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RUSH: So, Plugs Biden. We gotta move from Democrat perverts asking Hope Hicks pervy questions to Joe Biden. This guy is finished. It’s over, and you know how you know it’s over? It’s nothing to do with this segregation business, although I think that’s the trigger for it. But you want to know how this is over? Well, let’s go to audio sound bite number 10. This is ABC News. This is Good Morning America today. This is a portion of chief national affairs correspondent Tom Llamas’ report about Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and with the ChiComs.

LLAMAS (voice over): Was Hunter Biden profiting off his dad’s work as vice president, and did Joe Biden allow it? We’re talking about millions of dollars in at least two countries.

LLAMAS (to Biden): Mr. Vice President, Tom Llamas at ABC News, how you doing? Got a quick question for you.

LLAMAS (voice over): It’s a question we tried to ask repeatedly —

LLAMAS (to Biden): Can we ask you about Ukraine and China?

LLAMAS (voice over): But kept getting blocked. One person who did not want to talk about it: Joe Biden.

LLAMAS (to Biden): Mr. Vice President, what’s your take on that?

BIDEN: (silence)

LLAMAS (to Biden): Was there a conflict of interest there?

BIDEN: (silence)

LLAMAS (to Biden): Was there a clear conflict of interest?

RUSH: That’s it, folks. If ABC News is going after the Hunter Biden-ChiCom-Ukraine scandal, it’s over. Somebody in the Democrat-media complex has decided it’s time to take Plugs out. Don’t know the specific reason. We’ve been talking about these deals. Conservative media has educated their audiences on all of this China, Ukraine, Joe Biden setting his sons up to become obscenely wealthy. Nobody was interested. Now, all of a sudden, out of the clear blue… It’s not in the clear blue.

After Plugs comes out and pledges his love and support for segregationist senators, here comes ABC News blowing up Plugs and his son over China and the Ukrainian. Somebody’s decided it’s time to take Plugs out. I’m not makin’ this up. They could have done this story any time. But the one thing, the one thing the Democrat Party cannot ever permit is to have anybody in it appear to be even understanding or respectful or friendly with people who they claim are racist, sexist, bigots, homophobes, and what have you. So Joe comes out and instead of apologizing — instead of throwing Herman Talmadge and Eastland, former senators, overboard and under the bus — he doubled down on his love and respect for them. But ABC News was not through.

Here is another portion of the report from Tom Llamas…

LLAMAS (voice over): In 2014, Ukrainians, sick of corruption, revolted. Vice President Joe Biden went to Kiev to help the new government. But then something strange happened. Just three weeks later, a Ukrainian natural gas company accused of corruption appoint Hunter Biden — seen here in their promotional videos — to their board of directors, paid his firm more than a million dollars a year. Hunter, a lawyer who had just been discharged from the Navy Reserves for testing positive for cocaine. He had served on other boards, but had no known experience in Ukraine or natural gas.

RUSH: Now… (chuckling) There is a little bit more going on here than just ABC News trying to get rid of the story so they can say they’ve done it. They could have done this story a lot less hard-hitting, a lot less damaging to Plugs and his kid. But the way this is worded, I mean, it’s a direct assault on the fact that Hunter Biden has no qualifications for anything he was paid to do plus he’s a cocaine guy! “He had no known experience with Ukraine or natural gas … tested positive for cocaine.”

I was thinking when this all started, by the way, that this was just ABC News getting the story out of the way. You know, early coverage, block it get it out of the way so that the Drive-Bys can say, “No, no, no! We didn’t not cover this happen we did cover it. You’ve forgotten. We did a big deal on this.” But… (interruption) Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is the one that married the wife of his deceased brother. Yeah. And has since left her. (interruption) Oh, you didn’t know that?


RUSH: This is how the Drive-By Media gets you when they decide they’re gonna get you. This doesn’t happen to Democrats, folks.

