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RUSH: See, I think, despite what you see and read every day in the Drive-By Media, I think Trump won big with Mueller and his hearings. I think Trump won that big time, and I think they all know it.

And I think Trump has won Baltimore. I think Trump is winning big on Baltimore. It happens every time. He lures them in. I’m gonna get to this in a minute. Trump is one of the most brilliant marketing and branding agents I have ever seen. I’m gonna point it out here in a mere moment.

Trump is winning this Baltimore thing. I don’t care what you’re reading in the news, because it is patently obvious that he’s right about it. Now, in this instance, my belief, my view is that after he doubles or triples down, it’s time to keep moving and pivot to something else. While he’s got all this attention focused on him, it’s time to pivot, go back to showcasing this economy.

And, by the way, that’s happening today. Trump people are all over TV talking about the new unemployment numbers, record low African-American unemployment, all-time record low unemployment Hispanic. This is exactly what Trump needs to do, after pointing out the decrepit, dilapidated circumstances that Democrats live in. While their elected representatives do nothing to fix it, now Trump is pivoting to the great economic performance and the great economic unemployment numbers here. And from there, pivot to foreign policy.

While they’re still stewing here over what Trump said, while they’re going nuts at their Democrat debate tonight about Russia and collusion and Mueller and impeachment and now race and Baltimore, Trump pivots to foreign policy. While they just sit here and flail away at each other.

Get this headline: “Biden, Sanders Attack Kamala Harris for Flip-Flop on ‘Medicare for All.'” Let me ask you a question. Do you think anybody really cares right now what these Democrats are arguing about? Do you think anybody really cares, other than the dyed-in-the-wool Democrat political consultants and political junkies who are personally invested in whoever wins their primary, but out there across the great fruited plain, do you think anybody cares?

Do you think anybody really gives a damn about the various minutiae variations of whether or not we need to have Medicare for all, health care for all, free health care for illegals, that one gets everybody’s attention. But the rest of it (snoring sounds) sleep apnea time.

I mean, what it boils down to is all these Democrats are in an argument about who can give everything away to everyone the fastest. That’s what the Democrat debates are about. That’s what Democrat presidential politics is. They are all gonna give it free to everybody. The debate is, who can do it better, who can do it faster, who can do it with more compassion, who can do it with whatever difference.

But there isn’t any difference in these people. The different degrees of free that they are debating are laughable. They’re literally debating the different degrees of free. This story is from Breitbart.

“The attacks came out Monday shortly after Kamala Harris released a new version –” this is about her fourth, by the way “–  a new version of her health care policy earlier that day, and the day before the first night of the second Democratic debate.” Kamala Harris’ new plan, her fourth plan and the second one in two days, she still calls it “Medicare for All,” but she specifically criticized Crazy Bernie for proposing to pay for his plan through taxes on middle-class families.

She proposed rolling out the policy over 10 years instead of the two years proposed by Sanders, meaning it cost less in tax increases. But it’s still gonna be free. They’re debating how to give it away free and who’s gonna do it with the least pain. How can “free” contain any pain? But these people are debating it. “Well, yeah, we’re gonna give it all away, but we gotta do it with as little pain as possible.” How can free — look. It’s a rhetorical question. You and I know there is no pain-free free.

Somebody’s gonna get stuck with it. Somebody’s gonna pay for it. They’re not gonna tell anybody who. Crazy Bernie’s made the mistake of saying that the middle class is gonna get a tax increase while raising his hand saying that illegal aliens should get free Medicare and health care for life. So that’s what they’re talking about. And of course the Democrat media is gonna be so excited about it. They’re gonna be so thrilled.

The Democrat debates are gonna be an excursion into detailed minutia that will make paint dry. It is going to be so dry and dull and boring, and they’re gonna figure it out, they’re gonna have to return to attacking Trump, so they’ll focus on Russia and Mueller and racism. Meanwhile, Trump has scored on Mueller, scored on Baltimore, now pivots to his economic performance, foreign policy.

He can stay way ahead of these people, and he is doing just that. The economy and Trump’s foreign policy are humming. He just needs to remind people of that. Just for a week or so. Just for a week or so and keep ’em off balance, which Trump is superb at. You might not see it this way. You might just see the media ripping Trump and these phony stories about all these Trump voters that are not voting for him again ’cause they’re so embarrassed.

