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RUSH: Do you realize how many stories there are out there about how hot it is in July, as though this is unusual? “Yeah, man, it’s really scorching out there. It’s really scorching!” It’s really scorching in August too. I remember there was a story… No, it was a column. It was a column by George Will back in the early 1990s, and one of the points that George Will made was talking about summers in Washington and how a lot of people don’t go because the place was built on a swamp. He cited a statistic.

This is the early nineties. I’m having to paraphrase from memory, but the point of it was that people living in Washington, their air-conditioners had not shut off from early June through the middle of September. It was not abnormal. It was not unusual. It was just the way summers are in Washington. It’s the way summers are in most places. There are American Millennials and young people who were not taught that it gets hot in the summer. They are, then, susceptible to stories about scorching heat in the summer, as though it’s abnormal or unusual.

I mean, think back your whole life. How many newspaper stories have you seen featuring a picture of people in a neighborhood standing before a fire hydrant that has been unlocked because it’s hot out there? I remember seeing those pictures when I was a teenager. The media has things they report that are part of a playbook that gets recycled and repeated. And people standing in front of fire hydrants is one of them. But when a picture like that runs today?

“It’s climate change! It’s never happened before! It’s scorching! It’s melting!”

There’s another story saying, “It’s so hot in Long Island, that the sand is hot when you walk on it in your bare feet!”

Do you realize that? The sand is hot. The sand is hot on the beaches in Long Island. That never happens. So the Millennials say, “Holy smokes! We’re not gonna be around in 30 years. The sand is burning up!” It’s a phenomena. It’s amazing how something that happens all the time — and has for millennia — can still be reported on as never having happened before. Stop and think of this. It’s amazing! Things that happen all the time get reported as though they have never happened before, and people believe them, or are affected by them.

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