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Jul 24, 2019


Daily Wire: GOP Lawmaker Presses Mueller Into Admitting He Held Trump To A Different Standard
FOXNews: Fox News Poll: Will Mueller’s Testimony Matter?
National Review: With Collusion Collapse, Public Loses Interest in Mueller Theatrics – Andrew McCarthy
National Review: Mueller Reiterates ‘The Report Is My Testimony,’ Calls Demand for a Prosecutor to Testify ‘Unusual’
Washington Examiner: Confused Performance by Mueller Raises Questions About Handling of Investigation – Byron York
Gabien: Confused Looking Mueller Repeatedly Asks Questions Be Repeat
Reuters: In Dramatic Testimony, Mueller Says He Did Not Exonerate Trump
Miami Herald: Mueller Says ‘Outright Liars’ Made It Harder to Complete His Report
Gateway Pundit: Robert Mueller Falls Aprt! Caught off Guard, Mumbling, Bumbling, Stuttering, Confused, Doddering, Nervous — Completely Lost!
NBC: How Many Times Has Robert Mueller Deflected, Declined or Deferred a Question?
Mediaite: ‘This is Painful’: Pundits Question Mueller’s ‘Frail’ Performance at Hearing
The Week: Robert Mueller’s Day of Disappointments for Democrats
The Hill: Media Frenzy for Mueller Testimony as Broadcast, Cable Networks go Wall-to-Wall
Washington Examiner: Devin Nunes Assails Democrats at Mueller Hearing: They ‘Colluded with Russian Sources’
Salon: Robert Mueller’s Reticence: An Eloquent Case for Impeaching Donald Trump – Amanda Marcotte
FOXNews: Jim Jordan Grills Mueller During Tense Hearing: Bill Barr Will ‘Get to Bottom’ of False Accusations
Washington Examiner: Robert Mueller Provides ‘Correction’ to Testimony About Not Charging Trump
Sarasota Herald Tribune: Greg Steube Grills Robert Mueller About Steele Dossier
FOXNews: Rep Tears into Mueller on Obstruction Report: Trump ‘Damn Sure Should Not be Below the Law’
NewsBusters: Chuck Todd on Mueller: ‘Complete Failure,’ Dems Can’t ‘Combat’ Right’s ‘Propaganda Machine’
Politico: ‘Another White Guy in the Race’: Dems Perplexed by Tom Steyer’s Run


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