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RUSH: Hey, got a quick question here, folks. You know, the Democrat debate — well, there were two of them, on Tuesday and Wednesday night. I owned Thursday night. My question is, all these Democrats attacking Barack Obama by virtue of attacking Biden, how come that is not considered racist?

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny south Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: No, no, no. I’m not asking that rhetorically. I’m serious. Any criticism, any mention of any place where African-Americans live, any mention of an African-American, any criticism the left immediately points fingers at us and says, “Racist, racist, you’re racist, it’s racism.” These people are dumping all over Barack Obama for deporting three million people of color. So they’re ripping Obama. Why isn’t that racism? We know why. Because the Democrats are not capable of being racist, you see.


RUSH: I want to tell you one more thing before we go back to the phones. This is all about how you need expertise and talent — intelligence guided by experience — to be able to read between the lines. If you go to the Democrat debates and you go to the Democrat aftermath… I just saw some guy on Fox, some former Democrat National Committee chairman for, you know, East Slobovia or wherever it was, (impression) “expressing so much concern over the Democrats seemingly going after President Obama at the debate. It’s so unfair.”

Why did it happen?

Let’s keep things in perspective.

They did! The Democrats on that debate, particularly night two, they went after Obama. Now, everybody thinks they did it because they had to. “They had to go after Plugs — and in going after Plugs, you can’t help but go after Obama.” No, no, no, no, no. Folks, the truth is Barack Obama is not nearly as popular in this country as the media and the Democrats would like you to believe — and I don’t believe Michelle (My Belle) Obama is as popular as they want you to believe. “Here comes Michelle Obama: The Most Admired Woman in the World!”

Yeah, according to who? Where did they actually take this survey, and how? But I think, forgetting Michelle (My Belle) Obama for just a moment, if the Democrat Party presidential primary takes direct aim at Barack Obama, then the obvious conclusion is he isn’t that popular and therefore he isn’t that untouchable. I think so much of the Obama myth is just that: A myth. First African-American president? Remember, nobody was ever allowed to criticize him because if you did, you were a racist.

Nobody told the truth about what they thought about Obama or his policies for that reason! But you get ’em in private, you get ’em talking to a robot or something, and you’ll find out that Obama isn’t popular. What happened to candidates that Obama endorsed in 2016, hmm? I mean, the big one — the big one — got her butt kicked by somebody who’d never been in the business before! Barack Obama was running around saying, “If you want my third term, you gotta elect her.” What did America do? America said, “(Raspberry) to that!”

I just don’t believe these media myths. I don’t believe Obama is this overwhelmingly, mythologically powerful, popular guy. I don’t think Barack Obama ever had to face legitimate criticism because it wasn’t permitted. So people didn’t. They were afraid to express their actual opinion of Obama and his presidency. But the media’s created this great belief and myth that Obama was overwhelmingly popular, and that Americans are desperate to have him or Michelle back. It ain’t true, folks — and the proof is not me saying it.

The proof is that your Democrat primary candidates are going after Obama more than Trump did. They’re go after Obama more than Trump is. They’re going after Obama on all his deportations. Now, a dirty little secret about that is Obama didn’t deport three million people. The LA Times ran the expose five years ago. Misleading numbers. He didn’t deport three million. That’s part of the Obama mythology, to make him look like something other than what he was. So you had these Democrat candidates going after Obama for sabotaging the party with all these deportations?

He didn’t! That was created to mainstream Obama. It was created to hide it. That stat, that myth that he provided over three million deportations was just to establish him as a middle-of-the-road, nonradical, noncommunity organizer president. He didn’t deport three million people — and don’t rely on me. The LA Times ran the numbers! They exposed it. But it was in 2014. It was in the middle of his second term. Nobody paid any attention to it because you couldn’t criticize Obama.


RUSH: CNN’s Don Lemon: “It doesn’t make sense that Democrats are attacking Obama.” You’re kind of leading ’em into it there, aren’t you, Don? You come out of the black hole, you got these questions for the Democrats about all these issues and they gotta go after Biden. You’re kind of leading ’em into it.

Don Lemon of CNN: I was sitting there on the stage with all of them wondering why is – wow, they’re attacking Obama. And all I could think about was Clinton and Gore, Clinton-Gore, Clinton-Gore, and what lessons we learned. If you think that Trump is the existential threat, why are you tearing each other down? I can understand that to some extent, but the bigger question is, why are you turning down the most liked person in your party right now?

