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RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites. I want to start with me, audio sound bite number 1, June 19th, basically two weeks ago or 2-1/2 weeks ago on this program, talking about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…

RUSH ARCHIVE: I think this woman gets off on attention. I think this woman gets off tweaking people on our side. I don’t think she means this for a minute. I think she’s just having fun watching people blow up. If she does believe it, then she’s so stupid that there’s nothing to do about it. … I think there is a part of her that just can’t go a day without getting noticed, and, like anybody, if you get used to that and then people get used to you — and so you “getting noticed” kind of starts to decline — then you have to rev it up. It’s kind of like having a line or a boundary. It’s there for a while and you don’t have to cross it to get noticed. But then after a while, people are so accustomed to your either stupidity, or your shock value, or whatever that no longer shocks anybody. So you gotta go over the line.

RUSH: That was in reaction to her calling our detention centers “concentration camps,” and you remember the reaction. “Concentration camp! Does she have any idea what went on in concentration camps?” I saw on my tech blogs they were defending her! I saw a number of other left-wing publications, they were defending here. “Yep. These detention centers are concentration camps. Concentration camps doesn’t just mean you kill people in there. It’s all about torture. It’s about mistreatment. It’s about denying them basic services.”

So you’ve got a large part of the American journalist community backing her up, that we’re running concentration camps. The United States doesn’t run concentration camps! Now, we may have some CIA black sites for bad-guy terrorist. We don’t run concentration camps! But she got the attention that she wanted. But then it faded, you see? It didn’t hang on. So she had to pull the stunt yesterday. She may not know that we don’t round up people from south of the border. They’re coming here! She’s making it look like we’re sending posses out over the border to Mexico.

“We’re rounding up a bunch of people that we don’t like! If they look different from us, then we round ’em up and we bring ’em back to the concentration camp, and then we make them drink whatever is in the toilet.” That’s what she wants people to believe, and right there is the Drive-By Media applauding it, certainly not objecting to it, and not correcting her. We’re talking about people who come here illegally! When she made this comment about concentration camps, she was criticized roundly for her hysterics and her ignorance, but not by any of the people she respects.

Next there were pictures of her that surfaced where she set up photographs of herself supposedly crying next to a chain-link fence. We were supposed to believe that it was where illegal migrant children were being held and mistreated, except it was an empty parking lot. It was staged! It was a hoax, just like this act yesterday is a staged hoax (probably with media coordination). Her image has taken a hit! This is a woman totally immersed and devoted to social media, and these people can’t take any criticism, folks. If it’s not unanimous, fawning praise, they get nervous.

So she went to tour a Border Patrol facility in El Paso. I believe this was needed to help restore whatever credibility she thinks that she has left. It looks like she, once again, tried to pull off a hoax, screaming at federal officials, making wild claims about illegals being told to drink toilet water. It looks like a stunt. So now she needs a story to make her look like a heroine — a hero. Some people might misunderstand “heroine.” I’m not saying she wants to look like a syringe. That’s for you to decide. I’m saying she wants to be a hero, like a person who knows what she’s talking about. She wants that kind of gravitas and respect, that she cares.

But she is looking ridiculous. She has looked particularly ridiculous this past week. I think she’s trying to create a situation to make herself look good, make the federal employees look bad, and somebody needs to call her on it. DOJ needs to call her on it. ICE, Border Patrol need to call her on it. There need to be hearings held on these kinds of baseless charges. They need to be refuted, blown to smithereens. Put her and everybody else under oath, because everybody involved here is denying that they’re making anybody drink out of toilets and whatever is in the toilets!

And there aren’t any witnesses, interestingly. There aren’t any witnesses that back this up! It doesn’t matter. She’s still getting away with having said it. She making federal employees look bad. She’s making these people who are doing what you wouldn’t do… Do you want that job, knowing you don’t have the support of a large percentage of the country? Do you want this job for what these people are being paid, to go down there and deal with the dregs of politicians and any number of other people trying to capitalize on this for their own personal use?

There isn’t any compassion for the people down there.

Don’t be fooled by this.

The Democrats love this stuff! They love the suffering; they love the misery; they love the photo-ops; they love the opportunity it presents, because they know that when they start blaming Republicans for it, there will be the media echoing and amplifying the criticism and the blame. To me this whole thing is a stunt. She’s lying about concentration camps. She’s lying about her emotional state, looking at fenced children, when it was the parking lot. What do you want to bet she’s lying about everything involving this facility that she went to where people are being forced to drink toilet water?

I don’t believe these people as far as I can throw a feather.


RUSH: Democrats claim that there’s no running water in these “concentration camps,” right? If that’s true, how is there water in the toilets? I mean, I’m not a plumber, but I’ve had the water go off in my estate, and I know what happens.


RUSH: Now, we pick up here at the sound bite number 2. This is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez yesterday in El Paso, and she’s talking to reporters about her visit to the Border Patrol station there.

CORTEZ: They put them in a room, with no running water, and these women were being told by CBP officers to drink out of the toilet! They were drinking water out of the toilet, and that was them knowing that a congressional visit was coming. That was… This was CBP on their best behavior telling people to drink out of the toilet!

