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RUSH: Folks, this Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirt is not slowing down. We had so many more sales over the weekend that we have upped the donation to Tunnel to Towers from $1.5 million to $2 million. I wanted to make sure I announced this today at the top of the program so that it doesn’t get lost in the rest of the program. We just had an over-the-top weekend. And we are now approaching 150,000 T-shirts.

This is $27 per unit that has generated enough of a profit — all the profits going to the charity. So we’re now prepared to announce that, as of today, the charitable donation to Tunnel to Towers will be two million. Two million in two weeks, folks. We’re talking about basically two weeks here.

And there’s this little story. “Rev. Bill Owens, a former Memphis pastor who heads the socially conservative Coalition of African-American Pastors is urging Nike to end its relationship with former NFL player Colin Kaepernick over his criticism of the Betsy Ross flag.

“Owens penned a petition directed at Nike CEO Mark Parker making it clear that the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback’s views do not represent his organization’s views –”

Remember, he’s a former pastor in Memphis who heads the Coalition of African-American Pastors, and he’s saying this guy Kaepernick doesn’t represent us or anything that we believe in.

“We represent a variety of races, ethnicities, and creeds. And we agree that Mr. Kaepernick’s views on America and the flag are fringe opinions, not shared by any of us … especially the African Americans who marched against segregation with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

So we have sent a box of Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirts to Reverend Bill Owens in Memphis. He should be receiving them this week. By the way, again, folks, we have ramped up part-time people. We’re paying ’em more than Bernie Sanders pays ’em to help us with the fulfillment here of all of these. We’ve gotta get 140,000 out. We’ve got a lot of them out so far, but just hang in there and be cool, be patient, because your order will get fulfilled, and it will get sent to you as quickly as we can make it happen.

I just want to once again offer a sincere heartfelt thanks. This is ordinary Americans doing an extraordinary thing here. This is not, per se, something that’s supposed to bring Nike to its knees. That’s not the objective here. The objective here is simply to stand up, stand up for America. Betsy Ross didn’t do anything to anybody.


RUSH: This is the Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirt, the only real one, the one that I’m holding in my hands. The only real ones are at RushLimbaugh.com. (interruption) I’m sorry? What was that? (interruption) Oh, there are over 230 knockoffs, bootlegs. There are 230 fraudsters out there. That’s just another indication of on how overwhelmingly poignant, timely, and popular this is. And we’re shutting them down. They’re not all operating, but there have been 230 different knockoffs. Different websites that have attempted to sell this T-shirt as the authentic one.

But there’s only one place to get the real one with our exclusive fabric and the charitable tie-in to Tunnel to Towers. It’s at RushLimbaugh.com. Just find the “Store” tab at RushLimbaugh.com, and everything is explained right there. Just to repeat this, we have… Because of an overwhelmingly great weekend, we have now recorded and been able to announce that we’re going to up the charitable donation from $1.5 million to $2 million and counting — and counting, by the way — to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

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