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RUSH: What is the Democrat Party today? I’ve got a piece here today from a guy, when I saw this name, I said, “Holy smokes, I have forgotten about this guy. Where has he been?” Many of you will recognize the name. Morton Kondracke. You go back to the 1980s, late eighties into the nineties, Morton Kondracke was a frequent guest on programs like the McLaughlin roundtable discussion, panel, Pat Buchanan was on it, Robert Novak, and then CNN started their own version that Novak posted. And those shows became very popular.

And Kondracke was a frequent guest on the Fox News Channel. He’s from the Fred Barnes, Bill Kristol era. He used to work at the New Republic and some other places, but I haven’t seen his name attached to an op-ed or opinion piece in I don’t know how long. I always thought Morton Kondracke was one of the most perpetually youthful looking people I had ever seen. He didn’t seem to age. When I watched Morton Kondracke in the 1980s and then saw him in the early 2000s, he didn’t look like he had aged at all, just like Gloria Borger.

Gloria Borger’s been around as long as Kondracke. She doesn’t look like she’s aged, either. Some people are just that way. Snerdley’s in there saying, “Looks like she had some work.” It’s not obvious to me. When people have had work, I mean, if it’s bad work, you know it. I mean, you can’t escape it. We’re not supposed to mention this. If you take me much farther, I’ll have to condemn myself for focusing people’s attention on that.

People can’t help it. They’re just trying to do the best they can. If it weren’t for America being such a rotten ass place, people wouldn’t have to get plastic surgery. But America causes so much stress and so much angst, America makes people filled with hate and rage that they get wrinkles all day. So they have to go get Botox and stuff. Is why John Kerry had to do it. This is what happens. America creates rage and anger and unhappiness in people, and it causes them to age, and that’s why they have to go get work done. I understand that. Everything’s America’s fault.

Anyway, Kondracke has a piece here at Real Clear Politics, and I’m gonna just give you some pull quotes from the piece. The headline: “Democrats’ Far-Left Lean Risks More Than the Presidency.” Now, what’s interesting about this (aside from the fact that Morton Kondracke has been resurrected from somewhere) is that Morton Kondracke has gotta be in his seventies now. This is not an insult. No, no, no, no. It’s not ageism. This is not any kind of discrimination. I’m just acknowledging what has to be the case.

Why is that relevant? Well, generational things. Some people do not keep up. Some people do not remain hip. Some people do not stay with the zeitgeist, the spirit of the times. Some people are unable to adjust and adapt as cultural changes happen. So people remain stuck where they were when they were in their thirties or forties or fifties. And if they do, then it could cause a distorted view of the present. You know, being able to adapt, being able to move forward with culture… Even if you disagree with them, you’ve gotta be aware of them.

You have to understand. For example, out of the blue, gay marriage. Ten years ago, gay marriage didn’t have a prayer. I mean, it didn’t have a prayer. It would have never survived a single vote anywhere. Ten years later the Supreme Court says, “Hell, yes! It’s perfectly fine,” and it’s been legalized in how many states. How did that happen? Now, if you are culturally unable to accept it, then you’re gonna be a stick in the mud. You’re gonna be one of these people shouting at kids to get off your front yard.

You have to adapt to it. You may not agree with it. You may think it represents the end of America. You may think it represents all kinds of horrible things. But still you have to adapt to it. You’re gonna run into gay people who got married. You have to adapt to it whether you agree with it or not. If you don’t agree with it and you want to try to reverse it, then you have to work in certain political ways to do that, too. But still, you have to adapt. So when I read pieces like this by Kondracke, I really take it into account, because I think he’s got so much experience.

He’s a lifelong leftist, a lifelong Democrat. He’s not a radical leftist. At least, if he was, he hid that rather well. He’s just been a straight-down-the-line, classic, journalist Democrat who had the ability to be open and fair when talking about Republicans and conservatives. So Kondracke is surveying the scene, and he thinks that the Democrats are in the process of creating a big mess for themselves. Their “Far-Left Lean Risks More Than the Presidency.”

So let me give you some pull quotes. What this piece is, is outlining life in America if Trump wins because the Democrats go over the edge. He thinks the Democrats should win. He thinks Trump needs to be dispatched. But if Trump wins because the Democrats go over the cliff, then that’s the America that he is describing. In this piece, he is pleading with the Democrats not to go over the cliff. He is begging them to at least try to fake it and appear to be moderate. He’s trying to scare them into realizing the kamikaze nature of their behavior.

A pull quote: “Unpopular as he is, President Trump likely would win narrowly, but whatever the margin, [Trump] will feel vindicated and unleashed. To do what? For sure, to continue treating unwanted immigrants with systematic cruelty, claiming to help the working middle class while further enriching the wealthy, offending foreign allies while coddling dictators, dividing the nation and demeaning political discourse.” (sobbing) This is what’s gonna happen if the Democrats don’t shape up here, ’cause if the Democrats keep going over the cliff…

Notice what he’s doing here. He’s writing about Trump as this somehow dangerous radical while at the same time claiming that it’s the Democrats’ radical tendency that’s gonna cause this. He’s really worried that if Trump wins reelection, there’s not gonna be any stopping guy, and he’s gonna realize he can’t run again. He’s gonna take his victory as a total endorsement and he’s gonna double down on what Mort thinks Trump is. (impression) “He’s gonna really mistreat unwanted immigrants! He’s gonna be cruel! He’s gonna continue his cruelty.”

Trump isn’t cruel. Trump is not a mean person. Donald Trump is not cruel. Why does this survive? Why does this definition survive? Here we have laws: You cannot come into the country illegally; you can’t abuse our laws. Well, people do come in illegally. They are abusing our laws, and we’ve got a political party assisting this. Trump is trying to enforce the law. Enforcing the law has become cruelty now, in addition to becoming racist. Enforcing the law has become bigoted. Enforcing the law means you don’t like people of color!

