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RUSH: You know, the current issue of The Limbaugh Letter, the July issue of The Limbaugh Letter, you know what one of the primary stories in this month’s issue is? I have it right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. “Liberal-Run Hellholes.” For all I know, the president got his idea of the tweet from The Limbaugh Letter. They get advance copies up there at the White House comms office. “Liberal- Run Hellholes,” a feature-length story in the current issue of The Limbaugh Letter.

Let me give you a quote from Democrats.org that we printed that leads the story. “Democrats are committed to curbing the effects of climate change, protecting America’s natural resources, and ensuring the quality of our air, water, and land for current and future generations. From investing in clean energy to protecting our ecosystems, Democrats are working to address our biggest environmental challenges, paving the way to a more sustainable America.” That statement from Democrats.org.

Now let me read from Market Blog, Bill Blain, U.K. investment banker, Market Blog, February 5th of this year. “The squalor we saw in The City was frightful. San Francisco has always been one of my favorite U.S. cities, but the degree of homelessness, mental illness and drug abuse we saw on this trip was truly shocking. … I asked friends about it, and they shrugged it off… ‘You get used to it.’

“Well, I didn’t. I found it quite shocking the number of folks sleeping rough on the sidewalks, the smell of weed and drug impedimenta everywhere, the filth, mental illness and degradation on view just a few meters from the financial centre driving Silicon Valley.”

So here are the Democrats with the flowery promises that only they can save the planet, only they can save us from pollution and filth and this sort of thing. Only the Republicans want dirty water. Only the Republicans want dirty air. The Republicans want your kids poisoned, the Republicans want your kids in prison, the Republicans want your kids in cages, the Republicans want to starve your kids, all of that, and yet look at actual circumstances on the ground.

And What do you think is the first city we cite in the July issue of The Limbaugh Letter, “Liberal-Run Hellholes”? Right here it is, Baltimore. Fifty-two years of Democrat rule. So let’s get this straight. The Democrats are promising to save the planet from global warming, but they can’t even save their own cities from human poop.

In America’s great metropolises, you find Third World conditions, homeless, rats, disease, needles strewn all over, piles of human feces on the street. And what do all these failing, decrepit population centers have in common? They’re all Democrat run, and they have been for generations. Where they have the reins of unlimited power, Democrats have proved that they cannot provide basic sanitation or protect public health and safety, much less fix the global climate.

This is why, if you’ll recall, I’m advocating that President Trump go to California. There is no better way to demonstrate the consequences of liberalism, get a load of the squalid quality of life the Democrats like Pelosi and others are inflicting on American cities. That’s how this story in the Limbaugh Letter opens.

Now, why is this? I addressed this on Fox News today. You know, after we talked about the overwhelming $3 million donation to Tunnel to Towers Foundation, they asked me to comment on some issues, and I made this point that no matter where you go, where Democrats have run a city or a county or a municipality unchecked for years, that you have misery and squalor.

But I also answered why. You see, this is the real hideous aspect of this. Why isn’t it ever cleaned up? Like Kamala Harris: “It just keeps happening.” Why don’t the people who run Baltimore clean it up? How did this circumstance with so much human poop on the streets of San Francisco you need a map now to avoid walking into one of — they actually produce maps, the homelessness.

Why don’t they do anything about it? And to those of you saying, “Well, I live in San Francisco. They have. They’ve upped the budget.” That’s not doing it. That’s cleanup. Why is it happening? I mean, at what point do some of the citizens in San Francisco think it’s okay to defecate on the street, that nothing’s gonna happen. Where and why does this happen?

And I have a partial answer. It’s not the full answer of course, because part and parcel of this is the inability to deal properly with people who are mentally unbalanced or mentally ill. But the truth of the matter is, Democrats need people suffering so they can blame Republicans for it. The Democrats need visual signs of suffering so they can blame the Republicans and conservatism for it. They need people who are not self-reliant so that those people can be said to be victims of mean-spirited and extremist and uncaring Republicans.

They need people to actively sign up for victimhood. When that happens, the Democrats become their saviors, people turn their lives over to the Democrats to fix, because when you become a victim, from that point forward, you are essentially saying you have no responsibility for your life because the game of life is rigged so much that you can’t succeed or you can’t overcome obstacles because the Republicans are mean-spirited racist homophobes or what have you.

The Democrats need this. The worst thing that can happen to Democrats is a rising tide of economic prosperity in the middle class, the worst thing that can happen politically, because that is going to become people that don’t need whatever Democrats or government provides. And so it’s not that the Democrats purposely work to keep people down. It’s that their policies will do that. It’s that they don’t care.

Their political fortunes are advanced by those circumstances. Why do you think they’re so happy to see uneducated, poor and incapable people flood the southern border, who can’t even speak the language? Why are they so hell-bent on having those people come? And then when they get here, every hand in the Democrat debate goes up answering the question, “Should you give them free health care?”

Yeah, why? Why are they not interested in having these people become educated and assimilate and become Americans? Because that’s not how they’ve structured their party. They’ve structured their party to benefit from as much human dependence as possible. And they need there to be a constant foundation of that type of person. They need a permanent underclass that has in their own minds no hope of doing any better. They turn to the Democrat Party for whatever it is they want or need.

In addition, they turn to the Democrat Party to punish the people they think are keeping them down. And in the current crisis, that would be Republicans. So in The Limbaugh Letter July issue the first city in our feature on “Liberal-Run Hellholes” just happens to be Baltimore. This thing went to press a month ago, folks. Well, three weeks. Long before Trump tweeted about Elijah Cummings.

Fifty-two years of Democrat rule. From June 7th, 2019, to June 14th, 2019, a week, 13 murders, 15 shootings. This year to date there have been 141 murders as compared to 122 murders on the same date last year. Not our stats. That’s Baltimore city Fraternal Order of Police. In 2018, total nonfatal and fatal shootings in Baltimore were up 79% from 2014. That’s from the Baltimore Sun.

The guiding, depressing reality of Baltimore, the insane gun violence, four consecutive years of 300-plus homicides, it’s the dreary suffocating crowd that hovers over everything, something big and broken and beyond the repair of the current leadership in this deep blue city, that’s the Baltimore Sun, January 1st of this year. Research and data site Numbeo rates the most crime ridden cities in the entire world and Baltimore comes in as number 19 between Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Cape Town, South Africa. It’s just coincidence that our highlight issue, “Liberal-Run Hellholes,” features Baltimore first in the July issue of The Limbaugh Letter.

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