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RUSH: It’s like this censorship question. The real controversy is who the hell removed it? Well, we have the answer to that. Barack Hussein Obama.

Let me ask you, do you remember when that happened? Well, no. Not only was it not covered — don’t — now, wait a minute, Snerdley. Don’t lay this on the media. So Obama comes along and takes the citizenship question off the census. What do the Republicans do? (snoring) Okay. Wake us up when something really matters. (snoring) They want to take censorship question off? Fine.

Paul Ryan knows everything about how to run Washington, lets the Democrats take the censorship question off. They don’t even object to it. Here comes Donald Trump. “Why is this question not on there? The question’s always been on there. We need to know who’s a citizen.” And what happens? The Democrats raise holy hell.

The point is, we let them get away with everything they do. The Republicans didn’t even object when Obama removed the question. The Democrats, whether they succeed or not, fight for every damn thing, even if it is just a morsel in their agenda, they fight for every damn thing.

When the Democrats come along and want to literally erase defining items of our culture, of our society, of our civilization, they’re met with crickets. They have no opposition. You want to remove the citizenship question? Fine. (snoring) Go ahead. But when we come back — not when we — but when Trump says, “Wait a minute, we’re gonna put that back on there,” what do the Democrats do? “No, you’re not. You can’t do that.”

They start raising holy hell, start calling Trump names, “You white racist pig. You white separatist. You white supremacist. We’re not gonna let you do this.” Where are the Republicans? (snoring) Wake us up when something really matters.

That’s the difference, folks. Trump still way too often, is it not the case, appears to be all by himself on the battlefield, at least when it comes to other members of his party. Not all. Not all. But certainly not en masse.

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