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RUSH: What we have coming up this week. Robert Mueller is testifying on Wednesday.

And let me give you an idea of what this is about. Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff are on TV this weekend lying. Jerry Nadler went on TV this weekend and said that Mueller found evidence of collusion! And Adam Schiff is out saying that Mueller has named or has essentially identified Trump as an unindicted coconspirator. In what? There aren’t any charges! Nobody has been charged in the Mueller investigation with collusion.

There is no conspiracy. How can anybody be an unindicted coconspirator in something that has not been conspired? These people are just lying through their teeth. Nadler chairing his committee and little Pencil Neck is gonna chair his committee. There’s even talk that they’re gonna ask Mueller to actually read the portions of his report.

I think what’s gonna happen here — and because word that I have gotten — apparently Mueller and his staff have already been meeting with Democrats, the chairmen and their staffs, and I think the plan, the intention is — you know, Mueller’s made it clear that he’s not gonna go beyond the report. And a lot of people have said, “Rush, you don’t have anything to worry about here. Mueller has said he’s not gonna go beyond the report.”

I think you’re being set up with that. I think we’re all being set up. I think what they are doing is conjuring a sentence or a line here that Mueller can utter that the media can then take sort of like a pull quote and portray it as something new. I mean, since truth is out the window and since fact has no place here — I mean, there was no collusion.

The real question is, how long did Mueller know that? How long did Mueller keep his investigation going after he knew there was no collusion? Now, as far as I’m concerned, Mueller took the job knowing there was no collusion, there never was any. There was never any evidence for collusion, folks. I hate to be beating the drum here again, but this is all gonna be coming back front and center on Wednesday so it’s not bad to have a little primer here.

There was never any collusion. There was never any evidence of collusion. This whole thing was bogus. The Steele dossier is all they ever had, and it has never been corroborated or verified because it was all made up. It was bought and paid for political opposition research from the Hillary Clinton campaign. There was never any evidence.

Now, the reason this is important – if Mueller knew shortly after he took the gig, if Mueller knew through the last half of 2017 and all of 2018, if he knew there was no collusion, then any crime that they claim they want to have found to have taken place in the year and a half this investigation continued, despite everybody involved in it knowing there was nothing there, you have what essentially would be a year-and-a-half-long perjury trap!

There was no reason to keep the investigation going other than to hopefully create circumstances where people would say something that would be a lie or would be perjury or that they could find something that would allow them to tie it back. This was a coup from the get-go. It was a gotcha from the get-go. It was an attempt to get Trump to reverse the election results of 2016.

It’s really, really important to keep track of when Mueller and his team knew that there was no collusion. I’m telling you that they knew that when they took the job. When Mueller gets the file from Comey on collusion, there isn’t anything in that file. There was and is no evidence because there wasn’t any collusion. Therefore, there cannot have been a conspiracy. And therefore, Trump cannot be an unindicted coconspirator, an indicted coconspirator.

He can’t be anything ’cause there wasn’t a conspiracy. You cannot say that somebody is an unindicted coconspirator because there was no conspiracy. There isn’t a crime. There wasn’t a crime found. But the investigation going on for a year and a half, minimum, after Mueller knew that, is evidence on its face that they were attempting to use that year and a half to make something happen, to create the illusion that something happened, to catch people in perjury traps.

It was a giant setup, this entire Mueller investigation. It’s dead. There was never any collusion. Mueller’s report has come out. And yet the Democrats can’t let it go. They want to bring it back. They want to incite impeachment. CNN has a poll out there today that’s got the Drive-By Media very depressed. The vast majority of Americans are not interested in impeachment, they don’t want the president to be impeached.

It isn’t gonna stop these guys. They’re gonna do it anyway. They already are. I think unofficial impeachment hearings is what this is. I think this is an unstated impeachment laying of the groundwork, if you will. But I have no doubt — I have no proof — I have no doubt using my intelligence guided by experience that Mueller and the Democrats and their staff have had several meetings, and they have concocted things for Mueller to say that appear to be throw-offs, one offs, add libs, what have you, that by themselves, and out of context, one little extension here, one little sentence there, could be used to establish a multiday news cycle that creates the illusion that Mueller revealed something new not in the report.

That’s what they’re dying to happen. That’s what they are hoping to create in terms of the impression of the American people that something new has been announced. That’s why Mueller and his staff saying, “We’re gonna stick to the report. We’re not gonna go outside the report,” that’s a perfect setup. ‘Cause new everybody thinks when Mueller sits down that all he’s gonna talk about is the report, then whatever bombshell he lets loose, people, “Well, this must be in the report.”

We’re being set up like you can’t believe. The Democrats have been working over time orchestrating — I think this is one of the reasons Mueller’s testimony has been delayed. We have a tweet from Comey out there today saying, “Get ready, America” — I’m paraphrasing here — “because you’re gonna be seeing one gigantic patriot this week, one of the greatest Americans ever who only knows truth and principle and patriotism,” blah, blah, blah. That is Robert Mueller III.

