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RUSH: I promise your phone calls are coming in the next half hour, but I’ve got a new sound bite. John Kasich is distressed. John Kasich is upset. John Kasich is troubled. John Kasich is bothered. John Kasich is hurt. John Kasich is concerned. They can call us all kinds of names, they can call us racists, they can call us sexists, bigots, homophobes, they can besmirch us, they can impugn us, they can lie about us, and John Kasich talks about crossing the aisle to work with them. John Kasich will never condemn them. He’s very, very, very troubled here.

KASICH: I don’t run around trying to call people communists and they’re socialists and they hate America. I mean, you see, this is the road we’re on. It’s just that one thing leads to another. It started in Charlottesville and all the time — and the language becomes more and more acceptable. We become immune. This name calling, where does it leave us at the end? We’re losing a little piece of our soul every time we stand back and allow this kind of rhetoric and division and anger to be announced without people pushing back saying, “All right, that’s enough, knock it off.”

RUSH: So seriously, Mr. Kasich, all he did was call ’em communists and socialists. Some of them are very proud to be socialists. Communists and socialists are somehow dirty names? As I say, they can call us and have been calling us for decades all kinds of filthy names and lying about us at the same time, and never was there any concern. Well, at least not in the last 15 or 20 years recently has there been any concern.

We’re losing our soul every time we allow this kind of rhetoric, but we don’t lose our soul when they mischaracterize us? What did Trump say? He called ’em socialists. He called ’em communists. Well, Lindsey Graham did that. Trump backed off on the communist, didn’t go that far. See what a one-way street this is and always has been? And it’s only when we push back that we get criticized by people ostensibly on our side.


RUSH: By the way, Kasich was on CNN when he made those comments. We are where we are because people like Kasich have not pushed back ever for I don’t know how long, and it illustrates once again why Trump is president and why his support is continuing to grow is because he’s the only one taking the lead on this stuff, pushing back against these people who intend our country harm! Why not push back on that?

Why do we have to respect opposing points of views and be gentlemanly about it when they’re trying to undercut the very foundation and fabric of what the country is? We don’t have time to worry about whether some people understand it or not. They have to be shown. That’s what Trump is doing. He’s doing a great job, I think, of illustrating who these people are, and he’s doing it, as usual, within the elected class, he’s doing it alone.


RUSH: Brooksville, Florida. Ron, you’re next. Great that you waited. Welcome to the program, sir.

CALLER: It’s a privilege to talk to you. You’re right about what you were saying. Senator Collins has already made an announcement that she is against Trump for coming out against these people in Congress, that he’s being insulting to the members of Congress. Yes, these four people are leading the Democrat Party, I hope to hell, but I wouldn’t be surprised if within the hour Mitt Romney will come out with a comment condemning Trump for his remarks today. And as you already said, the ex-governor of Ohio, he’s already very unhappy. But none of these people stand up. You’re absolutely right.

RUSH: No. They never stand up when we are being assaulted and attacked. But this is not an attack by Trump. This is simply the elucidation of truth. These people are out there ripping this country every day. We played you the sound bites of Ilhan Omar. You people in America, you do not know how to make this a great country because you were born here and you take it for granted. It takes an outsider like her to come in here and perfect this country.

And I’m telling you, they don’t like the country as founded. Look, I don’t want to be a broken record here. You know what I think about this. You know the drill and what’s going on and what the Democrat Party has become. They don’t like America as founded because it stands in the way of the America they want.

And I’m telling you, folks, at the center of this is this entire immigration fiasco. Do not discount, do not not take seriously the point that I am making about their objective here in obliterating the concept of citizenship. It’s not just a project that globalists have for the United States. It is a worldwide project.

Look, they know it’s gonna take a long time. This is nothing that somebody’s gonna try to implement tomorrow. But we’re in the middle of it, and it does take so long, and it winds its way slowly here that people don’t realize what’s going on because they get distracted by the immediacy of the problem, which today is an invasion of people at the southern border. Why it’s happening, who cares. We just have to stop it.

But once people succeed in obliterating the concept of citizenship, well, then you can easily say there’s no need for borders. Because you are where you are. If you’re in America, you’re an American, regardless what you believe. You could be the biggest supporter of the Soviet Union and criminalizing communism and still be called an American simply because you’re in America. Not because you have any citizenship or any ties to it whatsoever.

America stands in the way of what worldwide socialists are dreaming of. America has to be taken down a peg or two. Now, some people, when I mention this, “Rush, don’t these people realize they would be destroying the economic engine of the world?” They don’t look at it that way.

They assume that the wealth is going to remain. They don’t look at socialism as — they don’t see it as it is. They don’t see it as some destructive force. They see it as something that’s wonderful perfection that hasn’t been done right yet, despite all the evidence. I’m glad you called, Juan. Thanks much.

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