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RUSH: Syracuse, New York. Kathy, great to have you. You’re up first today. Hello.

CALLER: Hello there!

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Good to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: What I’m calling about is these polls that we laugh at every time my husband and I hear them. To me, the polls are the shirts that you sell, are the rallies that people go to. Every time I see a poll, it’s usually a thousand people, and how many of those are Democrats? How many of those are independents? How many of those are Republicans? I laugh. If anybody wanted to know about President Trump, all they had to is read The Art of the Deal, which I did. It’s an excellent book if you really want to know him.

RUSH: Well, as far as polling data’s concerned, you’re right. They always under sample Republicans. The interesting thing here is that there isn’t any polling after Trump’s tweets about these four whack jobs. There is no polling, other than the Reuters poll that shows Trump gaining popularity by five points with Republicans. There isn’t any polling. That must mean, it has to be the Drive-Bys are not… They’re not at all pleased with what their polls are showing them, so they are suppressing them.

CALLER: And the people who stand in the rain for hours on end the night before the election? I’ll never forget that.

RUSH: “Well, you can’t judge a political candidates’ popularity by crowd size,” they told us that out throughout the 2016 campaign. “You can’t do that! That doesn’t mean anything.”

CALLER: (chuckles) It meant something to me. I was totally blown away by the people who would actually stand that long in the rain — and by the shirts that you’re selling! You can’t even give us a number of how many you sold. You’ve probably sold hundreds of thousands of them. You can’t even keep up with the orders. I ordered one, thank you very much.

RUSH: No, it’s not that I can’t. (sigh) It’s that this thing has gotten so much bigger than we —

CALLER: That’s what I mean.

RUSH: — ever thought it would get… It’s still coming in. Thousands and thousands of orders are coming in per day, and we’ve got a charity tie in here that we’re in the process of… I think people are gonna be blown away, ecstatic, happy when we finally do announce this for a host of reasons.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: We’ve got the charitable donations. We’re now up to over… Folks, it’s over 200 knockoffs! At this time yesterday, there were 186. There are 200 knockoffs, total. Now, some of them we’ve dispatched. But in total, there have been 200 fake Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirts that are being sold out there on fraudulent websites trying to make the buyer think they are legitimate and authentic Rush Limbaugh T-shirts sold on their site.

There is nowhere else but RushLimbaugh.com to get the official Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirt with the official tie-in to the Tunnel to Towers charity that we are benefiting. We’re not trying to withhold the number. We’re waiting for the day to announce it with the best information that we can put together when that time comes. So just be patient. That is coming.

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