RUSH: All right. That’s how stupid they are. “This was CBP on their best behavior telling people to drink out of the toilet!” Let’s see. No running water. You can’t have… Look, with no running water, you’re gonna have one stash of water the toilet. You flush it and, “Ha-ha-ha! Nothing comes out.” Without running water, there aren’t toilets that have water in them. She doesn’t even know this. She doesn’t have…

It probably would stun you the degree of average, everyday common-sense kind of smarts this woman does not possess. She’s a liberal Democrat. They lie. They exaggerate. They literally make things up as part of a political operation. “Republicans want to starve kids!” Folks, it’s right out of the playbook. It’s the same stuff. (impression) “Republicans are starving our children. Republicans don’t want children to eat.

“Republicans are making sure our children have no lunch at school!” With the school lunch budget cuts, people are saying this. They just keep ramping this stuff up with more outrageous allegations. Here’s Judy Chu. She’s a Democrat California. On her Twitter page, she posted a video after visiting the El Paso Border Patrol station talking about her experience at the station, and this is just a very short, 10-second portion that video.

CHU: What we saw was appalling and disgusting. One woman said that, uh, the Border Patrol agent told her to — if she wanted to water, just to drink from a toilet.

RUSH: Wow. Okay. “One woman said that the Border Patrol agent told her … if she wanted to water, just to drink from a toilet.” So we’ll go to number 4 next. CNN’s New Day today, Alisyn Camerota, the infobabe, is asking Democrat member of Congress Norma Torres, Democrat, California, about allegations of people drinking out of toilets at Border Patrol facilities. This is a short, 10-second bite. It has the question from Camerota on it.

CAMEROTA: Surely, women are not drinking out of the toilets in these facilities. Did you see that?

TORRES: (pause) I did not, um, see women drinking out of, uh, the toilet.

RUSH: (sputtering) Wait, what? What? You didn’t? You didn’t see women drinking out of the toilet? But AOC just said that’s what the Border Patrol was making people do it! No witnesses. We’ll stick with this. Audio sound bite number 5. Remember, now, this is from the party that has all of this concern for women and children at the border and no concern for the homeless Democrats in Los Angeles. This is from the women and the people in the Democrat Party who think it’s perfectly okay to abort a baby up until actual birth — and, in some cases, afterwards.

Camerota said, “Congresswoman, we can see how upset yesterday’s visit made you.” Really? (chuckles) That’s what we get. “Congresswoman, we can see how upset yesterday’s visit made on you.” (sobbing) “Oh, yes! So terrible! I didn’t see anybody drinking out toilets, but AOC said she saw it! (sobs) It’s horrible! I can’t believe I come from same country making people drink out toilets!” Yes, “we can see how upset the visit made you. What was it that was most upsetting to you?”

TORRES: What was more upsetting to me is (snickers) the lack of respect for human life —

RUSH: Really?

TORRES: — the lack of disregard. (sic) The humanity of these children has —

RUSH: Really?

TORRES: — been stripped away from them. The callous —

RUSH: Stop the tape! You ever think about trying this routine out in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic? “What was more upsetting to me is the lack of respect for human life.” Hey, you own that one, babe. “The lack of disregard.” The lack of disregard? Isn’t that kind of a double negative? The lack of regard. “The lack of disregard.” Oh, man, she was so upset, she even screwed up the English language! She so felt bad! My God, it’s embarrassing, the lack of disregard, the humanity of these children has been stripped away from them.

Pfft! (laughing) You kind of own that one, too, don’t you, babe? (Snort!) I mean, who is it that’s out there advocating for this each and every day? Now you’re making it up happening! Do you realize how little credibility you’ve got? It’s okay to do whatever you want to a child right up until the time it’s born; not a thing can be said. But you can go down to border facilities and start making things up. Hey, look. This business that Trump was separating children from their families was made up.

All of this started with a lie, and the dummkopfs on the left believe this rotgut. I’m talking about the average consumers of news on the left, your fellow citizens who believe these people. They fall for this rotgut! You can tell ’em for as many times as you get their attention during the day, “No, no, no, no. This all started during the Obama administration.” “No, Obama would never!” “Oh, Obama did, and he was backed up by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

“Look it up. It’s called the Flores Decision. Women and children can be separated, should be separated, will be separated during asylum claims.” “No! No! Obama would never!” “Obama did!” I don’t even think Trump knew the details of the policy when he got elected. This starts happening, has been happening for years. Blame it on Trump. Play the rest of the bite so we can say we did.

TORRES: A way in which, uh, these officers have shown themselves to be — within a private Facebook page, a Facebook page where they thought they were talking only to themselves about their work. This is what I’m talking about. We need to send these folks back to training and we need to ensure that bad apples are not rotting the entire crop.

