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RUSH: Have you seen the latest? You know, there’s a scuttlebutt out there that doesn’t die that Michelle (My Belle) Obama is gonna run for the Democrat presidential nomination after all these people write themselves off, cancel themselves out, wipe themselves out.

Valerie Jarrett is out there. I think we got the sound bite. We’ll get to it in a minute. She’s gonna flat-out deny that Michelle Obama never, ever, not gonna run for president. Let me see if I… Yeah, grab sound bite number 20. Here we go. This is Valerie Jarrett on the BBC this morning, a program they have there called HARDtalk. Stephen Sackur talking to Valerie Jarrett: “You say you’re not gonna run for office,” meaning Valerie Jarrett. “Well, if not you, what about Michelle Obama?”

JARRETT: No, she will not be running, either, ’cause she realizes —

SACKUR: You mean this time around or ever?

JARRETT: She will never run for office, in my opinion, and I think it’s because she, too, believes that she can have a greater impact outside of the political system.

RUSH: There isn’t a person in this town, that town, that thinks that. “She can have a much greater impact outside.” If that’s said, it means she can get away with a hell of a lot more when nobody’s looking than she can when she’s president. What else could she possibly mean by that? There you have it. It’s a flat-out denial: Michelle will never, ever run. Won’t do it. More power, more influence outside the Oval Office than in it. Ha! (interruption) The Obamas living the life? Living the dream, as you would say? (interruption) That’s what people… (interruption)

I’m on the golf course, people ask, “Hey, Rush, how are you doing?”

“I’m living the dream.” It stops everybody. Instead of just, “Great, great. How are you?”

“Ah, you know, glad I’m on the right side of the grass today” is another typical answer you get on the golf course. “Glad you’re on the right side…?” “Yeah, glad I’m standing up on the right side of the grass.” You tell ’em, “I’m living the dream” and you’ve got them. “Really? That’s cool.” Like, “What’s going on?” And then you get to make anything up you want, like on social media.

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