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RUSH: Under the reign of Barack Hussein O, a record 40 million people were enrolled in Food Stamps. It’s one of Obama’s legacy points.

But since Donald Trump took office, almost six million people have left the food stamp program. Partly because Trump said “No!” to people crossing our borders with their hands out, ready to sign up for every government benefit they could.

But the biggest reason is because America’s economy is on fire. We are creating jobs again. When people are earning paychecks, they can buy their own food, imagine that,  without Washington’s help.

It’s amazing. When you stop treating businesses like the enemy, they create more jobs. When you let people keep more of their paychecks, the economy grows and even more jobs are created.

It’s easy to understand. Unless you’re a leftist progressive. They see the evidence right in front of their faces, and they still don’t get it. And apparently, never will because they don’t want to get it, they want people to be dependent.

Six million people off food stamps? This is a big deal! It’s a crisis to the democrats. If anybody but President Trump were in office, the Drive-By Media would proclaim the 2020 elections over, based on just this story! But because it’s not good for the Democrats, it’s not going to be reported.

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