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RUSH: Mueller is testifying. Mueller has responded to the subpoenas. He’s gonna testify before Nadler’s committee. He’s gonna testify before Pencil Neck’s committee. Let me ask you a question. Nadler’s committee, has it done anything but been one gaffe after another? Jerry Nadler can’t run a committee hearing. He doesn’t know how to keep order. He doesn’t know how to keep his own party, his own side in control. This thing is gonna be a cluster you-know-what.

But let me tell you something. The Democrats are not thinking about this. The Republicans are gonna get a chance to ask Mueller about a bunch — And what do you think Mueller’s gonna do? You think Mueller’s gonna come up there with added — you know the fact of the matter, Mueller doesn’t even know what’s in this report. Mueller was a figuredhead from the get-go. He was a rainmaker. The guy’s ancient. He didn’t do all the work to put this thing together.

That’s one of the reasons he doesn’t want to testify, never has wanted to testify. ‘Cause he didn’t really do the work. Look, that’s understandable. When you have seasoned citizens who’ve spent their lives building a career and establishing a reputation and built businesses, their names go at the top of the masthead and it’s the underlings, the young people, people filled with energy that come in and do the work.

I’m not even being critical of Mueller. This is just the way these things work. You’d be amazed, I think, at the number of people who get credit for doing a lot of work who never do any. They have underlings do it all. I have resisted that. I’ve had the opportunity to pass off everything to a bunch of staff, but I’ve not done it. You know why? ‘Cause it’s the fastest way to not knowing anything. It’s the fastest way to have to end up faking it all.

You gotta do the work if you’re gonna be the primary disseminator of the product, you have to do the work, and I don’t think Mueller did. But be that here nor there. He’s now agreeing — well, agreed. He’s got subpoenaed. But he doesn’t want to do this. He let it be known in that press conference he had, that eight-minute job, that he doesn’t want to.

And if he comes in — Professor Dershowitz is already warning — if he comes in and starts ripping on Trump with stuff that’s not in that report or if he starts opining, “Yeah, we really thought we had the president here, but we just couldn’t put the evidence together.” Well, then you didn’t have the president. If he does stuff like that, then he’s gonna get called out. But the thing he doesn’t want, he doesn’t want Republicans asking questions about the dossier.

So what I think he’s gonna do is say, “I’m not answering, congressman, beyond what’s in the report.” Which is gonna be a tough thing because he’s gonna have to really cram to learn what’s in his own report. And what’s the date, July 17th? That’s like three weeks away. If you told Robert Mueller that he’d be cramming for an oral final exam when he’s 73 he would probably tell you you’re full of it.


RUSH: Audio sound bite number 7. Here’s Pencil Neck last night on Fredo Prime Time. Fredo Cuomo was talking to Pencil Neck, Adam Schiff. Actually, I guess there’s a fill-in host here, Manu Raju. Question: “Was this a friendly subpoena that you sent up to Mueller?” He’s saying he’s not gonna go beyond ‘the four corners of the report.’ So how do you get him to reveal anything new?”

SCHIFF: I don’t think the special counsel’s office considers it a friendly subpoena. Umm, he was deeply reluctant to come testify. But nonetheless, uh, he has agreed to respect the subpoena. Uh, so we expect, uh, all of the members of our committee will have an opportunity, uh, to ask him questions. There’s no limitation, uh, on confining his testimony to “the four corners of the report.” That may be his desire, but Congress has questions that go beyond the report.

RUSH: Oh-ho-ho-ho! So it’s not just about the Mueller report. It’s about anything else they want to ask. Remember also another objective here. Remember after Mueller’s press conference? Remember how that changed? It was not just the words of the Mueller report, but there was the old fossil himself actually saying, “If we could have exonerated the president, we could have, but we didn’t. All right? If we could have found he was not guilty, we’d have said so,” and he didn’t. They used that video. They want more of that.

They want more of Mueller on TV.

They want more of Mueller.

Even if he’s implying that Trump got away with it, they’ll take it. They’re gonna go beyond the Mueller report. They’re gonna get caught up in this, though. They’re gonna get… These people do not know how to run a committee. Here’s Nadler, and he was on with Don Lemon. “You subpoenaed…” Never mind. I looked at the wrong point on the cue sheet here ’cause I’m really pressed for time. I don’t have time to get this bite in. But Nadler was also asked by Chris Cuomo how he’s gonna handle it.


RUSH: Here we go. Jerry Nadler on last night with Fredo Cuomo. Question (summarized): What do you want him to testify? What else can Mueller say that he hasn’t already said?

NADLER: Our interest is for the American people to hear it from him. Uh, there’s been a campaign of misrepresentation by Attorney General Barr (cough) who misrepresented w-what was in the report by the president who keeps saying, uhhh, “The report found no collusion, no obstruction.” That’s not true e-either way.

RUSH: It isn’t?

NADLER: So it’s important that he answer a lot of specific questions. Uh, I think one of the questions that isn’t specifically in the report would be, “Uh, you wrote a letter, Mr. Mueller, to, uhhh — to the special occasion to the attorney general saying that he had, in ways, misrepresented the report. How so?”

RUSH: See? They’ve got themselves convinced! The report does say no collusion, and the report does find no obstruction. That’s what it says. And you hear Nadler saying, ”
That’s not true either way.” They are convinced! Folks, this has the potential to backfire on these people grandly.

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