By Media has even mentioned in recent memory.

Let me let you hear the media montage. Now, don’t get mad at me for doing this. We’re gonna put this right. We’re gonna bring perspective to it. But I just want you to hear the breathlessness and the excitement of the Drive-By Media reporting the Fox News poll as though it is gospel.

RACHEL SCOTT: Trump likely won’t be happy about this latest Fox News poll. It shows Joe Biden with a significant edge on the president. And he’s not the only one. Senator Bernie Sanders, also ahead.

TRACIE POTTS: A Fox News poll shows him behind five Democrats.

ANDREA MITCHELL: A new Fox News poll shows the former vice president ahead.

FREDRICKA WHITFIELD: …currently ten points behind Joe Biden.

JAKE TAPPER: … a head-to-head match-up: Biden 49%, Trump 39%.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Fox News is basically mirroring what your own internal pollsters are saying. Mr. President, you’re losing, you’re losing big.

CHRISTINE ROMANS: Fox, his favorite television network, the president trailing.

RON ALLEN: A Fox News poll, his favorite network shows.

ALEX WITT: A new Fox News poll shows five Democratic candidates ahead.

ANA CABRERA: There’s a new Fox News poll that shows President Trump would lose to Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg.

RUSH: You see, folks, they just can’t stop. They go on and on and on. The montage, we could continue to add to it. There’s also a CBS News poll out there that shows Fauxcahontas taking the lead over Crazy Bernie, moving into second place behind Joe Bite Me. The election is how many days away? It’s 500 days away.

And I will admit, once again, you look at my old buddy Matt Drudge’s page today and you could be forgiven if you were to conclude the election is over. You look at the Drudge page, which is just a compilation of the news today, if you just headline search, you’re gonna get the idea, you will come to the conclusion that the 2020 election is over, just like it was over at this point in 2015 for Hillary Clinton. She had already wrapped it up. It was gonna be in a landslide.

I’m gonna tell you something else. Donald Trump will trail in the polls until October of 2020. I don’t care who the Democrats nominate. I don’t care what happens with any of the external information, Trump will be trailing in the polls throughout the rest of this year and most of next year.

But let’s do today what we did then. At the time that he they told us Hillary was gonna win in a landslide — look, these people are not, as I say, innovative or creative, they simply recycle stuff. They recycle stuff from the past, try to adapt the past to the present, add some goodies to it and tell themselves that it’s new!

So at this point in 2015, slash, 2016, Donald Trump was drawing crowds of 25,000 people or more to rallies. There were as many people outside wanting to get in as people who were inside who had gotten in. Hillary, in the meantime, couldn’t draw flies. She couldn’t draw more than 200 people to a book signing or any other personal appearance.

And when she did show up at one, she had a big challenge standing up, especially when walking down the steps. She needed three beefy security guys to keep her from falling, walking down the steps. When she was leaving the 9/11 memorial in September of 2016, she nearly planted her face on the steps of the bus instead of her feet. That made the video.

But all this time Trump’s rallies are just over the top. There is excitement everywhere. Crowds everywhere. Hillary Clinton’s not even showing up in places because when she does show up, nobody shows up. And the media is telling us that crowd size at campaign rallies is totally irrelevant and that it makes no difference and you cannot make any projection based on crowd size to either enthusiasm or turnout and then ultimately election results.

So is history repeating itself? Well, at any given Democrat rally, especially Joe Biden’s, they can barely get a hundred people to show up. When Biden showed up in Iowa last week to Ottumwa, Iowa, to eviscerate Trump, the camera was a constant close-up on Plugs because the crowd was tiny. He was standing in the crowd. There was no podium, there was no stage, there was no distance between him and the crowd.

They had to put him in the crowd so that the camera shots looked crowded so that that could convey the image of a crowd. The closest any enthusiasm is on the Democrat side is a Crazy Bernie rally, and CBS claims that Crazy Bernie is having the bottom drop out of his campaign now that Fauxcahontas has pulled ahead. And it isn’t news that Crazy Bernie is losing support in the polling data.