Well, just to reiterate, maybe in their party, maybe, maybe in their party he’s the most liked person right now, but I’m not sure I would even sign on to that. But I’m just gonna tell you, I watch what happens, and the fact is that for whatever reason the Democrat presidential candidates lit into Barack Obama. I don’t care if it was the fact they had to to get to Biden, the fact is they did it.

Now, if Obama was some reverential, revered figure above the fray, they would have found another way. They would have found another way to go at Biden without incriminating or attacking Obama, but they didn’t. They went after Obama. They went after the Obama administration record. Now, that means something other than what the Drive-By Media image makers want you to believe.

Believe me, folks, this is just common sense. If they really had all this love and respect for Obama and thought he was the greatest thing ever, they would not have gone after his administration the way they did. Now, some people are saying, “Rush, you’re missing the point on this. This party has moved so far left that Obama is now seen as an inconsequential moderate.”

Really? The guy that devises Obamacare and actually made it happen is now inconsequential because he’s a moderate? Obama has become a moderate in less than three years? You’re telling me that in the three years of Trump this party has become so far left radical that Obama’s now a centrist? And that’s why there’s this animus for Obama, that he wasn’t left-wing enough? Does anybody really believe that?

That the Democrat base today, in less than three years, has thrown Obama overboard because he wasn’t left-wing enough? Maybe some of them. But that’s not what it is. I mean, granted it may be a part. They don’t think they are hurting their chances going after Obama because they know that Obama isn’t that popular. They have to or they wouldn’t be doing it.

Now, granted, I’m assigning them some degree of common sense here. And if I’m wrong about that, then this could be a stupid move they’re making that is inexplicable, but I don’t think so. I think we are subjected to so many lies and so much fake news and so much myth making, so much PR, so much buildup of Democrat personalities as perfect and loved and adored, and I don’t think any of its true, to the extent that we are told.


RUSH: Grab audio sound bite number 26 quickly. This afternoon, the Fox News Channel, Dana Perino, and one of her guests here was the former Bill Clinton pollster and big-time Democrat Doug Schoen. Question to Doug Schoen: “Do you think the Democrats are now finally voicing their frustration that they think President Obama didn’t go far enough on several things they cared about but they just didn’t say that while he was in office because –” see, this is the question. They’re now thinking the reason Obama’s coming under attack is because he wasn’t radical enough.

That’s not true. Obama was the leader of this radicalness! He was the leader of it! And people in the know know it. What Obama did was cover-up it up. He knew he would never get elected as an Alinskyite radical, not who he really is. They still can’t get elected that way. That’s what the difference here is now.

So Obama did mask it, and some people think that the left got really mad that Obama just didn’t put pedal-to-the-metal and go for it. And so now Obama’s coming under criticism ’cause he let the left-wing base down. So here’s Doug Schoen’s answer to that pregunta.

SCHOEN: Yes, I do think that, and I think that the Green New Deal combined with the move for Medicare for All, which would eventually eviscerate private insurance, is an illustration of that. Look, Dana, this is a moderate to conservative country. It’s not a far left country. We’re not a Scandinavian country that wants Democratic socialism. But the Democrat Party is playing to its base in a way that I think is harmful both to the party and, I dare say, the country.

RUSH: Doug, why are you still a Democrat? If you really think — now, look, there’s no question what the Democrat base is doing, but they must think the Democrat base is committing suicide. All these Democrats think now that they’re going too far left, this is not who the country is. Well, you and I, this is what we’ve been worried about. This is precisely what we’ve been worried about.

We’re stunned that this stuff has as much support as it does. Now, one of the reasons it does is because of where we see that it does. Academe, you know, higher education, which is where all of the leftist infiltration has taken place. But now all these guys all of a sudden are starting to talk about what a really small minority the Democrat base is. There’s something about this that just doesn’t quite wash yet, folks. But I, El Rushbo, am going to figure this out.


RUSH: I don’t know why, but this fascinates me. So let me continue to explore this. What we are watching here, first and foremost, is the Democrat presidential nominees going after Barack Obama. That is undeniable. Well, one of the first explanations was there’s no way not to ’cause they gotta go after Biden.

