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RUSH: Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro is tripling down on his belief that illegal immigrants are entitled to free health care.

Julian Castro says there are three things Americans should know: First, illegal immigrants pay a lot of taxes. Second, we’re already paying for their health care in the emergency room. Third, it’s the right thing to do, says Castro, since letting people die due to lack of health care is “not who we are” as Americans. It’s the old “our values” routine.

Mr. Castro, here are three things Americans would like you to know. First, we Americans pay a lot of taxes, too, and we pay a lot for our health care — especially since people like you passed Obamacare. Second, we already know we’re paying for welfare benefits for millions of illegal immigrants — a big reason we want the border invasion stopped.

Third, obeying American law, coming here legally with the ability to support yourself and your family? That’s the right thing to do. That is “who we are” as Americans.

But tell you what, Julian. You and your fellow Democrats keep talking. You’ll find out who we are — who really are, who this country really is — the hard way!

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