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RUSH: I want to restate on the premise that not everybody may have been here during the opening of the program today. I want to state the basic foundation of what I think is going on here, why it’s happening, and I’ll give you an example of it that just recently happened. The Democrat Party still hasn’t gotten over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost in 2016. If you go back and just try your own memory, you’ll remember all the polling data that showed her winning in a landslide from two weeks out.

We had the Access Hollywood video right before the final debate. It was supposed to be the final nail in Trump’s coffin. Hillary Clinton was so confident that she wasn’t even doing any personal appearances (primarily because she couldn’t stand up for long enough periods of time to do them). But she still was just damn sure. Everybody was. The media, everybody was damn sure. In fact, it had gotten so bad that Trump, it was said, didn’t even really want to win. This whole thing was nothing more than a PR stunt for Trump, that he didn’t want to win, that he didn’t expect to win.

So then the election happens and Trump wins, and you go back to about 7 or 8 p.m. on election night… I know a lot of people still go back to YouTube videos and replay the satisfaction of the Drive-By Media starting to realize about 8 o’clock or 9 o’clock on election night what was happening. From that moment through the rest of election night, next day to the present, they haven’t been able to adapt. They have not been able to accept that Hillary lost — or, phrased another way, they can’t believe Trump won.

They have now, I believe, become purely, psychologically delusional. I think the combined mental state of the Democrat Party is psychopathically delusional, rooted in the fact that they just haven’t been able to accept it. It’s worse than that because they embarked on a plan immediately to overturn the results of those elections. Now, stick with me ’cause this is all leading to my basic point here. They then start everything that we have had to go through the past two years to overturn those results.

Their efforts have largely been devoted to convincing people that Donald Trump stole the election, that he’s a criminal — and that’s a key thing. That he is a criminal. That Trump broke the law. That Trump is a traitor. That Trump colluded with the Russians to steal this from the duly anointed winner, Hillary Clinton. As time has gone on, this passion of theirs has not faded as it does in most normal people. Most normal people’s emotional reservoirs eventually start to empty out. These people have continued to compress more anger and disbelief into their emotional reservoirs to the point now that it’s on the verge of exploding.

They just can’t accept it. Added to that, they cannot really accept that they haven’t been able to get rid of him. Remember, as far as the Democrats and their media buddies are concerned, when they decide to take somebody out, they can do it. The names are famous, and it’s a long list of people. They may not be able to force every Republican president to resign, but they can destroy whoever they want. They can destroy McCain, they can destroy Romney, they can destroy George W. Bush. They’ve tried to destroy Trump, and they have failed — and this is the key.

They have failed to stop Trump implementing his agenda. They have failed in their effort to turn Trump into a constant, everyday bad mood. They have failed to make Donald Trump sitting alone in a corner of the White House despondent and depressed and considering suicide. They have failed in every attempt they have made to ruin him, to ruin his family, to get rid of him. Now, this is not to say they haven’t done any damage. They have kept his approval number low. They have retarded the speed of the implementation of his agenda. They have stonewalled immigration reform.

I’m not saying they haven’t been effective, but from their standpoint, they have failed. He was supposed to have been gone by now — and some of their voters are so stupid that they believe that if Trump were to be impeached, that that would mean Hillary would become president. So they’ve got a lot of their voters out there thinking that this was on the very large of happening. But as a collective group — and it’s evidenced by The Squad or any of the other Democrats who are now famous household names — they’re insane!

They are insane with frustration and rage and anger.

Not a single thing has worked!

Remember all of the eggs they had in the Mueller investigation basket. That was gonna be it! If everything else failed, that was gonna be the coup de grace. That was gonna be what got rid of Trump. When that report came out and the first known element of it was “no collusion,” I think the psychological depths to which they plunged are so deep that they haven’t even begun to recover yet. It is this collective delusional attitude that is the energy and impetus behind everything the Democrats have been doing for 2-1/2 years and are doing now.

So we come to the present, and what is their attempt today really all about by getting Mueller up there to testify before two different House committees. Well, the short answer is that they want Mueller to trigger impeachment. They have been asking questions, the answers to which are designed… If Mueller had his wits about him, the answers to which would have Mueller saying, “Look, there’s no question the president obstructed justice. There’s no question! But because of those stupid guidelines over there, I can’t do anything about it. You have to.”

