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RUSH: You know who didn’t get mentioned last night? Robert J. Mueller III. The Mueller report? Not a syllable was mentioned of the Mueller report. Robert Mueller himself did not get mentioned. Now, don’t be disappointed. I mean, they’ve got plenty of video for campaign ads. But, in the debate where candidates are trying to get the Democrat nomination, the number one issue as far as the Drive-Bys have been concerned the last 2-1/2 years, didn’t even make the debate.

What do you make of that? There’s also a companion story. Rachel Maddow, who was the queen of the Russia con… Her audience has now dwindled to the point she is in fifth place. She used to be in first place in her hour. Her audience has dwindled so much. Now, I’m not mentioning this to rip Rachel Maddow ’cause I don’t do this inside-baseball-feuds-with-other-people-in-media stuff. What it means to me is that whole network was built on the fake news promise that Trump was going to jail.

This proves a point that I have been trying to get people to acknowledge and digest. That network — every night, every day, all day — promised their viewers that Trump was guilty, that Trump was going to jail, that Trump was gonna be impeached, that Trump had committed treason, that he was a Russian agent. And then the bottom fell out of that, and there is and was no Russian collusion. None of it was true. In the time since the Mueller report came out, the Democrat Party has attempted to keep the issue alive.

They have attempted… They got Mueller in a press conference. They got Mueller to testify last week. They’ve done everything! They’re doing impeachment hearings. But what happened to the MSNBC audience? It did not hang around for any of that. You get one shot at it, and if you betray the audience — if you build ’em up and if you promise things that don’t happen — they’re gone, and the MSNBC audience is continuing to drift away.

Meaning the Democrats are failing in their base at keeping that issue front and center, which means they’re failing at keeping impeachment front and center, and that’s why there was no mention of Robert Mueller or his report in the debate last night. It’s a good indication the issue is done, it’s over, it’s finished. The Democrats bombed on it. The primary Democrat voter base is not demanding that the Democrats keep going. The Democrats are keeping going despite their best self-interest because they hate Trump.

They are poisoned with their rage and hatred. They’re not letting it go, to their own detriment. It’s not because their base is demanding it. Another big myth that we can blow sky-high: Their base isn’t demanding it. Some of them probably are but the mass of the base is abandoning the issue. They don’t want to be lied to again! They don’t want to be built up and promised that Trump is going to jail for it not to happen again. So they’re not watching it anymore. I find it fascinating.

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