I don’t know what the consistency is of his crowd sizes, but I know that none of the others are drawing anywhere near Trump, despite all the news we hear (just like in 2016) about how much enthusiasm the Democrats had. “Oh, yeah! First female president! She’s gonna continue the traditions of the first African-American president.” The American people couldn’t wait, the Democrats couldn’t wait — especially against Trump. Everybody hated Trump! They couldn’t wait to say “no” to Trump.

We know what happened. Trump is going to announce his reelection campaign in a rally tomorrow night in Florida. Over 100,000 people are expected (in one way or another) at that rally — inside, outside, numbers of people requesting to get in. They keep track of this stuff. Not everybody who wants to go can get in. They set up satellite viewing outside the venues. Where is this thing, over in Tampa? (interruption) That’s right, Orlando. Disney World. That’s right. It’s over there in Orlando. Anything north of here, it’s all the same to me. Orlando, Tampa, Kissimmee, “Kissayou,” it’s all the same to me.

Okay, it’s Orlando, just a hop skip and a jump from Tampa, with 100,000 people. And the only reason we know this is from Trump’s tweets! Trump is tweeting how many people want to get in, how many people are gonna be there, how many people are gonna be outside. You look at other polling data and 70% of people polled like the economy; they give Trump credit for it. But he’s getting hammered in the polls. Over the weekend, did you see this? They had “Impeach Trump Day” rallies sponsored with a massive amount of money from the lunatic Tom Steyer who ultimately pushes climate change and impeachment.

He’s funding Democrats and demanding that they impeach Trump. This guy’s got a bigger case of Trump hatred than MSNBC’s hosts combined, and he’s paying for all of these Impeach Trump Day rallies. Did you see that they barely topped 50 people anyplace they were held? No! You didn’t see that because they didn’t show you that because that’s not a good optic. That’s not a good photo-op. No more than 50 people showing up for the impeach Trump rallies.

Joe Biden can’t get more than a couple hundred people at his rallies. Trump gets 25,000, 50,000, now 100,000 all told, in and out, in the rally in Orlando. So we once again come to the conclusion the Drive-Bys are kidding themselves again and they’re lying to their viewers about everything, and the polls this far out don’t mean anything anyway because we don’t even know who the Democrat nominee is — and right now, we don’t even know what the issues on the ballot that are gonna really matter determine the election in 2020 are.

We don’t know what the Democrat nominee is gonna say once the Democrat nominee is the nominee. When they get a nominee, “Katie, bar door.” When they start talking about what they’re gonna do, that’s when people are gonna first start hearing it. The Democrat debates are gonna be entertainment value, summertime viewing to, eh, interrupt the humdrum and the doldrums and so forth out there. But it’s not gonna heat up any time soon, except in the media. The media’s gonna make it look like the nation is riveted to the Democrat debates. “The nation is tuned in.

“The nation is 100% connected, because the nation hates Donald Trump and the nation can’t get rid of Donald Trump, and watching Democrat debates is how they discharge all of this Trump hatred and anti-Trump energy.” It’s amazing. It’s amazing how this stuff repeats itself. When you look at the devastation to their psyche that the 2016 election caused, they still haven’t gotten over it. In fact, many of them are still spiraling downward, out of control — and here they’re setting themselves up again for the exact same play, because that’s all they’ve got!

Russian collusion (of which there was none) was Watergate.

By the way, did you know today’s the anniversary of Watergate? I’m pretty sure June 17 is the anniversary of when the plumbers tried to get it. Well, they go get into the DNC headquarters at Watergate, and left evidence of their presence. Remember what the evidence was? Remember what the evidence was? These idiots, you know what they did? They left tape on the locks so the doors wouldn’t lock when they shut them so that the next time they showed up, the doors would not be locked even though the Democrats would think they locked ’em.

Well, the Democrats weren’t gonna be back in there ’cause it happened over a weekend. So it’s the same thing that sent these people to mass therapy in 2016, and they’re setting themselves up all over again. This is a very, very strange mental illness, to self-inflict psychological pain that is insufferable, intolerant — and then do it again on purpose. Which is what we see here. They’re lying to themselves again. Here we are on June 17th, 2019, and the election’s over.