Don’t buy that. They could clearly easily go after Biden as a plagiarist, as a two-time presidential loser, as too old, as somebody who doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s got his own financial scandals with his family they could go after. Of course, that would then expose them to their own scandasl. But there are plenty of ways, is my point, plenty of ways to go after Biden without going after Obama. Yet they are going after Obama.

Now, when they do it, you got people like Rahm Emanuel and others from the Obama administration standing up, Paul Begala, “Oh, my God. You can’t do this, you can’t go after Obama. Obama was great! Obama was America! Obama was the new left! Obama was the future! You can’t do this! Michelle Obama’s waiting in the wings! You can’t do it!”

And yet they’re doing it. And now what we’re being told even by Doug Schoen, the reason is that Obama let ’em all down. Obama didn’t go radical left enough, that they knew who Obama was. He was an Alinskyite, he was as radical as the Democrat base is now, but he chickened out. He didn’t have the guts to really go all the way. And so now he’s worthless, they could throw him overboard because he was ostensibly a failure.

Well, the problem with that is that just three years ago Barack Obama was the radical everybody wanted! Well, eight now. He gave everybody Obamacare. But he did send a lot of troops into battle. And they hate that. And he wasn’t able to save Hillary’s candidacy despite going out and endorsing.

Look, I’m open to there being some legitimate disappointment with Obama, but there’s something more going on here. Because you got guys like Doug Schoen now admitting that what the Democrat Party has apparently just become can’t possibly win.

Doug Schoen, you heard him say, we are a conservative, centrist country. We are not a Scandinavian socialist — by the way, these people are not Scandinavian socialist. These people are Venezuelan socialists. You only need to take a look at the cities and towns these Democrats run and you’re gonna find a lot more in common with Venezuela than you’re gonna find with any Scandinavian country.

By the way, these left-wing socialists don’t want to be identified with Scandinavians. They’re white. So now all of a sudden, all of a sudden the Democrat base is demanding the Democrat Party go to a place that is hopelessly incapable of winning. Really? Is this what’s happening? Have the Democrats so lost control of their party that a bunch of renegades, Twitterverse people, are able to seize control of it and take it to this far-off left-wing place where they can’t possibly win?

As I listen to these candidates, they sound to me like they believe every bit of this. Now, some people think they’re pandering. Who was it that — I can’t remember. I’ve read so much, but there was one piece accusing all these people of pandering to the radical base. I’m sorry, I think a lot of these people believe this garbage. I think Booker believes it. I think Kamala Harris believes it. I think this guy Inslee believes it. I know de Blasio does.

Michael Benet and the guy from Maryland whose name I can’t remember, Delaney, they understand that economically this party is cruising to go over the cliff with Paul Ryan’s grandmother, and it’s a suicide move. And look what’s happening to them. They’re being savaged by CNN, they’re being savaged by the other debate candidates, Democrat candidates.

So we’re being asked to believe now that all of this radical, extreme liberalism, socialism, it’s an aberration, and it’s really not who the Democrat Party is. Sorry, folks. It is who the Democrat Party is. And it is who and where the Democrat Party has been trending toward.

They’ve all adopted the stupidity of this radical climate change agenda. They’re all promising to get rid of coal. They’re promising to get rid of oil. If they ever were to succeed, this economy would cease to function. If they really did follow through on this, they would be creating so much pollution and so much damage and so much filth, they wouldn’t be solving anything. They would wreck this economy.

The question is, is that the objective? And with some of them, it is! But don’t you find it interesting now that long-term, old-fashioned Democrats are starting to raise panic, fear about this, and to try to characterize this new Democrat Party and the base as just a fringe bunch of nonmainstream Democrat radicals?

You know, I think there’s also something else going on here. And you might think this is a minor point. But I think when you start talking about radical leftists — and the one thing that I know is for sure, they loved Obama when he was running and when he was elected and when he was president. They loved the guy. Or at least the media made us think they loved the guy.

Remember, you couldn’t criticize Obama. Nobody could. You couldn’t criticize him to a pollster, the media, ’cause if you did, you were a racist and you were a schlub and you were an ingrate because you were criticizing the historic first African-American president. Nobody wanted to go there.

