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RUSH: Now, the story that is out there, on one level it’s a very positive, upbeat story. On another level, it is, “Aw, damn it. I knew it.” “Inspector General Michael Horowitz is preparing a ‘damning report’ on former FBI director James Comey’s conduct and has referred him for possible prosecution under the classified information protection laws, The Hill’s John Solomon reported Wednesday night. Unfortunately, Solomon is reporting that Department of Justice prosecutors under Attorney General William Barr have decided not to prosecute Comey for the alleged infractions.”

Now, what we’re talking about here is just as bad as what Hillary Clinton did. Hillary Clinton had an off-site server that was unsecured and unprotected in her home on which she was trafficking in classified information. She was taking classified information out of the office at the State Department by way of putting it on her server at home.

She was using email address that was outside the State Department email domain and her server was unprotected, it was hackable, and it was. Remember when Comey listed all of the legal violations in that July 5th press conference and then said, “We’re not gonna prosecute because we don’t think she intended to do any of this and, therefore, no reasonable prosecutor would ever make a case.”

It turns out that Comey did the same thing. When Comey retired or was fired from the FBI, he essentially goes home and we’ve learned that FBI officials were taking classified documents out of the office to Comey’s home! And then Comey was leaking that stuff for — an honest expressed reason he gave us was he wanted to trigger a special counsel to investigate Trump after he had been fired.

“According to Solomon’s sources, the IG report will conclude that Comey ‘leaked classified information and showed a lack of candor,’ but DOJ prosecutors declined to bring charges because they didn’t think they had enough evidence to prove that Comey intended to violate the law.”

Now, that is clearly not true. And it has such a similar echo to the whole Hillary thing except now it’s Barr saying, “Well, I don’t think Comey intended, and we may not really have enough here to make a case.” Where is this lack of intent? Where did this come from? It’s not in the law. Just because you didn’t intend to does not give you protection here.

It shouldn’t have been extended to Hillary. It shouldn’t be extended to Comey. And as I say, it’s the same rationale that Comey used to let Hillary off the hook for violating the Espionage Act. And what Comey did here — this is not insignificant — he actually had allies at the FBI after he was fired bringing classified documents home to him. What do you think those were about? They were about the Trump investigation and any number of things. And those were among the things Comey was leaking or arranging to be leaked.

Now, from this story — this is the potential upside — it may well be — and this is my own speculation — it may well be that they’ve decided to let Comey off the hook on this because there is so much that is so much worse that they’re gonna save their fire for those violations.

From the story: “Comey is not completely off the hook, however. He and others inside the Obama-era FBI and the DOJ still face legal jeopardy in other ongoing probes by the IG and Barr-appointed special prosecutor John Durham. According to former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, the Comey memos were under review by U.S. Attorney John Huber. During an appearance on Fox News Monday, Whitaker let slip, ‘we still have Huber out there looking at some of these things regarding Comey’s memos and the like.’”

Now, Huber’s the guy that Jeff Sessions appointed. Everybody’d thought he’d gone away. Everybody thought Huber had been basically superseded by Barr and Durham. “But the IG report, at least, reaffirms what has become painfully clear to Americans the past two years:

“Comey entered the FBI chief’s job with a reputation for excellence but ran a bureau that suffered from ineptitude, political shenanigans, leaking and significant human failings, all of which sharply contrast with the morality lectures he’s become famous for frequently offering since he was fired.” So Comey’s been caught and let off the hook because they don’t think he might have intended it, and the potential upside here is that…

While this is very serious stuff — and it is prosecutable, and there are people in jail for what Hillary Clinton did and Comey. If Comey’s off the hook on this, there are people saying then what Barr is looking at in the rest of this whole thing, the origins of this silent coup, Comey is going to be facing much worse along with all of these other players. We’ll see. We’ve been waiting.

We’ve been waiting for how many years, folks, for this stuff to pay off? There have been people predicting every week for the last three years that this all is gonna come cascading down on the bad guys — and so far, it hasn’t — and now we learn that Comey’s gonna skate on this. Now on the other side of that there is implicit trust in Barr and Durham, and now we learn Huber is still out there. So we’ll just have to wait and see. September is the big month for the IG report.


RUSH: Jim, Naperville, Illinois. Great to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Good to see you, Rush. How is it that a 79-year-old woman in Cleveland, Ohio, gets sentenced to 10 days in jail while James Comey, Hillary Clinton, and that whole group goes off scot-free? They haven’t been charged with a single thing, haven’t seen a single day in jail for everything that they’ve done.

RUSH: Yeah, let’s keep in mind that for all of these years we’ve been promised that there was gonna be a price paid, and so far nothing. They keep walking on us. Look, I share your frustration. The only caveat here is that I think in the Comey case here they’ve determined that this is insignificant compared to the real tough stuff he faces when all of these investigations are finished. Least that’s what I’m hoping it is, but I know there are millions of people like you that just can’t believe this.

You’re right. A 79-year-old woman, seven days in jail for some offense with cats. Other people are going to jail. George Papadopoulos for two weeks for a process crime, lying to the FBI. Here’s James Comey getting illegal documents delivered to his house after he’s fired and then leaking them, and the answer, “Well, we don’t think he intended to do anything wrong.” What a crock!

Look. I wish I could explain it to you. I’m glad I’ve not spent three years here promising you that the opposite was gonna happen ’cause then you’d be mad at me, too.

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