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RUSH: Yesterday, after the program I spoke with James O’Keefe of Project Veritas. This is a bombshell, what he discovered, a year and a half in the making, evidence, admitted evidence from a high-ranking Google employee that they are colluding with Democrats to shape the outcome of the 2020 election. She admits it, that they’re not gonna have another Trump situation like we had in 2016. Here’s real collusion. This is real obstruction. This is Google. They’re gonna do this with their search algorithms and any number of other things to diminish conservative presence, conservative search answers that are positive in nature, and, by the same token, they’re gonna promote as much as they can Democrat issues and the eventual Democrat nominee.

And so he releases the video a couple days ago, and the person he caught in the secret videos, “No, no, no, no. I was just in conversation. It doesn’t mean anything.” And then she pulled down her accounts and they also own YouTube, so they pulled the video. They pulled the O’Keefe video off of YouTube when it was in the process of skyrocketing to a million views. They pulled it down after 50,000. Pure, unadulterated censorship.

So, I talked to O’Keefe about it yesterday and I’m gonna play some of the highlights of the interview. It’s for the next issue of The Limbaugh Letter. And he tweeted out after the interview yesterday, he said: “This is the greatest indictment of U.S. journalism in a generation. Tech sources –” Oh, this is key. Whistleblowers, he got on to this because there are a couple of people, at least a couple inside Google, who called him, secretly got hold of him and said, “Look, there’s some really bad stuff going on here. They’re trying to affect the election. They’re trying to screw the Republicans. It’s real collusion.”

And of course they had over a hundred meetings in the Obama White House during the Obama administration, maybe even more than that. And he said he found it fascinating these whistleblowers didn’t call the Washington Post. They didn’t call the New York Times. They didn’t call 60 Minutes.

The whistleblowers at Google don’t trust the Drive-By Media. They called O’Keefe at Project Veritas, which is fine with him. But he’s sitting there thinking after this expose that the Drive-Bys have to pick it up. I kind of told him yesterday that’s never gonna happen. The Drive-Bys are not media. They are now advocates and activists for the left. There’s no difference in them and Google.

So his tweet: “The greatest indictment of U.S. journalism in a generation, tech sources distrusted the Drive-By Media, came to me,” Project Veritas. “Google responded twice. Congress holding hearings. YouTube, parent company, Google, took down our report as it was lighting up the internet. And there’s not a single American mainstream media journalist who has been assigned to the story.” Of course not.

He was kind of expecting that somebody in the Drive-Bys would glom on. I didn’t tell him this, but if there wasn’t one journalist who saw the story in this fake news Trump collusion with Russia story, then no journalist is gonna see anything to see here.


RUSH: I spoke with James O’Keefe yesterday, an interview for the upcoming issue of The Limbaugh Letter, and I want to share with you some excerpts of that and the president reacting to it and Ted Cruz interviewing a Google executive. This is a very, very serious thing that’s happening. Facebook and Google (you’ve gotta throw Twitter in there too) are systematically colluding with Democrats to affect the outcome of the 2020 election. O’Keefe got a Google executive to admit it. Her name is Jen Gennai. Grab sound bite number 20. This is from the Project Veritas website. This is James O’Keefe, a new undercover video, Google’s head of responsible innovation, Jen Gennai, talking about calls to break up Google.

GENNAI: Elizabeth Warren is saying that we should break up Google.

REPORTER: Yes. She’s running for president.

GENNAI: I’m like, I love her but she’s very misguided. Like, that will not make it better, it will make it worse, because all these smaller companies — who don’t have the same resources that we do — will be charged with preventing the next Trump situation. It’s, like, a small company cannot do that.

REPORTER: And it’s —

RUSH: You hear this? “[B]ecause all these smaller companies — who don’t have the same resources that we do — will be charged with preventing the next Trump situation. It’s, like, a small company cannot do that.” (translation) “We have to do it.” She’s admitting that they’re going to tamper, as best they can, to do whatever it takes to affect the outcome of the 2020 election. Now, we know that Google was a regular occupant and visitor in the Obama White House. Hundreds of times, Google people were in there.

