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RUSH: Here is Lynn in Norfolk, Virginia, as we get started on the phones. Thank you for waiting. I really appreciate your patience.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Well, I’m doing great. Thank you.

CALLER: Well, listen. First of all, let me just say, to all of your listeners who are not African-American, all black people don’t hate you. To Trump, all black people don’t think that you’re a racist. And to you, Rush, some black people actually listen, and some actually get your sense of humor.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much. I appreciate that, that show of support. And I happen to know we’ve got a really sizable audience of African-Americans that has developed over the years.

CALLER: I don’t know if they can say it out loud to people they’re around, but you do have listeners.

RUSH: Oh, I know I do. Absolutely. There’s nobody with more.

CALLER: (laughing) Well, I was calling today because I watched the debate, the first night and the second, and the Democratic Party to me is just not recognizable anymore. I’m a lifelong Democrat. I sat out for the last election because I wasn’t pleased with Hillary. I wasn’t sure about Trump. But this party has just morphed into something that I don’t even recognize anymore.

RUSH: It’s always been this. You just never saw it because they did a good job of hiding it. But, Lynn, this is who they’ve always been, which is why so many of us have always been so frustrated at so many people not seeing it.

CALLER: Well, let me just say this. I’m not doubting you. But sometimes people like, you know, I’m not just stereotyping, but people like frosting and sprinkles, the cake mix is the same, but just to come out and say I’ve always been wrong might be a harder sell than to say now they’re turning to something that I can’t recognize anymore. But I get what you’re saying. I get what you’re saying.

RUSH: Okay. Well, look. It says here that you called because you’ve got an idea for the Republicans on how to win black —


RUSH: Well, we have got 30 seconds left. Can you get to it?

CALLER: Okay. Yes, I can, Rush. I’m sorry. Yes, I really do think that Trump is doing a great job for African-Americans, but adjust the messaging, adjust the messaging that’s coming out and the messengers. He is doing a fantastic job. His family is awesome. It’s just that he has so many enemies coming from all sides that are attacking him.

RUSH: Okay. Hold your thought. We’re gonna give this one more shot. I gotta go to a break here the bottom of the hour, but we’ll come back and let you finish the thought.


RUSH: This is Lynn in Norfolk, Virginia, who wanted to assure me that I have black people listening to the program —

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: — who now has advice on how Trump Republicans can win over African-American votes. What is your idea?

CALLER: My idea, Rush, is to show that the black vote is now built in for Democrats, and the immigrants are now the new blacks. So the Republicans have to put up commercials or start doing the press briefings again showing how Obama felt the same way about the immigration issue. Do little sound bites of his actual words. “Stay where you are! Don’t bring your kids. They’re gonna be in danger.” It’s the same thing that Trump’s saying, but Obama just delivered it with sprinkles and frosting.

It’s the same with rat-infested cities. Show how Cummings said the same thing before, the same clips, then show Trump saying it. It’s just sprinkles and frosting. It’s the delivery. My people — and I’m not stereotyping — we like to hear things, right or wrong, in a certain delivery. And the substance is what matters now. Trump is giving us substance, but it’s all shadowed over by just plain cake mix. There’s nothing on top of it. So what we have to do is get a communicator such as myself that can stand beside him, and if he says it direct, I can bring sprinkles and frosting with me all day long!

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: I can wear heels in corporate America and Air Max in inner cities. He needs someone who can see both sides of the spectrum.

RUSH: All right. Well, what I hear saying is that Trump needs new cake mix, and so I’ve gotta try to figure out what that means. I think, seriously, what Lynn is saying here is that African-American people need to be told that the Democrat Party has basically forsaken them for illegal Hispanics. That as far as the Democrats are concerned, illegal Hispanics are the new gold — illegal Hispanics are the new number one most important minority to Democrats, and that Trump needs to point this out to African-Americans.

If the Democrats are taking them for granted, and it’s time that they wake up. Trump said to them in the campaign of 2016, “Look, it’s 50 years, you’re still complaining. What have you got to lose voting for me?” Now look! African-American unemployment, record low. Hispanic unemployment, record low. Wage increases are demonstrably on the move. Consumer confidence is sky-high. Substantive economic data is not just substantive economic data.

It’s translating into real differences in the way people’s lives are panning out, and it’s much more upbeat and positive. So the Democrats have decided that they own the black vote. They don’t have to do anything more to get it. They don’t have to fix rat-infested cities. They don’t have to fix drug-infested cities. They don’t have to do anything, ’cause the black vote is guaranteed. Baked in, built in the cake mix. All they want to do now is go out and get the Hispanics. So if Trump could make the case to African-Americans, “The Democrats don’t care about you.

“They’re taking you for granted. They think you’re voting for them no matter what happens to you. Well, you better notice that they’re really paying attention to illegal immigrants. They’re the people who are gonna get all the stuff the Democrats have been promising you for 50 years.” That’s what I heard her saying, and it is a good message. It would be an excellent thing for Trump to try to convey, and he could do it. He could do it because he wouldn’t be constrained by political correctness. He wouldn’t be constrained by the fear of offending anybody.

It happens to be true! The Democrat Party… Just like they take people in California voting Democrat for granted. They’re not gonna fix homelessness in LA. The Democrat presidential candidates are never gonna talk about any of the problems in San Francisco or Los Angeles ’cause there’s nothing to gain by it. The state is gonna vote Democrat no matter what. So who needs to fix anything? Baltimore is gonna vote Democrat no matter what. So who needs to fix anything? The Democrats know this. They’re not even trying to fix it.

Elijah Cummings admitted 20 years ago that Baltimore’s drug-infested.

But what are they doing? They’re trying now to give everything away to Hispanic illegal immigrants. The free health care that African-Americans were promised in 2009, 2008, is now being promised to illegal immigrants, and African-Americans are going to have to join the middle class in paying for it. Now, if Trump could get that message out… Really all he would have to do is take this program — what I just said — and make a commercial out of it, and mission accomplished, right? ‘Cause it’s exactly what’s happening.

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