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RUSH: Washington Democrat Governor Jay Inslee thinks that global warming is his ticket to the White House. He came up with the fossil fuel free plan to supposedly wean America off of oil and natural gas. Greenpeace says it’s the “gold standard” of environmentalism.

The governor begged the DNC to devote one of their debates to climate change. They told him to go pound sand, and they stuck him at the kiddie table for the first debate. Meaning, he goes the first night.

So he’s furious. Inslee says that climate change is the top issue for Democrat voters, but the DNC is silencing activists and candidates “who want to debate the issue fully.” He warns the DNC they had better listen to the grassroots.

Hey, Governor. I have some bad news for you, pal. The power brokers in your party don’t care what you or your activist-wacko pals think about global warming or anything else ’cause they know you’re not going to get the nomination. They want you and the others sitting at the little kids’ table to be gone as soon as possible, to scram to get outta there. Stop cluttering things up so they can focus their energy and cash on the big kids, whoever they end up being.

That’s the real “climate” you’re facing. They don’t want you.

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