They practically had a satellite office and the CEO emeritus Eric Schmidt was in constant IT conversations. They were planning effective IT operations with Obama and some of his people. Search results are heavily slanted pro-Democrat, anti-Republican, anti-Republican people, anti-Republican policy, anti-conservative individuals. At some social media sites, conservative sites are being dumped. They’re being shadow banned. Any number of things are happening, and O’Keefe got this babe on video admitting it all. Then two things happened.

She then had all of her accounts deleted, Jen Gennai did, and then the video of her that O’Keefe and his people posted on YouTube (which is owned by Google) was pulled down. They were racing. They had people signing up and clicking to watch that video in droves, and after they’d reached 50,000 views, Google/YouTube pulled the video. They were exposed. They don’t want to stand behind what they’re doing, is the bottom line. If they’re proud of it, let ’em come out and say so! They can easily say, “Look, we’re a private corporation.

“If we don’t want somebody to be elected president, then that’s what we’re gonna do. Nobody can tell us we can’t. We’re not the U.S. government. Nobody has First Amendment free speech rights here. This is our company. We can run it the way we want. If we don’t want Donald Trump elected, then we’re gonna see to it that every other company that doesn’t like Trump is doing the same thing.” But they won’t do that. They’re lying about it. They’re trying to say, “O’Keefe ran a scam,” that it’s out of context, that she didn’t really say what she said, and that this stuff is misrepresenting Google and the way their algorithms work on search return results and so forth.

“So we had to pull his video ’cause he’s the guy that’s wrong about it.” They won’t stand behind what they’re doing. They will not admit it, ’cause they know it’s nefarious, and they know that the American people — if they knew what was going on — would not support it. People believe that when they search something on Google, that the results are legitimate, that they’re not bought and paid for, that they’re not politically inclined. But they are. She admitted to him about the machine “learning” that they are programming the algorithms that they’re writing.

I had to cleverly point out that people misunderstand this machine “learning” business. The machine can’t learn anything. The machines, these computers, don’t have brains to learn anything. They have to be programmed to notice certain things that have happened and to repeat them, like an alarm or if you happen to visit a place at the same time every day after a week, the computer says, “Hey, you know, this computer is going to this place. I’ll send them an alert that it’s time to leave.” That’s not the machine learning anything.

That’s a programmer programming into the computer with an algorithm or whatever that this is that happens. Well, they can easily program things not to return search results that show Trump looking good or any other Republican. This is what they’re doing, while not admitting it. Ted Cruz had a Google executive up, and he queried her yesterday. But before that, I just want to share with you a couple things. Grab the first O’Keefe, a little excerpt from the interview yesterday where I basically asked him, in a nutshell, what Google had done here.


O’KEEFE: This video — we released it yesterday morning. It got 50,000 likes on YouTube, and it was well on its way to earning millions of hits.

RUSH: And they pulled it.

O’KEEFE: And then YouTube — the parent company’s Google — pulled the video. Reddit, which is another one of these social sites, banned Project Veritas, my nonprofit. There’s no place for me to go. I mean, I don’t… I don’t have any way of distributing this information. So this is the moment. This is the moment right here, right now. This is a line in the sand, and I think people are waking up to the fact that there’s a sort of social engineering and invisible hand meant to guide users towards the “correct” beliefs, and that the results of the election show that Google had failed in its mission, that there was this conceit that there needs to be “a certain outcome,” again, the words from Jen Gennai’s own mouth.


RUSH: And I told him… I remember after the election of 2016, I saw a videotape — not immediately, but a few months later — of an executive meeting, about 150 people, at Google headquarters with Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Sundar Pichai, the CEO. They were shell-shocked, and they were talking. All three of these guys were talking to the executive employees, “We don’t believe what happened! We didn’t count on this. This is not what we had planned for. This is a total shock. We’re not gonna let this happen again. We guarantee you we’re not gonna let this happen again.”

These guys are sitting at Google, and they had been outsmarted. Something went wrong. They don’t know how this happened, but it isn’t gonna happen again. And that’s what O’Keefe got this babe on video admitting, that Google has — as its purpose — to affect the outcome of elections. But not in the traditional ways, not by influencing minds in the public arena with advertising but with the stacked deck of denial of factual information of one side or the other.

