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RUSH: The fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar is weighing in on the 2020 campaign. In a piece titled “Why We Need a Warren/Harris Presidential Ticket” the Political Editor-at-Large Jennifer Wright slams the conventional wisdom about balancing the ticket.

“To hell with that thinking,” is her response to the idea that an all-female ticket would be too radical. She says nobody has been bothered by having two men on the presidential ticket “since the beginning of time.”

Ms. Wright says that Fauxcahontas and Kamala Harris are both debating professionals, so they would make mincemeat of Trump who won the debates because Hillary was too polite, she said.

Ms. Wright says that putting two women on the ticket would eliminate the risk of Democrats having a “Me Too” allegation thrown at them. What? They could double down on those, if you ask me.

For those reasons, the Democrat Dream Ticket should be Elizabeth Fauxcahontas Warren on top and Kamala Harris in the second position, or vice versa, I guess it doesn’t matter.

Ms. Wright. You actually made a brilliant case here. I only hope your radical Democrat pals listen to you. It would be a Dream Ticket, in more ways than one. I’m just thinking of the posters.

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