And Donald Trump has lost — and the Democrats don’t even know what the winner is, because they haven’t even chosen a nominee, and yet the election is over. Trump doesn’t have a prayer. Audio sound bite number 2, Anthony Salvanto, CBS pollster. He was on CBS This Morning today. Question: “I think we should let people know what a Battleground Tracker poll is. This is no small thing.”

SALVANTO: No! Look, it promises to be a big election. So we figured we had to go big with the polling. But what it really means is talking to as many people as possible, in all the places that the campaigns are going to go. This map is much bigger than Iowa. They’re going to go to California, to Texas, to Georgia — of course, New Hampshire — South Carolina. So we’ve gotta cover that as well which means big samples sizes, lots of interviews and find out what people want to hear.

RUSH: So the CBS News pollster says that they’re gonna go big. They’re gonna go big on polling. They’re gonna talk to as many people as they possibly can. But they’re not gonna be trying to reflect opinion. This is the thing that you must keep in mind. They’re gonna be trying to shape it. Remember what polling data is used for. It’s used, A, to shape public opinion. And, B, to suffice as a news story. A poll is the easiest and laziest way for Drive-By Media to create what you might call bombshell news.

Is it not bombshell news that Donald Trump has lost the election?

Damn right it is!

Is it not bombshell news that the Democrats have beaten Trump now in 2020 because Trump trails in every poll 500 away from the election?

Damn right it is! That’s blockbuster news; so it’s gonna get treated as such. Here’s Kayleigh McEnany on Fox & Friends today. She’s from the Republican National Committee. And Steve Doocy said to her, “These leaked polls from the Trump campaign, Trump internal polling, they were accurate, you’re saying, but they were from three months ago. So they weren’t fake news. They were old news? Is that right?”

MCENANY: They were old news, and they were the most unfavorable turnout model. We have to predict who’s going to turn out. So this is the most pro-Democratic turnout model you could see; so it’s understandable that that polling would look that way. But when you look at the real polling, the most accurate polling — define Democrats — the president is leading in all 17 swing states, as he noted.

RUSH: All right. Now, I guess we’re just gonna have to include that Trump and Kayleigh McEnany are lying, because the news media says that Trump has lost. He’s losing to everybody. I mean, it’s almost overwhelmingly impossible for him to come back from these kind of deficits: 10 points here, 12 points there, 15 points some candidate somewhere. Kayleigh McEnany says, “No, that poll… Yeah, we were behind, we ran a series of polls of different turnout model.” Oh. Who would somebody do that?

Well, you run various polls with various turnout models to find out what you need to do to avoid that. So if you run a poll showing lousy Trump turnout, you get the result that you get and, okay, you know to avoid that. “Well, Rush, everybody wants high turnout.” Yeah, but these are done with scientific reasons and intentions — and in the 17 battleground states, the real polling that they’re conducting now (not models, but the real polling) shows them leading in all 17 states.

One more before the break. Harry Enten over on CNN this morning was asked the question: “It’s a long way from the actual vote, but historically when you see margins like in the new Fox poll at this point in the race, are they indicative of how things end up?”

ENTEN: I should point out if we go back since 2000, what we generally see is that national polls at this point are actually not all that predictive. We still have a year and a half to go until the election. For instance, Hillary Clinton was up by nearly 20 points at this point. Uh, you take a look at where George W. Bush was in 2000. He was up double digits — and, of course, Algore actually won that popular vote. Again, we see it to the screen right now. The average difference 11 points between where the national polls are at this particular point and where the popular vote still ended up. So it’s still very early.

RUSH: Not. That. Predictive. “…actually not all that predictive.” Some of the examples I gave you last week, polling data this time in various campaigns where the eventual winner was down anywhere from seven to 11 points. It’s common. There’s nothing unusual about this, and it doesn’t tell us a thing. Just get ready, because Trump is going to be trailing in polls from now through October of 2020. Just get used to it.

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