They know that the American people, in increasing numbers, oppose impeachment. They know a poll out today say 49% of the American people say that there’s nothing that could happen today that would change their mind, and another 23% say that there’s very little chance anything happening today would change their minds. So we’re up to 65, 70% of people saying whatever happens today is not gonna matter to them. This adds to the frustration.

So what the Democrats are doing is something that doesn’t have a prayer of working. It is flawed from the beginning. The Democrats have been proceeding under the assumption that something happened that hasn’t happened. They are conducting these hearings today under the presumption that something happened that didn’t happen, and the something that happened that didn’t happen is “Trump committed crimes.” They are convinced Trump committed crimes. Their delusion has convinced them of this for two years.

Every effort they have made to uncover and prove those crimes has come up dry, yet they still believe criminal activity occurred. They have been assuming Trump guilty of crimes. They have sought confirmation of this. They’ve come up dry. They’ve come up empty on every avenue they’ve taken for 2-1/2 years. Trump hasn’t been charged with anything, and the truth of that cannot be obscured no matter how hard they try. No matter what illusion they try to create today, the fact of the matter is the president still didn’t do anything.

There are no charges of anything — collusion, obstruction, nothing — and yet they have given themselves the task today of trying to create the illusion in the minds of as many Americans as possible that Trump is guilty, that he did commit crimes. But he didn’t! There is no evidence that he did. Yet what are they doing? They’re proceeding today, both morning and afternoon, under the assumption that Trump is guilty.

And that somehow somewhere there’s proof of it. That it’s hiding in plain sight in the Mueller report, or that Mueller knows but didn’t put it in the report, or that it’s in the report and Barr redacted it, or some equally deranged explanation for Trump guilt that isn’t. So this quest to produce something that doesn’t exist — to act and operate on the premise that something happened that didn’t happen — is a metaphor for the Democrat Party at large. They are corrupting everything they touch. They are ruining and destroying everything they touch.

They are trying to create, in this case, an alternative reality where Trump is guilty but can’t be charged and that Mueller is the guy who proved it. So Mueller is up there today to give everybody the proof that Trump is guilty. But he can’t because his report has already said that there wasn’t any collusion and wasn’t a conspiracy to collude and that Trump is not guilty. He didn’t come to a decision on charging obstruction. So their task here is to create a totally false illusion (with the help of the media) that Trump did it, without producing any evidence for it.

They think they can do this because they have the help of the media, and they think they’ve got the assistance of Robert Mueller, but that hasn’t gone well today. This has been a total, total fiasco. Now, the recent illustration of how far gone this is is there’s some guy named Quigley — a Democrat, Illinois — who was asking Mueller a question about whether or not you can indict a sitting president. He walks Mueller through his earlier today. (summarized exchange) “You can’t indict a sitting president, is that right?” (sputtering) “Uh, uh, that’s right. Department guidelines. That’s exactly right.”

“You can indict a president after he’s left office. Is that right?” Mueller looks around for a second. “Uhh, yes, although, uhhh… That’s beyond our purview. But yes. Uh, you can indict a sitting president after the, uh — after the — leaves office. Uh, yes.” And then the question is, “Well, what about if the statute of limitations expires while the president is in office? Can we still charge him if the statute of limitations has expired?” Mueller says, “Well, I do not know anything about that! I — I — I… We didn’t investigate that.” Quigley says, “No, no. I know you didn’t investigate that.

“I’m asking you as a lawyer: Can we still charge somebody even if the statute of limitations has run out, because we couldn’t charge him while in office?” So, in other words, this guy was asking Mueller, “Look, if Trump wins reelection, can we charge him in 2025 when he leaves office?” That was the question. In other words, “Does the OLC guideline permit us to stretch the statute of limitations so that a president — who we know did it but is protected by sitting in the Oval Office. When he’s gone, can we charge him despite the statute of limitations?”

Mueller was just clueless. I knew what this guy was asking because I have studied their delusion. This guy is so obsessed with this, that if they have to wait ’til 2025 to put Donald Trump in jail, they’re gonna do it. They just need to find out if the statute of limitations running out while he’s in office can be ignored and the president still charged. He was asking Mueller this. Now, folks, this is unhealthy at the very least. These people are singularly obsessed with getting rid of somebody they cannot beat.