Folks, I wouldn’t put any stock in that at all. I think this is largely fake news, made up. I mean they had to go out and try to find these people, and you never see the stories in reverse. You never see unhappy Democrats. You never hear Democrats embarrassed with some of the crazy insanity their candidates talk about. You never see those stories. I discount that. Trump has these people off balance. The media’s wanting you to think that Trump is the one that’s teetering on the edge, barely holding it together. It’s the Democrats barely holding it together.

The DCCC. You heard about this? The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, utter chaos. They’ve had to blow it up. You know why? Because it’s all white people in there! There’s no diversity in the Democrat — they are practicing suicide at the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee, based on their own identity politics.


RUSH:  Did you see what Oregon senator Ron Wyden did?  I maintain to you that, as I say, we’re in a race, folks. We’re in a race here that’s going to determine who wins this silent coup business versus Bill Barr and his effort to expose it.  We’re in that.  But we’re also in a race against the wacko left for control of our country’s culture and political future.  And the crazies, as I have been saying all week… The Democrat crazies — the radical, radical left extreme — has become the Democrat Party mainstream.

Here is a Democrat United States senator from Oregon, Ron Wyden. He went to Mexico, he found a pregnant woman, he escorts her illegally into the country, and then orders a hospital to admit her so that her baby becomes an American citizen and becomes an anchor baby.  And then he jets back to signal all he’s done here, how great he is, how wonderful.  This is being done to flout U.S. immigration law! Here we have a United States senator actually helping and assisting an illegal immigrant to break the law.

They are the Democrat Party mainstream now, and all of this to the applause of the media and other Democrats because what it is, is, “I your face, Donald Trump!”  I’m telling you, they hate us maybe as much as they hate the country.  They despise us, folks.  And they look at us as their number one obstacle.  And they show off to each other.  They get into this woke behavior.  They virtue signal to each other how serious they are by just trying to cram it down what they think are our virtuous and moral throats, just for the fun of it.

But, you know, folks, it’s fun to sit back — and really is true.  We’re watching in Donald Trump a master brander, a master marketer.  We are watching Donald Trump brand the Democrat Party.  You know, all of these years… I opened the program talking about this. All of these years you have called me bemoaning the fact, “Where’s the Republican message?  Where’s the pushback?  Where is the response to all these crazy allegations?” and there hasn’t been one.

You have essentially been upset at the left and the media being able to brand us, brand Republicans and brand conservatism to the point that everybody thinks things about us that are not true.  We’ve never had a way to fight back because we never had anybody that wanted to fight back.  Everybody was afraid to fight back, afraid of the media, now afraid of Twitter.  How many frustrated callers have I had in the last 30 years on this topic?

We could take 10 a day if we wanted to, people more frustrated than they know how to express, people who want to do more than just vote to make a difference because nobody else is, until Trump has come along.  Now you can all watch from afar while Donald Trump brands the Democrats to the point the Democrats, what are they doing? They’re defending rats in Baltimore now! Who else could have done this?  They are defending the status quo.  They are attacking Trump for pointing it out.  They are defending rats in Baltimore.

They are defending people who’ve had great power for decades, who have never followed through on a promise. They are defending illegal aliens. They are defending peopling who kill babies after they have been born.  They are forced to defend and support people like Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  In just three years, folks, Donald Trump has successfully branded them. Democrats have helped, now.  I’m not saying that he’s done it alone.

But with the aid of Donald Trump’s branding in just the last three years, the Democrat Party has become the party that hates the American flag and supports Antifa, that prioritizes illegal immigrants at the expense of the American people.  The Democrats have become the party that hates Israel and promotes terrorism.  They have become the party that chooses Big Government socialism over American prosperity.

And they become the party that defends people who have allowed our great, shining cities to decay and devolve into violence and despair.  That’s who the Democrat Party’s become — and they’re proud, apparently, to be all of that.  I think it’s a marketing miracle.  Thirty years of Democrats branding us with a bunch of lies, and in three years Donald Trump forces them to admit and act the truth that they are.

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