Speaking of Comey, the inspectors general report, there’s been a little bit of an advance notice of what’s in it. What’s in it is that Comey lied to Trump when he told him he wasn’t the target, that Comey was continuing to set Trump up. It’s not good for Comey if what we are hearing is gonna be in the IG report is accurate.


RUSH: Folks, this is gonna be a brutal week with Mueller and the Democrats and whatever they have concocted. So you’re gonna you need to be here all week long.


RUSH: Here’s a detail on something I mentioned earlier. It’s a piece by Paul Sperry at Real Clear Investigations. By the way, let me explain this website to you. You know we have Real Clear Politics. We have real muddy politics. We have real clear polls, real clear this, real clear that. Real Clear Investigations is a site that links to any number of investigations done by different journalistic organizations: the Washington Post, New York Times, individuals, others. And it’s basically a clearinghouse.

They don’t do investigations themselves per se. They may have a couple people that do. But they basically are an aggregator. And so there’s a piece at Real Clear Investigations by Paul Sperry who, by the way, does some incredible work. And the headline: Department of Justice has evidence that Comey investigated Trump while misleading him.

A report being prepared by the DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz will include evidence that James Comey repeatedly misled Donald Trump to cover up what appears to have been a covert operation targeting the president. Two U.S. officials briefed on the IG report, which is expected to be released now in September, and other government sources have told Real Clear Investigations that, A, Comey added notes of numerous meetings and phone calls with Trump to the official case file of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

Comey had an agent inside the White House, Anthony Ferrante, who reported back to FBI headquarters about Trump and his aides. The Trump National Security Council supervisor, quote, “was not allowed” to get rid of this informant. For months Ferrante continued working in direct conflict with the no-contact policy between the White House and Department of Justice.

So Comey had an informant in the West Wing who was reporting back no doubt on whatever odd things Trump was doing or saying that would disqualify him. Comey appears to have coordinated some of his efforts with President Obama. That doesn’t surprise me. I think Obama knew all of this. I think Obama had to sign off on much of this.

I mean, all of this Russia stuff happened while Obama was president. The real question is if the Russians were really colluding, why didn’t Obama stop it? It happened during his administration. Why does Trump get the blame for it? Well, there wasn’t any. The Mueller report is firm and final. No collusion.

I don’t care what Jerry Nadler is lying about on TV yesterday, or little Pencil Neck Schiff. There wasn’t any. There never was any. There was never any evidence of any. Steele dossier is all they had. Fake, phony, made up. And Comey’s got an informant in the White House, Anthony Ferrante. They were not able to get rid of him. Comey coordinated some of his efforts with Obama, Joe Biden, and key cabinet officials who were concerned with national security and law enforcement.

Now, stop and think. All of this so-called collusion, the things the Democrats want you to believe, the media and all this, it happened when Obama was in the White House. If it were true, if it were happening, what it means is that the Russians were tampering with an American election when the Obama administration was running things.

Trump had no power over anything whatsoever. And they didn’t do anything to stop it, and they didn’t inform Trump. The whole thing was a setup. Notable among those Obama-approved efforts was Comey’s so-called defensive briefing to President-Elect Trump January 27th about allegations in the lurid Steele — this is the famous January 6th meeting where Comey and Clapper and I think Brennan go in to meet Trump, and after a few minutes, Comey asks those two guys to leave. It’s just him and Trump at Trump Tower.

And that’s when Comey tells Trump about the dossier and particularly the golden showers story, that Trump had hired prostitutes to urinate on a bed in a Moscow hotel that Obama had slept in. Then Comey leaves that meeting, calls Clapper, says, “Mission accomplished.” Clapper called CNN, reported that Comey had told Trump, therefore it’s news now, Trump knows about the golden shower story. This authorized CNN to begin reporting on it.

They got a Pulitzer Prize for uncovering this hidden story, when all it was was a James Comey plant and a Christopher Steele piece of fiction in the dossier. What the inspector general has uncovered and will be in the report is that Obama approved that meeting and what happened at it. Obama approved Comey, Clapper, and Brennan going to talk to Trump at Trump Tower. And it was, by the way, shortly after that that Trump started talking about the fact his wires were tapped at Trump Tower, which turns out to have been true.


RUSH: Jerry Nadler: Mueller hearing to air evidence of Trump wrongdoing.

Jerry Nadler was actually on television yesterday saying that the Mueller report shows collusion between Trump and Russia. Now, stop and think for that a moment. It doesn’t say that. It specifically says there wasn’t any. And here’s Nadler on TV yesterday just lying through his teeth that the Mueller report shows Trump-Russia collusion.

So now Mueller’s coming up there to testify on Wednesday. There have, no doubt, been coaching sessions and meetings between Mueller and Democrat staff. And I will guarantee you they have come up with one- or two-line ad-libs. You know, Mueller saying he’s not gonna go beyond the report. But he will. He will. You’ll have a couple of offhand comments that will end up breathing life back into this as though Mueller has added something new. That’s all they want — doesn’t matter what it is — that will allow them to continue to pursue this coup and this lie. These people are making abject fools of themselves.

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