So what, among many things, did Barack Hussein O do? One of the things Obama did was to tell people that America’s best economic days were in the past. And do not doubt me on this and do not discount the importance of this. Remember we were told that economic growth of 1% was a new normal and we were in now a protracted decline that was unavoidable because our past economic success was really illegitimate.

It had come on the backs of minorities, it had come on the backs of slaves, it had come on the backs of mules, it had come on the back of the dispossessed and the possessed and the unfortunate and thirsty, and America was a rotgut place, and all of the economic success we enjoyed in the past was tainted because it was on the backs of others or we had stolen it from our allies or whatever.

And so expectations, economically for the future, were really ratcheted down. And they believed him. This is key! These people, these wide-eyed young Millennials, these wide-eyed mainstream Democrats who finally thought we’ve assuaged our past, we’ve elected an African-American, it’s so wonderful. They believed what he said.

He was a messiah. And he made ’em think he was a Messiah. He made sure that when he made public speeches he had the god reverb. He positioned himself in front of objects that would make it look like there was a halo over his head when he was speaking. You know all this. So Barack Hussein Obama has told them and told them for years, for eight years that the economy was in decline, that America’s great days are behind us. The jobs were not coming back.

Remember (imitating Obama), “What does Trump think he’s gonna do? Just wave a magic wand and get those jobs back? I’m here to tell you, I’m president, and it ain’t happening.” So your jobs were gone, they were never coming back. Obama was making friends with all of our enemies and bowing down to them and they believed it.

Remember there was a new normal. We were told there was a new normal — and what was the new normal? A stagnant economy. That there was no magic wand! That there were no jobs coming back! Well, in less than two years the hated, the reviled, the despised orange-headed ogre has come along and — with seemingly very little effort — rendered all that Obama said about the economy as incompetently wrong.

In fact, the U.S. economy is growing; it is fantastic. African-Americans, Hispanics, minority unemployment are at record lows! Wages are going up. Savings have increased by 8%! Everything Obama said was dead has been brought back to life and is thriving by the hated and despised and the despicable, ill-mannered tyrant, orange-headed ogre, Donald Trump. You’d be mad too. Your hero tells you, “America’s best days are behind you.

“There’s no hope for you. Get used to it! Take our little government apartment and that little flower garden we give you with Julia. Water your plants. Go ahead and keep your pajamas on all day; surf the Web. That’s life in America.” You bought into it. Everybody wanted to be a Pajama Boy. Everybody wanted to be in the Obama ads! Everybody wanted to be Julia! But in less than two years, everything Obama said has been blown to smithereens! Some of them have to be questioning it.

Some of them.

Some of these madcap Millennial Democrats, some of them who took Obama as gospel.

They hate Trump to begin with, and now Trump has come along and exposed their guy as incompetent or wrong and as a liar. And the rest of the country is racing forward toward economic prosperity, and these people are still in their pajamas, in their parents’ basements, still hoping to get their government apartment with a little three-square-yard flower garden donated by the government — complete with an official Obama Mao uniform — while the rest of the world is racing past them.

Now they want a nominee that’s gonna destroy Trump. There’s a lot going on in all of this. The idea that the Democrat radicals are some small bunch that really aren’t defining them? Somebody better tell these candidates running for president that they’re actually trying to get the votes of about 2% of the party, ’cause that’s not what they think they’re doing.


RUSH: I’m sitting here thinking since there’s so much focus on racism and so forth — Democrats, white, Scandinavian — I’m thinking of a dissertation next week on the Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum. Do you know what that is? You’ve heard of the Venerable Bede? He’s an ancient monk. What that translates to is: The Ecclesiastical History of the English People. It’s the origin of the WASPs, the origin of white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, the scourge of the planet today, the absolute scourge. If you’re a left-wing Democrat, anything to do with the origins of WASPs is the scourge of racism and bigotry and sexism and homophobia.

But the Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum. That’s Latin for what it means — The Ecclesiastical History of the English People — and it’s from about 371 A.D. It basically is a history up ’til that time of the English people and religion. It’s a fascinating topic. It would be interesting. Hillsdale’s what made me think of this, ’cause it’s obviously one of these highbrow things, to be able to adapt it, just to tick off — just to tick off — the left, which we love doing here at the EIB Network.

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