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RUSH: For starters, you know, they had an impeachment resolution yesterday that was moved forward by Al Green.  Now, it got 95 Democrat votes, but 137 Democrats voted against it.  Not one Republican voted for it.

Even though the Democrats and the media have told us that everybody except Pelosi wants to impeach Trump.  That’s what they’ve been telling us. “Oh, the fever, the desire to impeach Trump! We can barely hold the House back.” Well, 137 Democrats voted against it.  Now, there’s some people say, “Hey, Rush, don’t sneeze at the fact that 95 voted for it.”  There’s a theory out there today that says that’s a pretty big number because there wasn’t a specific resolution.  This is just, “Impeach Trump because he’s a lousy human being!”

There weren’t any reasons such as collusion with Russia or (Snort!) whatever the else bogus charges that they mention, none of that.  This is just, “Impeach Trump because we can.”  There were no specific “high crime and misdemeanors” mentioned, and it still got 95 votes.  I think that’s paltry.  In fact, predictable.  But with this attitude that we’re told, “The House, the Democrats, they can’t wait to impeach.”  How about their madcap base?  Their madcap base, the MSNBC audience, CNN, they can’t wait!  They want this impeachment to happen, and 137 Democrats vote against it.

So we can’t talk about that.  Oh, nooo no.  We can’t spend any time on that news.  That doesn’t make the Democrats look good.

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