The Democrats don’t think there’s anybody they can’t beat when they set their minds to it, and they really, really are just losing — I mean, literally losing — their minds over Donald Trump. I just saw there was somebody who put a tweet up from Laurence Tribe. You know who Laurence Tribe is? He’s a law professor at Harvard. He’s in the same league as Professor Dershowitz. Laurence Tribe is one of these Democrats that has this great reputation. Laurence Tribe is the best Supreme Court justice who’s never been nominated.

That’d be the best way to describe him. They think there ought to be there. The Supreme Court ought to have nine Laurence Tribes on there, and they do not figure out why no Democrat’s ever nominated him. So, anyway, he puts a tweet up there. He says, “I hate to say it, this morning’s hearing was a disaster,” and it was a disaster because the bloom is off the rose on Mueller. Everybody now knows that whatever happened in this investigation, he didn’t have much to do with it.


RUSH: NBC is tracking it. Mueller has deflected or refused to answer questions 155 times today. He’d deflected or refused to answer 155 times. By the way, Trump tweeted. Trump’s on the warpath. He said, “It has been reported that Robert Mueller is saying he did not apply and interview for the job of FBI director with me the day before he was appointed special counsel. I hope he doesn’t say that under oath, ’cause we have numerous witnesses to the interview, including the vice president.” Now, Mueller did say…

I don’t think he knew what he was answering. Again, I know some of you think that he’s faking this being a doddering old man, and I will take that under advisement. But I think a lot of stuff, he doesn’t know what he’s being asked. Look, it happens, folks! I hope somebody grabs the hook and gets me outta here before this happens to me. (interruption) What are you shaking your head at in there? (interruption) Well, I know it would never happen to me, but it happens to some people.

But, anyway, he was literally asked, “You didn’t apply for the job FBI?” (sputtering) “No, no, I did… I interviewed but I… No, no, I… Even though this is outside the purview, no, I did not apply.” Trump says (summarized), “The hell he didn’t! He did apply, he did interview, and I turned him down — and the next day, he takes the special counsel gig.” Trump’s saying, “I hope he didn’t say this under oath.” There is an implied threat there. “If he said this under oath then I’m gonna produce some witnesses.”

Grab sound bite number 2. Is this what I want to do? Yeah. We have here a montage from this morning of Mueller and his answers. Now, some of you might think this is unfair, but it isn’t. We do this with a lot of people. We prepare montages. We’ve done it with Hillary and how she can’t remember things. This is just a collection of attempts by Mueller to answer a series of questions from both Republicans and Democrats.

MUELLER: (sputtering) Well, we, uh, uh, at the outset came to the president’s culpability. Uh, we needed to, uh — we needed — we needed to go — well, uh, that the president, um, uhh, uhh, was not, uh, that the president was not exculpa — exculpated. I would say, uh, you, uh — the statement would be that you would not indict, uh, a sitting president — (coughing) excuse me — cannot be indicted. Uh, uh, uh, I take — let me take that back. I — I — I — I would have to look. I — I would have to check in the wake — could you repeat that, please? That went a little fast for me. Insufficient evidence — on pardon? You’re gonna have to repeat that. (sputtering) And I, uh, leave it with the, uh, report. Can you, uh, repeat the question? Can you read the last question? Well, uh, uh… (sputtering) Again, can you repeat the — the question? Can you repeat the question? Cannot remember. Cannot remember. Uh, uh, uh, that would be… I refer you to the report.

RUSH: “That’s outside the purview. I refer you to the report.” “I just read from the report to you!” “Well, that’s what I stand by. It’s pretty accurate.” “Pretty accurate! It’s in your report. I just read it to you.” “Well, yeah.” By the way, I just came across a story by an infobabe at Salon.com. The headline: “Robert Mueller’s Reticence: An Eloquent Case for Impeaching Donald Trump — Robert Mueller was terse, indirect and reluctant. That’s exactly why Congress must begin an impeachment inquiry.” Now, are they delusional or what, folks? Precisely because Mueller was so doddering and so out of it and so ill-prepared, is the exact reason why we’ve gotta go forward with impeachment.


RUSH: A prediction: It won’t be long before the Democrat media, the Drive-Bys will say, “In this hearing that Mueller proved — once in a while and without doubt — that Trump obstructed justice.” Maybe not today, maybe later this week or next week, but you wait. They will lie and say that.

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