And here he talked the… What he’s complaining about here is that the Drive-Bys will not pick up the story. This is a huge story that everybody knows is happening, but nobody will cover it. That’s what he meant when he said, “I’ve got no place to go.” Nobody will cover it. Here he is talking about the whistleblowers who got this started. There were people inside Google who knew what’s going on, know what’s going on, and they called O’Keefe. They didn’t call the Washington Post or New York Times, because they knew that it wouldn’t go anywhere. Here’s the second excerpt…

O’KEEFE: This person inside Google is one of the individuals, Rush, that we exposed. And there’s another individual — a software engineer — who talked about this machine learning fairness. And it all relates to each other because it’s really about, according to… According to Gennai, it’s about affecting the outcome of elections.

RUSH: Exactly. Here we have meddling admitted to, precisely. O’Keefe got ’em on video admitting that they’re meddling in the outcome of elections. So let’s move forward to sound bite 21. Here’s Ted Cruz. The whole interview is coming up in The Limbaugh Letter, the next issue. Not the one that’s arriving soon but the one for August. Now, here’s Ted Cruz, Senate Commerce Science Transportation Subcommittee hearing. He’s got Maggie Stanphill, Google’s director of user experience, and he’s talking to her about the Project Veritas undercover video…

CRUZ: Do you think it’s Google’s job to, quote, “prevent the next Trump situation”?

STANPHILL: Thank you, Senator. I don’t agree with that. No, sir.

CRUZ: So a different individual — a whistleblower identified simply as “an insider at Google with knowledge of the algorithm” — is quoted on the same report as saying Google, quote, “is bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again.” Do you think it’s Google’s job to make sure, quote, “somebody like Donald Trump never comes to power again”?

STANPHILL: No, sir. I don’t think that is Google’s job, and we build for everyone, including every single religious belief, every single demographic, every single region, and certainly every political affiliation.

CRUZ: Well, I have to say, that certainly does not appear to be the case.

RUSH: Look, that’s all bogus. They don’t. Google people have been fired for writing internal memos on how intimidated they feel as conservative white men. The thing is — and I did this with O’Keefe. I said, “Let me play devil’s advocate. ‘Who are you tell us what we can’t do? We’re a private company. We have a vested interest in the American political system. We definitely want certain people to win. Who are you to tell me — or us — that we can’t try to make that happen?'” They could very easily say that.

Why don’t they want to? Why don’t they want to admit what they’re doing? They’re a private company. “Well, Rush, it’s not fair.” They can be unfair if they want! They can be unfair all they want. Now, they’ve got a business in the market. But the point is, they have 90% of the search business. They don’t have any competition. There’s nowhere else you can go. There’s really no competitor at 90%. That’s why there’s more and more talk of legislation to bust them up under antitrust. Same with Facebook.

Make Facebook get rid of Snapchat, make Facebook get rid of WhatsApp, and cause some competition here. You can’t make Google get rid of search ’cause that is Google. The point that I’m making is they will not admit what they’re doing. So they obviously know it is a detriment. But make no mistake, they are doing it — and make no mistake, they are like all of Silicon Valley. They are anti-conservative, so much so, they probably can’t even tell you why.

And if they did try to, it’d be nothing more than, “You’re racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes! You’re white supremacists! You know, you’re nothing but a bunch of Nazis.” This is what they think. Just like those two reporters, New York Times and NBC hearing about the segregationist senator friends of Joe Biden. “Oh, yeah! Those two Republicans, you mean?” You don’t have any who we really are! From their earliest days of education, they’ve been fed a bunch of propaganda that they believe and can’t explain it.

But as leftists they don’t think they should have to explain anything they believe — they shouldn’t have to debate, they shouldn’t have to prevail — and that’s why they’re enmeshed in this effort to simply deny the existence of any opposition. And, in the process, not give any opposition any actual presence. But they don’t have the guts to say that’s what they’re doing, like in babe talking to Cruz. (sputtering) “No, no, Senator! I don’t. I — I — I — I… Not at all. We don’t believe… We believe in every religion. We believe in…” It’s a crock. Kudos to O’Keefe. It’s a big deal to get that video. They know so, pulling it down from YouTube.


RUSH: Look, keep one thing in mind. Google is not infallible. They did not win in 2016, and they thought they had it wrapped up. Don’t let your guard down. They’re still meddling, and they intend to. But they can be beat like all the rest of them can be.

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