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RUSH: Look at that. Fox News finally got to the video that we had yesterday. Elijah Cummings, 20 years ago, folks, in 1999 calling Baltimore drug-infested.

Now, there are two things about this. Elijah Cummings was the target of Donald Trump’s tweets. And Elijah Cummings has been out there beating Trump up and his administration over the way children are treated at the border, and Trump has had it. He pointed out the nature of Cummings’ district: rat-infested, vermin-infested, garbage not picked up, no human being would want to live there.

Democrats, predictably, responded with Trump’s racist tweet. There was nothing racist about it. All it was was factual. So we went back yesterday, we found the Elijah Cummings video. He was a committee member back then, and he was questioning somebody making a speech about the need for more government to help cities 20 years ago, and he was making the case for more money because Baltimore was drug-infested. We made the point yesterday that using the word “infested” the Democrats now say is racist.

And that’s why Trump is accused of racism because you use the word, you say some places are infested with drugs and rats and so forth, it’s racist. Well, here was Elijah Cummings 20 years ago. But there’s another point to make. Twenty years ago Elijah Cummings was complaining about drug infestations in Baltimore. It’s 20 years later and there’s no change. It’s 20 years later, and it’s arguably worse in his district.

And so the proper question is, what do you do about it? Do any of these problems ever get addressed? Yes, they do. They have money allocated. But where does the money go? I’m gonna tell you something, folks. Donald Trump is doing what we have wanted the Republican Party to do for 20 years. And he’s doing it, so far, in less than three.

Now, I may not be speaking for you, but I’m speaking for me. He is calling these people out on their BS every time they open their mouths. But he does it always after being hit himself. He’s being accused of launching attacks on these people. He’s not. Donald Trump’s trying to clean up the mess wherever it is in this country that has been ignored by previous people in government, previous administrations, Congresses. He’s attacking things: unemployment, jobs, trade deals, immigration, you name it.

In the process, Donald Trump is illustrating all we’ve had is a bunch of talk and no action. And he’s illustrating a time-honored Democrat technique. You blame Republicans for it, you point out how rotten it is, you get votes on that basis, but you don’t fix it because you continue to complain about it. And you need the ability to complain.

You need a villain. You need a demon. So you allow drug infestation to remain in your district or in your city. You make a show of trying to fix it, you get federal money allocated, but you don’t fix it and then the media being on your side makes all this possible and you come along the next time and accuse the Republicans of no compassion, of racism and bigotry.

They don’t care about poverty, they don’t care about drugs, they don’t care about. And Trump’s had his fill of it. So he’s turning it right back on these people. And in the process we get video and audio of Elijah Cummings 20 years ago, 1999, complaining about drug-infested Baltimore.

How much money has been allocated to Baltimore to deal with this and any other problem? The problem is still there, not solved, not addressed even, not fixed, arguably worse. That’s the real observation people should make. There’s been nothing that has changed. No improvements have been made. Arguably, it’s worse.

And who’s in charge? Who runs these places? Who presides over these rat- and drug-infested metropolises? That’s right. The Democrat Party. That’s where all these messes are, and especially if there isn’t any opposition. If the Democrats totally own it, if there’s no check or balance, if there’s no opposition, the Democrats are allowed to run free and be who they are, they end up making the biggest mess of the places they run.

And we finally have somebody pointing it out, rather than trying to suck up and curry favor with them for the express purpose of showing how can we can all cross the aisle and work together.

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