This all started… Well, it didn’t all start, but it intensified with Obama. We weren’t allowed to criticize Obama because he was black. So any criticism Obama was racism — and, oh, did Obama play that off well! Michelle (My Belle) Obama continues to play off of it. Here is another Mort pull quote: “Risking all this is utterly unnecessary. Democrats don’t need to explore the leftist frontier to beat Trump and win at other levels. They can simply advocate policies the public overwhelmingly favors.”

Yeah. What are those? No, seriously, Mort? What are the policies that Democrats support that Americans overwhelmingly favor? I would think that if those policies exist, the Democrats would be advocating for them. But the Democrats aren’t advocating for any policy. The Democrats are running on what a bunch of hate-filled racists Trump and his supporters are. The Democrat Party is seeking political power by destroying any and all political opposition while painting themselves as indeed radical leftists.

Free health care for all illegal immigrants. Abortion up to the time of birth — and in three states, after birth. Mort, where have you been? What are you missing about who these people have become? Final pull quote: “Bottom line: The public already backs progressive policies — reasonable, affordable ones, but not far-left ideas. This suggests that a candidate in the moderate range could win — Joe Biden, Amy Klobochar, Michael Bennet, John Delaney or Steve Bullock (maybe [Mayor Pete]), but Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris would have a tougher road,” no chance.

Well, I have to take a break here. But let me break this down further when we get back.


RUSH: Yeah. It was the McLaughlin Group that I was thinking of. Mort Kondracke’s 80 — 80 years old — by the way. So he says here, “The public already backs progressive policies — reasonable, affordable ones…” Uh, could somebody name me one of those, A, that the public backs, and that the Democrat Party is supporting? There aren’t any “reasonable, affordable” progressive policies. By the way, the greatest hit that we can keep pointing out are abortion up to the day of birth (or after), and free health care for illegal immigrants while taxes on the middle class are raised to pay for it. Those are just two.

Then we talk about Medicare for all. (impression) “Except, no, not really! Except… Yeah, I mean it. No, I don’t. Well, there have gotta be some exempt, but I now mean it. I’m all for it. Well, I don’t know if it’s actually gonna work. Some people have to be exempted, but I’m all for it.” I mean, it’s… (sigh) There’s nothing reasonable about anything that these presidential candidates are proposing. But Mort clearly thinks that a “moderate” like Biden, Klobuchar, Bennet, Delaney, or Bullock could beat Trump. But Bernie Sanders, Fauxcahontas Warren, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris can’t, ’cause they are too radical. All right. What is the Democrat Party today? That might be a good question to answer and to explore following the Kondracke piece.


RUSH: Okay. So Mort Kondracke says that a majority of Americans support the reasonable and affordable policies of progressives. If I may, I would like to describe the Democrat Party as seen by more and more average Americans every day. The Democrats have built a party that supports anti-Semites. Ilhan Omar. Rashida Tlaib. That whole gang is anti-Israel. The Democrat Party used to be the exact opposite of this! If somebody did anything anti-Semitic, the Democrat Party was gonna be the first people you heard from.

In fact, you go back 25 years ago, 30 years ago, conservatives were, by definition, anti-Semites. I had to deal with that at the beginning of this program as well as all the other racist, bigoted stuff. Anti-Semites were said to be exclusively conservative, exclusively Christian. Now the Democrat Party is rolling in anti-Semites, and they don’t even have the guts to call them out when they come up with resolutions condemning it. Yes, I’m thinking of you, Ilhan Omar. The Democrat Party has become the party of tent cities.

You may not even have to bring your own tent. There are tent cities lining Democrat-run cities. Downtown Los Angeles, skid row near the downtown police headquarters building, infested with vermin, infested with rising numbers of homeless. San Francisco, ditto. The division between have and have-nots in San Francisco and California — a city and state-run exclusively by Democrats for the last 15 years if not longer. San Francisco now has a problem with piles of human feces sufficient that they produce maps to help tourists avoid those particular places.

The Democrat Party has become the party of unaffordable health care. The Democrat Party is obviously the party of open borders. When people look at Democrats today, they see people that don’t want any limits on illegal immigration. They want as many illegal immigrants crossing the border as possible, and then they want to provide them free health care. Mr. Kondracke, where is the reasonable, affordable, mainstream progressivism in any of this? The Democrat Party is the party of secret email servers.

The Democrat Party is the party of silent coups being run by a combination of intelligence, Justice, and FBI officials from the Obama administration. And yet these are the people running around calling us Nazis and white supremacists. The Democrats and the media are good at one thing: gaslighting. This is why Trump’s rallies are packed, and this is why Trump’s rales are filled with people enjoying themselves and having a good time, people who feel at home. This is why Trump’s approval numbers are not in the twenties.

Any mortal, anybody else subjected to this kind of libel and slander solidly and consistently numerous times a day for three-plus years, would have been driven from office months ago, approval numbers would be in the twenties. Trump supporters are not deplorable. They are not stupid. They’re not bitter clingers, like the Democrats and the media say. Obama had to tell The Lie of the Year to get Obamacare passed, and now Joe Bite Me is out repeating it? “You like your doctor? You keep your doctor! If you like your plan, you keep your plan!”

Does Biden know what year it is? Obama could not tell enough lies to get Hillary Clinton elected. He could not convince people that she was the most qualified person ever to seek the office, including himself, including Bill Clinton. There are talkers, and there are doers. There are liars, and there are those who deliver on their promises. There are socialists, and there are free-market capitalists — and the media, try as hard as they do, cannot mask the difference between the two parties.

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