This kind of coverage, this kind of exposure of the warts and all of them and their kids, it just does not happen…unless. Now, it’s possible — it’s possible — that this is not really designed to take Plugs out, it’s designed to get it out, get it out of the way early on, so that by the time if it’s brought up in the debates, Plugs can say, “Well, we dealt with that way back in June! I mean, there’s no story here. Everybody had it wrong. I love my son.

“Oh, God, I love my son! I love the two women my son has been married to. I loved one of the women who was married to my deceased son. I love ’em. I love their marriage. God bless ’em. They’re just great guys! I love Obama. Did I tell you how much I love Obama? I love Obama,” and get it out of the way and cover it all. But man, we’re not through. We have one more from Tom Llamas Good Morning America today on the hit piece on Biden.

LLAMAS: He went to Kiev and found — even among Joe Biden supporters in Ukraine — Hunter’s hiring was troubling. How do you judge what Hunter bind was doing?

WOMAN: I think that Hunter Biden did a very bad thing, and he was very wrong. He allowed his name to be abused.

LLAMAS (voice over): And Ukraine wasn’t the only country where Hunter Biden’s business and his father’s diplomacy as vice president intersected. It also happened in China. This video shows Chinese diplomats greeting Vice President Biden as he arrived in Beijing in December of 2013. Right by his side, his son Hunter. Less than two weeks later Hunter’s firm had new business, creating an investment fund in China involving the government-controlled bank of China with reports they hoped to raise $1.5 billion.

RUSH: All right. So you tell me: What is this? You don’t… Folks, do you realize how rare this is? You hear this? This is ABC News. When is the last time…? Honestly, now. Especially the last three years or four years, when is the last time you can remember anything like that report about any prominent Democrat anywhere? They just ignore it, sweep it under the rug. If conservative media’s making a big deal out of it, then they do a story on how unfair and out of control conservative media is. They never touch on the subject.

This is so unique in the modern era of media.

If you didn’t know, for example, that Joe Biden and his son are Democrats, that sounds like your standard, ordinary, everyday story about Trump or any other conservative Republican. So we shall see.


RUSH: Guess what? New York Page Six, New York Post Page Six. “Hunter Biden accused of fathering child with Arkansas woman.” Folks, I’m telling you, the decision has been made by the media, which is the Democrat Party. Remember, I have been saying for the last couple years that it’s the media leading Democrat Party. The media is gonna vet Democrat candidates. The media is gonna decide which of those people is the Democrat nominee. I am convinced of it.

And they have decided it’s time to take out Plugs. They have determined that Plugs doesn’t have a chance against Trump. And all it took, I’m sure, was to look at Biden’s rollout, both in Pittsburgh and Ottumwa, Iowa, when so few people showed up that Plugs could have been heard by everybody there if all he did was whisper. And then they see the Trump rally on Tuesday night in Orlando, and then Plugs comes out and starts defending his defense of segregationist senators from way, way back, and I’m sure that they have decided, this is a disaster waiting to happen and they’re looking at the polling data. And have you noticed there are more stories now on how, (impression) “Well, the polling data this early, this far out, may not be all that dependable”? Whatever they need to say to justify what they do.

So if the polling data shows Plugs defeating Trump but everywhere else they’ve decided Trump can’t lose to Biden, then their opinion of the polling will go out the window. Now with this New York Post Page Six story, “Arkansas woman claims that Hunter Biden is the father of her child, and she has sued to prove it.” (paraphrasing) “London Alexis Roberts, 28, filed a petition for paternity and child support against Joe Biden’s lawyer son, saying she gave birth to his kid, Baby Doe, in August 2018, according to court papers. The two-page suit filed in Independence County, Arkansas, May 28, nearly two weeks after Hunter tied the knot with a South African woman named Melissa Cohen.”

I’m telling you, make book on it. The Drive-By Media is going to determine who the Democrat Party nominee is. They are going to vet, they’re gonna do it themselves, they’re gonna decide who is worthy and can beat Trump and who isn’t worthy and who can’t beat Trump. This is a sheer, sure sign of it. We’ll see if… Plugs can survive this, the media can’t automatically take you out, but they don’t go after Democrats this way at all.

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