RUSH: The bad apples rotting the crop, sad to say, are you liberal Democrats today. You are the bad apples in the barrel that’s America, and you are causing and creating all kinds of aberrant behavior. You’re upsetting societal and social norms. You are making people question what they’ve always known and what they’ve always believed. You just can’t shut up! You can’t even let Americans have one day to celebrate their country. Not one day! You have to dump on that too! What’s puzzling is that you think you’re gonna win the presidency doing this! Now, we move to audio sound bite number 26 here.

This afternoon on Fox Business Channel, Cavuto Coast to Coast, he’s talking with the National Border Patrol Council VP-at-Large Hector Garza. Question: “Do you think Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was subject to abuse at Border Patrol stations like she says she was? Because a lot of guards didn’t like her to begin with and wanted to make it difficult for her?” She’s out there claiming a #MeToo moment! They were whistling at her, they were mistreating her because her office say woman. Here’s is Hector Garza explaining…

GARZA: In speaking with agents that were at that facility, they said that AOC walked in there beginning a war against our agents — and just to let you know, Neil, there is footage of where Ocasio-Cortez is actually going up on our agents and being very threatening and being very the abusive with our border patrol agents. And that video is in the hands of CBP right now headquarters, and we hope that CBP releases that footage.

RUSH: Amen! It would be just if some kind of footage that actually illustrates what these people are doing would get released instead of just the made-up tales amplified by a lying, stinking, American Media. Fake news.


RUSH: Yeah, I can totally see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showing up and immediately unloading on agents. I can see it. I can see it for a bunch of reasons. I can see it being strategized. They plan it. They get off the plane, they get down there, and they tell each other, “Okay. When we get there, we’re just gonna start yelling at ’em.” Or, if they didn’t strategize it, it’s because they’re idiots and they believe the lying, stinking crap being reported about all of this, and they get mad.

They get genuinely, legitimately mad over a bunch of crap that they’re seeing or reading, and they show up angry and they just unload. I don’t know which of the two it is, but I’m not surprised. This is the way that they have been behaving for quite a while now. I think a lot of the rage starts out contrived and then becomes real. I think these people create alternative realities and alternative universes and then inhabit them. They lie so much that they begin to live it, accept it. It’s pathological.


RUSH: Audio sound bite number 7. This is Brian Hastings on Fox last night. He is the U.S. Border Patrol’s chief of law enforcement operations.

Question: “Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez said women were drinking out of a toilet. What is your response to that?”

HASTINGS: We don’t treat people that way. We provide fresh water. We provide footed. We provide sanitary items as well as items for bathing and personal hygiene.

MACCALLUM: Are you saying that she’s lying?

HASTINGS: I’m telling you what we do, and we’ve been open and honest. We’ve had these tours quite frequently, and those are the things we provide. We have fresh water available at all times in our facilities.

RUSH: You know what has not been mentioned yet but it’s probably just around the corner? Contraceptives. Remember the big push was on? There were women who went to university, Columbia University/Georgetown, who wanted $3,000 worth of contraceptives per month. Now, if we’re gonna give them away to college students, what do you bet that it isn’t gonna be long before somebody like Ocasio-Cortez comes along and says that we’re discriminating because we’re not providing contraceptives to these women, either?

(impression) “We’re just subjecting them to rape and torture and who knows what, and not even giving them contraception.” Don’t be surprised if something like this pops up next. I mean they’ve already found their way into the sewer and to the bathroom on this issue. It can’t be long. Next up, audio sound bite number 8, Robert Perez this morning on Fox. Question: “Right now can you give me a percentage how overwhelmed your facilities are with illegal immigrants?”

PEREZ: Across the board, we’re still well over 11,000 people in custody. What that means is, we consider being over custody anything over 4,000. Okay? That is already a crisis. We are still holding and having over 11,000 people in custody. We’re as transparent as you can imagine and or have, and as far as any law enforcement agency is concerned. We are inviting and have been for months congressional delegations to our facilities with pleasure so that they can see themselves what it is we’ve been dealing with. And we’ve never heard anything, unlike what came out of this last visit in any of the other visits that we’ve had?

KILMEADE: Why is that?

RUSH: “Why is that?” is Brian Kilmeade. Why haven’t we heard any of that? Because they didn’t figure it out until now. You know, the Trump separating children thing, that kind of faded, died away on the vine. This is just keeping the issue alive, the issue that Trump is incompetent, that Trump is mean, that Trump hates Hispanics, that Trump hates immigrants, that Trump hates Latinos, that Trump is a rotten guy. It’s that whole narrative that must be kept alive here. This is manufactured out of nothing with the full knowledge, again — full knowledge — that the Drive-By Media’s gonna be right in there backing her up.

The Drive-By Media’s gonna be promoting whatever it is she says, and the media doesn’t even have to say that in their opinion she’s right. They just have to report it and not question it. They just have to report it. It’s Fox that goes and finds the so-called perpetrators of these crimes, the people making people drink out of toilets. Fox is who goes and finds them and gets their statement on the record. The Drive-By Media can’t even find witnesses for what Ocasio-Cortez is saying, but they don’t get anybody to refute it. They just report it — and in concept of reporting it, it is allowed to stand as the truth.

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