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RUSH: Joe Biden’s Democrat rivals are attacking him for being tough on crime when he was a senator. In 1992, Biden pushed a crime bill that he bragged “did everything but hang people for jaywalking.” Then Biden supported the 1994 crime bill signed by Bill Clinton. That law is blamed for increased prison rates among black men.

So when Democrats gathered at the NAALCP convention, Cory Booker went for the jugular. He told Biden that it wasn’t enough to tell African-Americans what he was going to do for their communities. He needed to show them what he’s done for the last 40 years.

Now that was a Spartacus moment. Cory Booker’s challenge should be given to every Democrat. Why are the people who elected Democrats to solve their problems 40 years ago still complaining about the exact same problems today? Why are their schools still failing? Why is crime so high? Why were unemployment rates so high, for 40 years, until President Trump came along?

Why is every blue city a disaster, when Democrats have been running them for decades? If they answered Cory Booker’s questions truthfully, Democrats would be out of business.

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